14 Websites To Earn Money Online as a Freelance Writer

By Uzma Asghar

In the global era, everyone is busy. We all hardly find any time for our families or even for our own selves. In this epoch of technology home based jobs can save a lot of time for us. Starting career as a freelance writing is a golden opportunity. There are a lot of websites that can help you start your career as a freelancer.

Some of these websites are listed below.


Helium is a platform that encourages writers to contribute their writings based on chosen topics. It allows you to write about the topics you like as well as based on assignments given by the clients.

Helium also pays you considering the amount of traffic you bring to their site. It also uses your articles to be sold to clients who need content for their websites.


This website is also a writing community, through which freelancers can earn as well as make their work recognized.

Tronod doesn’t only posts your writings but other visual and audio aids like pictures and videos are also allowed. This gets your work noticed. It is then posted on the relevant websites, depending on the topics you write on.

You can earn through advertisements based earnings.


This website would demand you to write reviews about different products. The customers usually read the reviews about a product before purchasing it. You can earn, depending on the number of purchases the product gets based upon your writing.

Yahoo! Contributor Network

Regular tasks are being offered, when you sign up and write for this website. The content is then posted on other yahoo networks like mail, news, sports and health. Payment for each of these writings ranges from $2 to $15.

Digital journal

This website requires the freelancers to write, debate and blog about any latest news or blog. The more you blog and contribute, the more you will be paid.


This website earns you money if your article gets chosen. Writings are both sold and purchased on this site.


If you are looking forth to build your portfolio, constant content gives you a valuable chance. This website sells your content to specific clients. Writing more often will bring projects from various clients.


The initial writers, who want to earn can freely sign up on this website. It allows you to write on the topics you have temptation and knowledge in. it not only gives you a sense of well being but also leads to tangible incentive.


This website also invites clients and provides them writers for different projects. Meeting deadlines and writing up to the mark is the basic requirement for earning. It allows you to build a network as a freelancer.


This website covers a wide variety of categories to write on. They refer their articles as leaves. Connecting to other buying networks like Amazon, your writing can lead to various purchases of a product which earns you money.


You have to make your profile and sign up for earning through this website. The advertisers will visit your blog and will contact you if they will be interested.


This website brings money for all those who are good at article writing. You get immediate pay for the article you write, if it is accepted. You get around 15 Euros for the article you write of 200 to 400 words.


The article publishing site, names its published page as lens. It is a network building site. You can write like the way you write with your own website and can earn by connecting to Amazon for their product sold or Google Ad sense.

Uzma, the author of this list, is blogger and freelance SEO consultant. She has a blog on How To Earn Money Online. Here’s her blog: Howtoearndollar.com or you can join here on G+

  • Nariman Farrukh Sethi

    Hi.. i been trued many websites related to paying the subscriber..
    but mostly of them hard to achieve and rest of them are FAKE..

  • Nariman Farrukh Sethi


  • Nariman Farrukh Sethi

    hi.. i and tires many of websites.. relates to earn money online..
    moat of them are hard to achieve and rest of them were FAKE.

    • Shahid Saleem

      being honest, with your spelling skills, it’s no wonder you find them hard to achieve.

      • truth teller

        Yeah, Shahid got plenty of money from these site. You can check his arguing/criticising skills on propakistani on almost every topic.

        • Shahid Saleem

          How I wish it was true.

  • AamirPervaiz

    nice information

  • Rizwan

    Agree with shahid saleem.

  • Zeeshan

    These type of websites required PayPal to disburse the money and in Pakistan, we can’t create PayPal account. Any solution ?

    • Muhammad Aamir

      Yeah! Easy!! Just sign up for Payoneer that make for you credit card. It helps to create Paypal account as well as you can withdraw money through Pakistani ATM. Need more info?

      • shaleh

        Please elaborate the procedure after signing up payoneer.

      • it gets limited in no time and you loose all your money with it

    • Ahmed

      Use skrill. Alternative of Paypal..

      • Zeeshan

        is Skrill safe ??

    • Zeeshan

      Paypal can easily be made and use in Pakistan, I have ear $175, but the efforts should be completely your, because such type of website can give you tip but luck and efforts should be your.

      • zohaib imran

        how can i create a working paypal acount..?? Please help.

  • Uzma Asghar

    @narimanfarrukhsethi:disqus Can you please tell me which websites did you tried & Failed ?

  • savvy

    You have to write daily. Atleast 1000 articles before you start seeing any pennies !!

  • these websites are only good for the pros who know what is premium content..people just starting out have no chance of making anything from these sites… all the nobs should join lots of Facebook pages related to blogging, seo and stuff you will get lots of orders from those guys… for the freelance sites odesk, Elance snd freelancer are the one you guys should look for…

    how to be a good writer? start your own blog and write regularly about the stuff you like, you will get tons of practical experience of this business… if anyone needs help feel free to ping me…

    • rehan

      its true but my method you dont need to be pro :}

  • Young Scott

    I received few orders from SEOClerks as a writer. I suggest you to listed up your gigs there, hopefully you’ll be one of the happy seller of SEOClerks

  • rehan


    Guys why you need to invest money to earn money when you can earn free from your blog ( No adsens and blah blah need its simple method and totaly free )

    if you guys want to know ,then let me know i will help you out.

    i got paid for my first try is $300 on paypal. ( well if you want to invest you can earn more if dont want to invest you can earn less but you will get paid for sure by my method.)

    again no money needed.

    $200 i earn and $100 my bro earn by helping each othere :}

    again no money needed

    • Muhammad Aamir

      How? Please explain

  • cashewww

    does this website work for Pakistan? and I am 16 can i register? Please help.

  • Mike Sobol

    Hi there,

    At Content BLVD, we greatly appreciate the mention in your article. However, our business model has changed, and we no longer accept freelance writers. Please remove our site from your article as it’s no longer helpful to writers.

    Thank you!

  • waqas

    if any one interested to earn money with just $5.2 and earn $1,000 within 5 to 6 months. just contact with me. it will just cost Rs.600 that is $5.2 for your business start-up nothing more than that. only 1 to 2 hours daily work that’s it any time.
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    Ph: 03316740035

  • Hello,

    I am the CMO of Content BLVD. This listing is inaccurate. We do not hire freelance writers, so anyone visiting our site will be confused and disappointed. Please remove us from your list. Thank you.

  • Mike Sobol

    Hi there,

    At Content BLVD, we greatly appreciate the mention in your article. However, as I mentioned here previously, our business model has changed, and WE NO LONGER ACCEPT FREELANCE WRITERS. It’s just not a part of our business model anymore.

    Please remove our site from your article as it’s no longer helpful to writers.

    Thank you!

  • Mike Sobol

    You cannot make money as a freelancer at Content BLVD. We do not hire writers and do not plan to. Please remove this listing as it is incorrect.

  • mumtaz siddiq

    hi any one help me to start free lance work i m new one in this field

  • Beenish Inaamulhaq

    Hi, I have been in online article writing field for 3 years. I am receiving work on a regular basis, but I am not satisfied with rate/article by my clients. Can anybody tell me how much these websites can pay for 500 words?

  • Ali Abdullah

    Most of the websites demands PayPal account but this company do not offers account in pakistan

  • Thank you so much for your Brilliant Information And Very Well Explained .

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