Dany Genius G5: Affordable and Decent Dual SIM Tablet [Review]

For those who aren’t familiar, Dany is a name from consumer electronics business since 2001. In fact I remember buying a Dany TV device some 10 years ago.

Audionic, a popular audio equipment brand selling portable and multimedia speakers, is also part of Dany Technologies.

Dany launched its very own Android “Genius Tablets” few months ago but its only now that they are massively marketing them.

You might have seen TVCs lately featuring renowned cricketer Wasim Akram promoting Dany Genius Tablets.

We got our hands on Dany G5 Dual SIM tablet (read phablet) — priced at just Rs. 12,900 — and decided to do a short review for you guys, let’s start with the un-boxing.

Design & Build Quality:

The first thing you will notice about this tablet is its design as it takes most of the elements from HTC One and One Max.

The second noteworthy thing is Dany G5’s unconventional size. The slim body is all plastic, but the aluminum, leather feel and the build quality is remarkable.

Dany G5 is very light weight and just 8.9mm thin.

The front side on Dany G5 is dominated by a 6.5 inch capacitive touch screen with a SVGA resolution (190ppi density), which feels a little squeezed.

The screen isn’t IPS and doesn’t feature any protective coating, so a screen protector is recommended.

Above the screen there is 2-megapixel camera along with proximity sensor that divides the big speaker design. Actually there are two speakers in the upper part (an ear-speaker and a loudspeaker). Another loudspeaker is located below the screen along with a microphone incorporating the same speaker design.


There is nothing on the right of Dany G5 tablet, on the left side we have power/unlock key and volume rocker. The place is very odd but the raised key design makes it very easy to press them. Micro-USB port and 3.5mm headphones jack are located on the top.



The backside of Dany G5 has faux leather appearance, although it doesn’t feature stitches as seen on Galaxy Note 3.

There is a 5-megapixel fixed focused camera along with LED on the top along with a lid-covered micro-SD card slot. The Dany logo can be seen in the middle.

The backplate isn’t removable except the bottom portion, which reveals two SIM card slots. One takes Mini-SIM and the other takes a micro-SIM (you can use micro-SIM in both).


Operating System:

Dany G5 comes with Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 out of the box. There is no bloatware and no fancy UI customizations. This device runs pure (vanilla) Android, except the bootscreen and the app drawer icon is changed with Dany logo.

Dany G5 comes pre-installed with Play Store and other Google apps as well as popular social media applications and book reading software.


The company promises to provide OS upgrades and bug fixes in the future, We would love if they upgrade it to the latest Android KitKat 4.4 in the near future.



Genius Tab G5 is packed with mediocre hardware featuring MediaTek MT6572 dual-core processor, Mali 400 GPU and 1 GB of RAM.

You won’t feel any lag while using basic functions on Dany G5. Browsing websites is snappy and you can easily run 4-5 applications at a time without any compromise on performance.


I’ve tested it by playing resource hungry 3D games on it and Dany G5 does a very good job. You won’t feel any lag in the games but don’t expect high graphic details.

Other demanding applications like Maps, Facebook & YouTube also run flawlessly. You can play 1080p videos on this device and can make VoIP calls over Skype & Viber. The front camera can also be used for video conferencing.

Genius Tab G5 can also take SIM cards so you can use it as phone too. The regular calling is nice and clear and the signal reception is also good. Though it doesn’t support 3G.


Dany G5 is equipped with a 2800mAh battery, which gives decent backup. Heavy users can get 1 day out of it and for normal users the battery can stretch up-to 2 days.

Other than the charger provided in the box you can charge it via USB cable from your Laptop or any other tablet/phone that supports OTG function. It takes almost 3 hours to charge fully. The unit we got had some kind of bug in the software, as it didn’t pop up any notification when the battery was low.

Camera & Video:

This tablet has a primary 5-megapixel (fixed focused) camera with single LED flash and a secondary 1.9-megapixel camera on the front for video calling.


As you would expect from a low-end device, the camera on a Dany G5 isn’t extraordinary. The image quality is mediocre and colors are little washed out.

On the other hand, the camera interface on Dany G5 is very simple, there are not much options to play with. You can take 5 or 3 megapixel photos with the primary camera and record 720p videos. The front camera has a maximum VGA resolution for the videos. You can use both of them for video calling.

A 4x digital zoom is present, but resolution deteriorates as you start to zoom the scene.

