PTCL Holds Workshop to Nurture the Youth


Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) has held an innovative program for children of PTCL employees, aimed towards nurturing the children to be more responsible, creative and tolerant of differences.

The objective of the day long program was to increase the ability of the children to think for themselves, take initiatives, get along with others and solve problems by recognizing the potentials that they are gifted with.

Syed Mazhar Hussain, PTCL Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) while speaking at the occasion said that, “We at PTCL believe that not only the employees but their families are also an integral part of the PTCL family. The workshop was designed to enable children to learn essential life skills and characteristics to drive their lives and thrive in a more effective manner”.

The children were awarded certificates and souvenirs by Syed Mazhar Hussain CHRO, and also enjoyed the highly interactive program arranged by the PTCL training department for their learning.

  • Arranging a program for the children of the employees is a great step from PTCL. programs like this are very necessary for enhancing the skills in the children. Only by doing the activities like this we can save the future of our country.
    By giving the children, shields and gifts, we can create an atmosphere of competition among the children. And they will try to give their best not only in the education but also in the other fields of life.
    Speaking personally i think every organization should organize this type of events in gov. and private sector too. Confidence of the children can be increased by such activities.

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