PTCL Sets Up Management Portal for EVO, Wingle and Nitro Customers


PTCL has established a management portal for its EVO, Wingle, Nitro and 3G Tab users to keep a watch on the services they are using.

Through this portal customers will be able to manage their accounts, view their usage details and perform various other functions relating to PTCL wireless broadband services they are using.

Almost all packages from EVO, Wingle and Nitro are capped now with a monthly limit on downloads, this management portal is going to help customers to track their usage patterns and to plan their broadband usages.

Customers can also recharge their (prepaid) accounts through the management portal.

Here is the URL:

If you are new user then click on “Register” to get yourself an account. You will need your MDN – a number available on your device or back of packing – to get started. Along with you will need to provide your email ID and mobile number to get registered.

You will get your passwords in an SMS on your phone.

Please note that PTCL has this tendency of sending email and SMS reminders for payments, so be willing to receive such notifications if you register with them here.

Once registered, you can log-in to start performing various management operations relating to your EVO, Nitro and 3G tab.

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  • Just wasted 5K on this junk last weekend, didn’t know they don’t have coverage at all even in large cities like Hafizabad >.< Even tried using an "Evo Antenna".

  • This service is active for more than a year. Kindly do not mislead by stating “PTCL sets up….” We would like to see some fresh news and thats the only reason I visit ProPakistani.

  • I had got evo in new year offer ( though I had nitro postpaid siting idle from years), and unlike what the ptcl ppl told me via a reply on their FB page, I had no way to track the bandwidth used. So its good they have this area finally, though have not tried it yet.

  • I’ve signed up to evo portal but not received my password yet.. is there any other way to retrieve my password. i’ve also tried forgot password module but no gain..

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