LED flashlight can also be used as a torch, there is no dedicated app but you can find many on the Play Store.
Have a look at the sample images:

5-megapixel fixed focused primary camera
5-megapixel fixed focused primary camera
Image taken from secondary (front facing) camera
Image taken from secondary (front facing) camera

Price & Availability:

Dany Genius Tab G5 is available at all major computer & mobile shops across Pakistan for a price of Rs. 12,900. The tablet is available in two colors; black & white (I recommend you getting the black version).

The accessories box including, the leather case, screen protector, headphones and cleaning cloth can be bought separately. It comes with one year international warranty of Dany Technologies.



The built quality of the tablet is good, it’s easy to handle and not so heavy. As compared to “Chinese Tablets” or other local brands it has better performance and ability to be used as a phone. There’s a need of improvement in the screen and camera departments but considering its price you have to make some compromises.

It provides a decent battery backup and you can run almost any application on it. The software is highly optimized as there are no crashes and no bugs. So if you are looking to buy a low cost tablet as your daily driver, you should also consider this device.

Do share your opinion about it and if you have any questions feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

  • Azi

    what about Qtab if we compare ?

  • Majid

    Where is the company’s Website who made this tablet we need to see the profile of the company, where is the support and warranty information online, i couldnt find anything by searching the name D Dany.

    I will not reccomend to anybody to buy this unless we know who is the company and how we can contact the in case of support and help arrangments.

    What if some body need help to upgrade the software or need support on setup who they will contact?

    So far there is only retail businesses are online advertising its sale information only.

    • ahmed

      I think you are a novice bunny, and searched w/ “closed eyes ” for a website which can be seen only with “open eyes”.

      that is why we are lacking 3g in Pakistan, just due to you type novice people.


    • Hassam
    • Bilal Iqbal

      you must learn to search any thing from Google…
      open your browser and type http://www.google.com.pk and press Enter.. and Screen would appear with a search bar in the middle.. Type the word and click the first link shown in results page…
      after learning this.. try to make recommendation for others…

    • Ali Hamza

      Brother! Dany is the sister concerned branch of Official G Five so if u do have any queries about it just step up to any MZ mobiles or call me for further.. +92 322 800 3974
      Ali Hamza

  • NoMaN | ‎نعمان


    • No!

      • saqib

        You know it does not support 3G

      • saqib

        You know it does not support 3G

    • Muhammad Naeem Uddin

      sorry it supports 4g only /s

  • Eli Ehsan

    yuck! ad-Marketing though..

  • NoMaN | ‎نعمان


  • Danish

    I had worst experience with Dany when i gave it to my sister as gift, after every week or 10 days it had problems with OS, got fixed three times in warranty during 4 to 5 months time then i sold it on half price…
    Not Recommended at alll

    • What tablet you had? In G5 we haven’t faced any OS related issue.

      • Danish

        dont remember the model but it might get start giving problems after few days

        • harry

          btw.. your response was amazing, kinda cheap u knw mr danish.
          Model numbr btana phr baat karna, iphone4 mey issues tay pr 4s mey wo sb nae tay !!!

          • Danish

            i just shared my experience, not my matter if you are taking it as personal, the way you react seems like “Kahin paoun rakh diya maine”

            • Fari Kanwal

              (y) great

        • NaJaM

          yar iska ye mtlb ni k Company Bekar hA :D mAy b Ap k Set me ProB hO kuCh Sets me ProB Ajati hA eveN Nokia k b KuCh MoBiles Masla kArte haN Software Ka, But wO Model ya Company ka Masla ni hota koi ek adha moBile kharab nikal ata ha to wo ap agr ziada masla ae to exchange karalo, yA phR Agr Software k Sath Cher Khani karogey to koi b mobile kharab hojaega

          • sam

            yar ap nokia ki bat karty hy :P :D yhan tu shabaz chachu k lapii khrb a rhy hy :P :D 1 sall phly mila tha or ab fan khrb hy :P :D

  • Is that a promotional post?

    • ahmed

      Yeah, free dany just for post. :-)

    • Why did you feel like that? All the pros & cons are clearly mentioned.

      • Ali Rashid

        Well clearly many posts on ProPakistani are advertised like that one about Bolee.com and some app reviews by Warid :P Why dont you review Phones and Tabs other than those provided for free :P

  • Ali8307

    Novo AX1 is better than this

    • Danish


  • monis

    Are you kidding me @kofmzc:disqus
    with 2800mAh heavy use 1 day backup and normal use 2 days backup :P lol
    even IPAD that has the best battery uptill now dont last 1 day on heavy use :P
    get ur facts right .

