Pakistan Soon to Get DTH Services

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By Saman Asif

DTH or Direct-to-home TV system is usually perceived as an expensive solution and majority hold the view that cable TV is not going to get replaced by DTH due to its cost-effectiveness.

Even PEMRA believes that DTH might not entirely replace cable TV, even in the long run.

PEMRA’s spokesperson, while commenting on the situation, said “The fact that DTH will come to Pakistan does not mean cable system will be demolished from grass root levels. Both services will be employed simultaneously by users”.

DTH, on the other hands, obviously offers the advantage of superior quality and hence quality conscious people would immediacy opt for DTH.

Not to mention, audio and visual quality provided by DTH is unbelievably commendable. Each colour, graphic and sound is enhanced. While we aren’t sure about the adaption rate as of now, but surely DTH technology awareness will spread from classes to the masses during the time to come.

Talking about adaption is probably too early right now as many of us are even not sure about when DTH is actually going to surface in Pakistan.

If you can recall, PEMRA had very proudly announced the issuance of two licenses for DTH to Cross Currents (Pvt) Limited and ARY communication back in December 2003.

Both the groups, however, shelved the projects as everything was put to hold.

But now, news from various authentic sources have confirmed that only numbered weeks are left to finally welcome the most advanced and breakthrough TV broadcast technology in Pakistan.

The time left to experience Pakistani DTS is inversely proportional to the number of consumers of illegal Indian Dish TV in Pakistan.

Just in case if you don’t know, people across Pakistan have purchased illegal STBs (Set-Top-Box ). Each month they are paying at least Rs. 1,000 and the one time installation is costing them Rs. 7,000-8,000.

These Indian DTH services offer a total of 99 channels, out of which almost 50 are foreign news channels, while 35 others are regional Indian channels. Only 15 channels are what Pakistanis get against such hefty investments.

This whole illegal Indian Dish TV market translates into $150 Million for Indian DTH service providers without any tax deduction.

Its up to PEMRA now that they make the DTH a reality in Pakistani market with local operators to earn all this money with proper taxing to aid our national exchequer.

So if you are an avid TV viewer who won’t compromise on quality then your wait isn’t going to be long enough. Instead of investing into illegal Indian Dish TV solutions, just wait a little, as Pakistan DTH operators are going to serve you very soon.

  • Very good and mobility is good thing that if change city than it remains with me. Not even have to wait for local cable operator.

  • I use DishTV and it provides 200+ channels which include 40 HD channels. The only drawback of it is that I still use cable for local channels but that is not a problem as DishTV connects via HDMI and cable via the normal connection, so switching between them is just a press of a button. My cable provider has never provided me with 10 Sports Channels and 10+ Music channels. And the quality of SD channels is 10 times the quality I get on cable – let alone the HD ones.

    • “the only drawback is that you still have to use local cable” and NOT that you are actually helping indian economy grow (that too illegally)… sorry to say but that’s not a very positive gesture…

  • Pakistan already has latest TV tech. Its called IPTV. However, due to lackluster response of clueless Pakistani TV viewers, PTCL could not start HD TV for which it is well equipped readily. I must mention that this is the only way to transmit true HD without any software magnification (fake HD). I hope the trend catches up giving PTCL a reason to expand.

    • Don’t hold the consumer alone for this. PTCL is equally or i should say more responsible for that. Reasons?

      1. Poor service reliability. I am IPTV user from last 8 months. Even after paying 450 Rs / month not a single week passed without problem. Frequent disconnection on a Fibre Optic connection with maximum line quality.
      2. Rather than moving forward they started to moving backward. From HD device they moved to current IPTV device that have only AV out. Not giving crisp quality on large screen LCD because they aren’t broadcasting at good resolution.

      I would welcome DTH i am waiting for it from many years IF it provide HD channels.

      • Additionally, can we ignore the PTCL’s requirement that your home must be located within 5km from exchange? I live in a posh area of Islamabad but PTCL does not provide IPTV at my home. They do provide DSL (that also gives 50% performance). These limitations are not there in DTH. Everyone will be able to receive DTH signals, from Karachi to Peshawar, Multan to Muzaffarabad, as long as you live in Pakistan, you will receive DTH. It will be Smart TV killer.

      • And, to add to the pain, PTCL also has a pathetic customer services. Once your broadband connection is down, wait for several months – and no one is directly responsible/ accountable to fix it…. Pity for Etisalat that is still a hostage to the ‘line man baadshah’

        • Agreed. And when you call their help line the CSM always says the same sentences like ratto parrot. The best solution i found for this is to log a complaint at PTA’s website. It pulls their strings pretty well. I have tried this and it worked.

