Apple Finally Releases its Latest Mac Pro for $2999


Apple’s latest, redesigned top-of-the-rank Macintosh is finally released and it is absolutely stunning. Visually to begin with.

Instead of a giant, monster desktop PC that it used to be, the new Mac Pro is nimble, delicate and exquisite. It’s almost as portable as a tube-shaped crisp jar. One might think that Apple has “overdesigned” the product, the exact reason given for the failure of Mac Cube but only time will tell about that.



On the inside its even more phenomenal. It comes with only one fan inside, making just 12dB of noise and has lost its optical drive.

The base model comes with a 3.7Ghz quad-core Intel Xeon processor, 12 GB of RAM, Dual AMD FirePro D300 GPUs with 2 GB video memory each and a 256 GB SSD. Even this supposedly-entry level version can edit 4K videos without breaking a sweat.

The RAM can be increased to 64 GB, while the storage capacity to 1 TB. The most high-end configuration comes with a 6-core Intel Xeon processor clocked at 3.5Ghz, Dual AMD FirePro D500 GPUs (3 GB video memory each), 16 GB RAM and 256 GB PCI-e based SSD.

Your connectivity options include Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, 2 gigabit Ethernet ports, 4 USB 3.0 ports, 6 Thunderbolt 2 ports, HDMI and audio jack.

Price? $2999 for the base model. Or $3999, for the higher-end model. According to its maker, the Mac Pro give you at least 10 years worth usage. With internals like this (except for the storage maybe), they might not be much wrong either.


  • For that much money, one can build a Tri-SLi system with still cash to spare. Heck you can even buy 3 24″ display for a true Eyefinity/Surround experience =}

      • Look at the people who buy MacPro computers. They are usually working in media, and do things like editing digital film videos etc. They need a lot of power. The best tools for this kind of thing, even as used in Hollywood, are only available for Mac. There are lots of movies that have been edited with Final Cut for example. Sure, Adobe has tools for Windows and they work very well too but people prefer Mac for this sort of thing.

        • looking great but price tag is extraordinary…
          However Apple has done a great job this time with this astonishing product.. Stev Jobs still Alive..
          I am not a Apple lover but this one is great…

            • dear… It was Steb jobs who gave the trend to Apple for new ideas… Tim Cook was not offering things as Steb Jobs instead upgrading few things and nothing major in design etc.. now it looked like strategy of Steb Jobs was followed….

              • I partially agree, for whatever he has given to his organization but dear it has been 2 years since he died and you cannot give him all the credit for new products that don’t have much to do with him..When Jobs died everyone was saying that it is the end of Apple, it died along with Steve jobs blah blah…but look Apple is doing better than ever revenues and profits still growing, newer products are even popular than before.

                • you are right… but it was just a recall of that time… any product in any company is not due to a single person like Stev Jobs in Apple or Bill Gates in MS or Larry Page in Google etc but there is whole team who works hard to get some thing like this and it takes lot of time and hard work to get results … however in general people just call one person to acknowledge his contribution and vision behind the whole story… that’s what i mean.. currently Apple is good and it is after Stev Jobs but i just recalled that time to admire his efforts for technology and innovation… good work done by Tim and his team now…

        • The same machine can be built in half price … and all those softwares you are talking about can be run in Windows or you can install the macintosh in any machine to run those specific programs … they are only selling their brand name nothing else …

          • My dear… I know about all price/performance comparison but is all about innovation and new ideas… I know Apple is costly but we must admit that Apple is also a Trend Setter…
            For Example We can travel in Corolla but why do people like BMW or other high end cars.. just because of brand and class….

            • quite a late reply … but ..anyway
              you are talking about innovation and new ideas …. tell me one innovation or a new idea that you can’t get in any other brands, they are not developing any thing new in PC … all the hardware comes from other manufacturers … all the have an OS.
              2ndly you gave an example which was totally wrong by comparing a single product with an whole company…
              dude I used to be in the market of auto business in London, and you need to drive avensis … which is almost same as BMW’s 3 series.

              conclusion: Apple is only selling brand name with upto date hardware, besides other only lack a top level brand.

              • the example was just to illustrate the common person instead of going into detail of auto industry..
                My point was that Apple gave a good design this time with enough power.. even though the same power can be achieved with less price but… again I would like to say New things are not always GOOD but they definitely give a path for others to improve…

          • I think the huge number of people who could save money by going your route but DO NOT should tell you that there is something not completely accurate with your analysis. You are missing something, and it is not about “price” or “name”.

            • In reality, someone tried to put together a PC to match the highest Mac Pro specs. The Mac Pro with maxed out RAM, SSD, video, etc comes to $9,600. Their equivalent system (which was not really equivalent because it had 32GB RAM not 64 like Pro) came to $11,500.

              So, it might be possible to build a system with the same power as a Mac Pro, but it certainly won’t be 50% the price.

    • Why don’t you go ahead and research the individual costs of the component of this product first before making ill informed comments? The two AMD GPUs in this alone are worth $1000 in total. You won’t find a motherboard that has 6 Thunderbolt 2 ports. Do you know the bandwidth of one of these ports? 20Gbit/sec.
      This isn’t a gaming system designed to run modded Skyrim.

      • And what are those GPUs equivalent to their gaming brethren specs wise? Even the latest R290X is not more expensive than 700$ (all taxes and misc. considered). Just because AMD can charge 1000$ for these, doesn’t mean they’re worth their price.

        I’m perfectly aware that this is more geared towards artists/ professionals with very specific requirements. This isn’t your everyday/ gaming PC.That much is certain. Hence my original comment :)

        As for the case, it sacrifices cooling performance for aesthetics, which in Pakistan isn’t going to work. Its built to work in places with mild temps, imagine running this thing in a cramped up place with 40C ambient temps.

        • It sacrifices cooling performance? Seriously JDK where the heck did you use this? It’s not even out yet. Not a single review out yet so where are you basing this ‘inadequate cooling’ remark off of?

          Oh and secondly it’s not just AMD that charges $1000 for these cards. Once again you fail to realise this isn’t a gaming system. Go to and check out the prices of workstation GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD.

          What’s next? Are you going to start comparing Xeon CPUs with desktop based Core i7s?

    • Nothing ironic about it. I think you forget the design. The internal SSD (not HDD) is **JUST** meant to be used for the OS and apps. All the data you work on will be on Thunderbolt-attached hard drives or SSDs. These days you can buy a Thunderbolt SSD that will do over 600MByte/sec of transfer rate.

  • I remember in WWDC 13 when revealing Mac Pro, Apple executive Philip Schiller said on stage .. “can’t innovate anymore?.. my ass!!!” lol

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