    • Depends on how you define heavy usage, for me 5 hours usage in a day in considered heavy and up to 3 hours is normal usage.

  • Don’t generalize things, tell me where do you think this review is biased?

    Our job here is to cover all pros & cons of a device, buying or not buying is your decision. If you haven’t used a device how can you make a statement? Its easy to criticize, if you don’t like our reviews go make your own.

    • harry

      You are doing awsum job Zohair !! Masla asal mey d0sra hy hum logo k sath khair ..

    • ahmiq

      why do you have to be so rude?

  • MMMTheHacker

    I’m using Dany Genius Tab Q3 and I haven’t faced any OS problems. Funny thing is when I was buying the tab, a person came to claim the warranty because he was facing OS problems. That scared me a bit but seriously I haven’t faced any OS problem. The tablet is overall good. The stuff you said about the battery is totally wrong and kind of hilarious. Q3 contains 3000 mAh Li-on battery but it can, at max, last 2:30 or 2:45 hours on continues usage.

    • G5 has a little smaller screen and MediaTek SoC as compared to Q3’s 7-inch screen and Actions SoC.

      The one day timing doesn’t mean that the battery can last 24 hours on continuous usage. In my tests it gave almost 4 hours continuous usage, (Screen & Wi-Fi on).

      • MMMTheHacker

        The point is, the author should’ve explained it a bit. But 1 day battery time, lols.

      • MMMTheHacker

        oops didn’t noticed you were the author lols. I thought you were some other guy who own one of these.

  • Adil Warraich

    I am bit concerned about its size. U shouldve a pic holding the device in hand so we can know better about the size and screen. And plz cmpare it with other brands of same price or specs. Thnks for review :-)

    • Video has been added, you can get an idea of the size from it.

      • waleed

        Sim mein masla hair Sim nahi chal rahi

  • Update: Un-Boxing & Hands-on video has been added.

  • Shajeel

    you never mention about GPS… does it have built in gps and a-gps…
    and can we use EDGE/GPRS on both sims?

  • Does it has a multi-window function?

    • If you are referring to Muti-Window like Samsung Galaxy phones, no it doesn’t have this feature.

      • OK! I have haerd someone saying it has multi window option like Samsung (although it comes after firmware upgarde by Dany)

  • NaJaM

    ha ha ha :D

  • Taimur

    My uncle bought Q3, and he had to sell it after 10 days on OLX. It was pathetic. It claims 5 Megapixel camera , but result was pathetic like 1 mega pixel. Its a piece of crap , this dany

  • Majid

    I think you are couch potato, stereo type. My point was is where this company belongs to and i got the Answer its same 3rd grade chinese company.

    “Dany Technologies Shenzhen”

    2nd Point is on there website there is no FAQ’s no reviews about the product.

    why we lacking 3G pakistan because your 2 dearest uncles Zardari and Musharaf who i guess paid you well and now you have become couch potato becoze of them.

    • Waqas

      which company posts reviews for their own products on their own website?

    • IMMI


    • shaaz shaikh

      Its not a 3rd grade chinese company, its a Pakistani company having their presence in china, malaysia, singapore, and many others.

  • waqas

    I mistakenly bought Dany Q3, and im regretting so much. Its the most poor Quad Core processor. I dont even want to call it QuadCore. It lags a lot in all the basic functions. Any how i haven’t yet tried G5. Maybe they’ve learned something.

    • As per my knowledge Q3 has “Actions ATM7029” SoC, the worst quad-core chip. In G5 they have used MediaTek which is used by leading manufacturers around the world. So yes they have learned.

  • Bilal Siddiqui

    @kofmzc:disqus bhai mujhe kuch is ki aur pixs bhej sakte ho ??? mein buy karna chata hon.ta k mujhe tsali ho jy !!
    Thanx :)

  • Muhammad Junaid Kazi

    R u sure about the battery time bro ? And whats the bug issue , when it dosent pop us with a notification of battery low

    • Yes battery timings are good. Sometimes when it doesn’t notify you about the “Low battery” that results in complete drainage which is not good for battery health.

  • shayan shaikh

    Sir why did u recommend black version

  • talha arshad

    wesy zabardast ha par ney chalta waqt speed bht slow ha camera ka result b bs thk he ha aur bettery time bht kam ha

  • abdul moeez

    whats the screen resolution..?? and which video formats does it play..?? n 1080p
    videos do run in quite impressive print..??

    • SVGA, yes it can play 1080p videos (performance is a little choppy in default player).

  • Bilal Siddiqui

    Bro Net fast chalta hai is mein ???