  • great news indeed. i don’t like indian voices and indian versions of my favorite international channels. good things will come hopefully.

  • I am already using PTCL Smart TV; a great product by PTCL 150 Channels and the result is perfect. Much better than the local cable connection.

  • The greatest problem with PTCL smart TV is that it support only 1 TV per ptcl line…
    No doubt result is awesome

      • Well if thats the case, then its pretty much useless. When you are making an investment, you expect 3 to 4 tv sets of your home are hooked with same medium. Current cable at home runs on 3 TVs but i would like a quality upgrade and i would like it to run on all tv.. Nayatel is not yet available in my area, otherwise thats one of solutions.

        • All digital broadcasts can not be split to multiple TV sets (in your words “quantity upgrade”) as you can do with analog. In simple words, if you want to see channels in digital format (through DTH, satellite, digital cable etc), only one TV set can be attached to one device. Even in Nayatel, it’s their analog cable TV channels that can be watched on multiple TV sets. For digital TV channels, they provide two types of devices and both of these devices support only one TV set. It’s just like opting for PTCL landline (because one number can be split to multiple telephone sets) and rejecting cell phones (because one SIM can be used in one phone set only) but your are forgetting that PTCL landline doesn’t support SMS, MMS, GPRS etc. In the same way, analog TV transmission doesn’t support Electronic Programming Guide, Parental Control, stereo sound, HD video etc. I hope you got my point :)

          • Thanks, Yeah I know the difference of analog and digital. For digital its just data transfer in form of ones and zeros, so if a service provider aims to provide multiple tv support, they can easily. They just have to widen their data flow band (more bandwidth) and need to provide multiple tv out on their device level. May also have a central hub in home and one small receiver with each tv with remote for programing controls etc.

            Its different story that its not supported here in Pakistan. I would be ok with a digital service which charges a bit more and support mutlple tv sets at home. TV service providers must think towards it. Old era of watching tv on one central spot is long gone. its better that service providers realize this.

        • In DTH its possible by using multiple set up box. It support five TVs but you need 5 different set up boxes and you will have to recharge all the boxes separetly. Recharge price is quite low for other boxes in compairision to main box.

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    • If u want to watch ur channels in HD,the channel broadcasters have to broadcast their channels in HD. If they dont,then u cant watch the channels in HD even if u have HD tv.

    • OH a surprise for me, I used it for a month and then return to DWN with Many Many Thanks :(

      The service is pathetic, and no match with PTCL Smart TV.

      • @bhatti
        I’m also a DWN customer for one year or so and quite satisfied with HDMI, 82 channels, crisp video and audio. Never had any problems. It’s much much better than PTCL. My cousin works for PTCL and has their IPTV at home but it is far lower in audio/video quality and keeps breaking down every now and then.

  • Yes you are right ! BTW our government would never allow DTH, my cousin works with PEMRA and we know nothing is going to happen.

  • Let me add some information to this article: There is a Russian company having office in ISE Tower Islamabad by the name of “DTH Pakistan” since 1-2 years. It seems that the same company will be launching DTH along with some local company.

  • I can easily bear expensive Pakistani DTH rather than that crap DISHTV (which i’m currently using).

  • The proposed DTH system will fail if it charges users for its service because cable operators will offer a cheaper service, without requiring a set-top-box and facility to connect many TV sets in the home. Instead, DTH should just sell the box to users and offer all channels free of charge. Secondly, DTH should offer a very wide choice, say as many as 500 channels. That will beat the hell out of cable systems. With just a one-time payment for the box, many cable customers will make the switch. The channels will also benefit hugely because they will be saving the normal charges of satellite broadcasting. In India, Doordarshan (state television), is using this system.

  • کاDTH کا مستقبل روشن نہیں۔ اگر آپ کے پاس لیپ ٹاپ اور براڈ بینڈ کنیکشن ہے تو آپ کوئی بھی آن لائین چینل دیکھ سکتے ہیں۔ HDMI کیبل سے ٹیلی ویژن جوڑ لیں تو مزید سہولت ہوگی۔ آن لائین چینل لگاتار بڑھ رہی ہیں۔ سمارٹ ٹیلی ویژن ہو تو لیپ ٹاپ کی بھی ضرورت نہیں ہوگی۔ چنانچہ DTH ہی نہیں، خود کیبل کے لیئے مشکل دور آنے والا ہے۔

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