Selected 3G Consultants and PTA Sign Agreement

Representatives of Value Partners Consutlants signing contract with PTA for the consultancy services for auction of next generation network services at PTA headquarters in Islamabad

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Value Partners Management Consulting Limited yesterday signed a formal contract at PTA headquarters for the provision of consultancy services for the auction of next generation services spectrum.

After the completion of evaluation process for the selection of consultant of international repute, under the policy directive of the MoIT&T, Value Partners Management Consulting Limited was declared successful as consultant for the auction of next generation mobile services in Pakistan.

Value Partners is a Consortium Consultants of USA, UK, Singapore and Spain.

During the ceremony, Chairman PTA, Dr. Syed Ismail Shah, Member (Law & Compliance) Mr. Zafarullah Khan, Member (Finance) Mr. Tariq Sultan, representatives from Value Partners Management Consulting, and senior officers of PTA were present.

The consultants would provide professional analysis, input, and advice/recommendations on the whole auction process as per PTA’s RFP and ToRs, and for the successful completion of auction in a transparent manner, averting collusion, ensuring competition and complete transparency in the auction process.

It may be mentioned that most of telecom operators world-wide have already embraced the next generation mobile services, enabling them to provide their customers with diverse and rich voice and data services, thereby sparking social and economic growth and increasing their revenues.

Auction of next generation mobile services is an important step in modernization of mobile telephone system in Pakistan. With the auction of next generation mobile services, Pakistani mobile phone users would be able to transmit and receive high speed data through their handsets.

High speed data would enable the possibility of video calls, internet browsing and downloading at a much higher speeds than the currently available GPRS/EDGE networks.

  • Ejaz

    Please also write courtesy Khurrum A. Mehran Director (PR) PTA.

    • Ææmįr Mōhâmmåd

      HHHAAHHAHAhahahahahhahHAHAHAHHAHHAHHHAHAHAhahahahahhaahahahhahahah They just copied the full PTA statement, did a little editing and then posted it !!! #COPY&PASTEZINDABAD

      • Muhabtwala

        if the statement is composed properly and as per the standards of journalism its a usual practice to carry it without many changes. Perhaps its a similar case.Even newspapers published it without much editing.

      • That’s waht we call News! What’s wrong in it? Did she copy any copyright material for which you are curious?

  • habib

    Kia is 3g ki speed ptcl evo 3g 9.3 mbps jesi ho gi?

    • test

      Not at all PTCL time is now going to be end soon

      • Ææmįr Mōhâmmåd

        yes 3G/4G any kay bad to koi PTCL ko puchay ga bhe nahe !!! jis tarah yeh PTCL walay apny he customers ko rulatay hian , complaine karo to koi ata nhe ,, inka to bht bura haal hoga , inshALLAH yeh loog road py ajengay !!

        • I don’t think so it’ll going to happen so early! It will take time for people to start using 3G Mobile Internet due to the factors such as cost,3g hardaware,etc. In my opinion it will take almost one year or so to be able to affect PTCL’s customer base (both Broad Band and EVDO)

          • Shahid Saleem

            A lot of people have the phones to do 3G. My wife’s phone from 2008 had 3G and back then it cost only Rs 16,000 and was NOT the cheapest 3G phone. The only question is tariff.

    • umer

      Bohat fast hogi

    • Basher

      Nahi bilkul nahi 3G standard ki stages hain. initial stage 400Kbps se start ho k ending stage 168Mbps tk ja skti 400kbps max then 7Mbps max then 14Mbps max, ye sb stages hain. 100Mbps se uper speed walay network ko 4G keh skty hain. So kya tumhain lgta hai k telecom operator 400kbps wali stage se uper wali class offer karega to definitely 9.3 jesi ho skti hai.. vo sb bhi network load per depend karta hai.. so don’t expect as much it as you expect from a broadband.. EDGE se 3G per ja kr we will just get better not the best.. though it may take time to get best. Totally depends on network operators which class they implement.

      • kaleem

        yup. u r right. 3G, HSPA then HSPA+, that is nearly equal to 4g LTE.

        • Basher

          Intial class of 3G is not 3G, 3G is a standard itself of these mentioned classes. First is called UMTS or WCDMA

          • kaleem

            lets c what we get..

  • Ææmįr Mōhâmmåd

    Lagta hai Ammir Atta sahab ka yeh website “side business” hai qkay creativity to zra bhe nhe hote hai is web pay other than COPY & PASTE

    • Bilal

      ptcl zindabad

  • Monster

    High speed data with High speed Prices :-P

  • Pakistan One

    Stupid People should be getting ready for 4G not 3G. Lazy Ministers.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Which stupid people? The ministers have made it a FREQUENCY AUCTION, not 3G auction. Meaning if some company like Telenor wants to deploy 4G instead of 3G, they can.

  • Fuck u PTCL

    Once 3G come i will show my D*ck To PTCL and ITS Fucken Internet

    • Shahid Saleem

      Latency on PTCL is much much better than any 3G/4G solution.

  • qudratol

    When we would do something we would order and when we won’t we would constitute a committee. Qudratullah Shahab.

  • PeeDroid

    We Want Vodafone Or T Mobile Or O2 In Pakistan

  • Muhammad

    Price of the smart phone is one thing the other 3g charges monthly

  • zara Hat Kay

    if 3g comes its good but not unlimited its use quota like 1gb to 10gb and will b expensive like 1gb they offer customer Rs.500 so keep it in mind