  • raosohail

    you are very much right mr ahmed ;)

  • Bilal Khan Durrani

    Dear Bro. Muhammad Zohair,First of all i want to thank You for this Review about Genius Tab(DANY) G5. second,i am willing to purchase it with in a month,please tell me can i purchase it?
    Any software or hanging problem or any other problem related to G5 Tab?

    • I haven’t faced any software related problem. The screen seems a little squeezed as I mentioned in the review. (That means the icons/images will look a little stretched or squeezed).

      • Bilal Khan Durrani

        Otherwise it’s okay ? ? little bit squeezed is okay with me . .
        Any other problem? should i bought it ?? i am thinking i should buy this G5

      • Bilal Khan Durrani

        What are your reviews about Genius talk t500 Tablet of Dany? Kindly,update me Pro-Pakistani . . Waiting!

  • Nabeel

    I want to purchase Dany Genius Q4 because its screen is 8 inches, ideal for me. Can anyone tell me about it and its performance.

    • Sorry haven’t used Q4.

    • nabeel

      yar koi 8 inch tablets ka bhi review likh de including branded and non-branded.

      • Your suggestion is noted, we will try to review 8 inch tablets. Can you please name some of them available in the market?

        • Nabeel

          Apple iPad Mini
          Dany Genius Q4
          Samsung tab 8

          some of them

  • Sulaiman

    how many tablets can be comparable in this price range? is Dany specs are unbeatable or branded ones rules the market

    • If you are looking for branded tablets, in this price range you can get Acer Iconia, Asus Memopad or a used (good condition) Google Nexus 7. The only advantage Dany Tab G5 has over branded tablets is the Dual-SIM feature.

  • Adnan

    Very Good. You truly presented my emotions.

  • waleed

    please also give unboxing review of Qtab Q300.

  • darkprince

    can i send sms and mms from this tabled . plz replay . thanks in advance .

  • darkprince

    dany g5 contain 4 in one accessories pack . is this pack is free with tablet or purchased seprately . plz replay .

  • Abul Hasnaen

    Grt… now i will buy it

  • Jazzzz20

    What is the difference between Dany Genius G5 and Dany Genius G4?

  • noman

    i want to sale branded q3 tablet if any body want cal me with warrenty 03027198020

  • abrar

    Bhai is ka camera result Alisa to nail hair jise ap nay picture lagai hai

    Mai nay pic lagau his WO result hair

  • subhan

    isme TV chalta hai???

  • Saqib

    Zohair bhai aap ne local purchase kia tha ya bahir se mangwaya tha.

  • Kinza Fatima

    HElloo buddy. i wanna buy this tab.. aalaa tab hai.. magar darr lag rha hai is ki battery timing kitni hai..? or is ki net speed kitni hai..? plzz inform about that.. overall its very nice tab.. im impressed of that tab.. :D <3 ;)

  • Kinza Fatima

    MR zohair can u tell me further k what is the difference between G5 or G4 which one is more best? i want to buy so among these which one is more better?

  • Kinza Fatima

    or haaan yar dany G4 ki screen ziada barri hai or wo 7.8 inch hai.. and dany G5 ki screen 6.5 hai.. agar screen k size se dekha jaye to g4 acha hai.. magar samajh nai araha G5 or G4 dono me se kis k functions or features ziada achay hai.. plzz tell me :( mene lena hai

    • adnan

      G4 has 500MB RAM whereas G5 comes with 1 GB RAM its a very critical difference.

  • rajaammad

    NYC Tab I BUy IT

  • saba

    WiFi signals catching is very slow or can say poor in q3 genius tab, why is this so, is it problem in other models also plz do confirm it as soon as possible

  • Kiran Abro

    well i came here to find the reviews coz i wanna to purchase Dany tablet but did’nt find reviews useful :/ people just fighting here

  • Padfoot

    If you had 13000 rs. to buy a mobile/tab, would you buy this one? if not, i really need some suggestions.

    • Padfoot

      and is ka touch kaisa hai?

  • waqar

    i want to sale dany g5 only 2 weeks use braned new full waranty 10/10 condition black color there is no any type of fault in tab

    also with beautiful tv pouch rs 1000 abolutel

    free price 11000

    contact 03331879343 waqar no sms only call no exchang

    shalimar chowk suk nehar

  • rehan

    well said. He looks so dumb. hahaha

  • Rabih Idrees

    Can we use 2A charger with dany g5 tablet ? the stock charger which came with the tablet is charging the tab very slow else battery time and performance etc are superb.

  • mushi

    can v connect evo with this tab or other dany tab e.g.
    Genius Talk T300?

  • Asif

    Yeah will like to see a comparison with QTab 300 or a review of QTab 300.

  • Mujaddid Shah

    M facing wifi auto off proble…its going to disable after some time and couldnt be enable until u do restart. and 2nd the cam result is too low..even you cant do vedio call on skype in a room…with 2 energy savors light or add 3rd tube light…there is no option for camera brightness increasing….

  • Bilal Khan Durrani

    Plz do upload the talk-T500 hands on video asap! Thanx

  • kashif

    hi to all of you here i like to say i have a very bad time with dany genius g4 tab dany is all about lies over the box writn 4.2.2 but inside the tab its 4.1.2 no system update option no online help to update plz dont go for dany its bater to buy a nonbranded imuk tab its have 4.2.2 with system updat and a very nice look

  • A.AKhan Afridi

    Brother, would u guide me regarding edit contacts of Dany Tab G5, where in a message display “unfortunately contacts or edit has been closed”.
    Please may be resolved the problem.

  • imran

    i have sealed pack Dany genius tab G5,with complete box accessories in other box,dany worth 12,900 accessories box worth rs 1433, total 14,333.interested buyers can contact only for today basis.offer applicable for today only.03333214551

  • eye

    i just bought it yesterday..nd it doesn’t have faux leather backside:(
    damn yyyyyy

    mere dany mai aisi backside q nhi..iski bhi copy any lggai kia
    mene tu full payment kithi

  • eye

    i just bought it yesterday..nd it doesn’t have faux leather backside:(
    damn yyyyyy

    mere dany mai aisi backside q nhi..iski bhi copy any lggai kia
    mene tu full payment kithi

  • jahil

    bakwas tab

  • muhammad yaqub

    i have Dany G5, excelent tab, but i feel one problem, its ringer is very much low voice, even you cannot hear phone ring, any one can help me to fix this problem.



  • SANA


  • SANA


  • aqib

    tell if it can be jailbroken and please confirm about qtab 300 if it can be jailbroken(rooted)

  • kaleem ullah

    hii!! every one plz can any one guide me that how i can make a online order for g5 ???

  • irfan

    dany g5 support 3g and 4g ??? any one tel me

  • Jenny Buxton

    hey guys i want to know about dany g5 tab .. if some body have it please guide me weather itx good to buy or not ?

  • hareem iftikhar

    My camera does not allows me to click pictures please help me

  • Fazalullah Khatri

    How battery install

  • Farhad Ali Shah

    Salam. I bought a Dany Genius G4 Tab a few days back. For information of those who use it, i got a problem in it on the third day. Its battery went low and then it automatically switched off. It would not switch on. I tried every thing in my knowledge to switch it on. I charged it for quite sometime (say 10-20 mins) but still it would not switch on. Then as i am not a geek, and i don’t know much, i prayed to Allah swt to help me do something to get it back normal and avoid to headache of taking it to the retailer and claiming the warranty. Allah swt did answer my call for help and as i was closely inspecting the device, i found that it had a tiny hole on right side below the power and volume buttons. there was inscribed the letter “R” infront of it. I thought it might be some sort of “Reset” button deep inside. I took a needle and used the thread-side to press what button etc was inside. Alhamdu Lillah swt it did the miracle. When i put it on charge it got switched on IMMEDIATELY. This is called real help because you dont know much about a thing and you are given a clue to fix it. Although this discussion over here is not about the G4 version but still i had to share my experience so someone might get some clue and help and the Reviewer too might think it able to be included in a review. I am sorry if you did not find it timely or relevant.

  • saif

    never ever buy this product. i have worst experience of buying the …king Genius G5. to hell with the company and wasim akram as well. this this a ghatia tareen company of the world making ghattia tareen products.

  • ahmer

    dany tabs
    it is very dull Stupid! Shut up! and Lazy! tab don’t buy these tabs
    if u will buy dany tabs u will say “IT IS USELESS TO CRY OVER SPILT MILK”
    therfor dont buy these tabs

  • shaan

    sir mujhe ye janna hai k kya g5 aur g6 jo danny ka is k bad ka set aya hai undono mai kya fark hai aur ye bhi pochna chahts ho k kya dany k g5 aur g6 ka camera ka result acha nehe hai sab se yehe sune mai ara hai mai dany g6 lena chahra ho but camera k sun kr thora confuse hogaya ho plz jaldi reply kiye ga thankss