Growing Need to Adopt Responsive Website Designs

Responsive Designs

The long awaited 3G and 4G auction is expected to be held in just a few weeks time. While telecom operators are preparing to embrace this technology, they, along with others, should also look to invest in developing responsive website designs to enhance customer experience and convenience.

Responsive website designs are created in a way that the webpage adopts and adjusts to the design, shape, resolution and scripting abilities of the device being used to view the site.

For example, a smartphone has a much smaller screen as compared to a laptop; so a responsive website will adjust to the size of the smartphone’s display accordingly allowing the user to browse through the site with ease.

At the moment Mobilink is the only cellular operator in Pakistan with a responsive website design. All other telecom operators must also develop a responsive website design to attract more mobile users to visit their webpage.

A lot of mobile users in Pakistan are continuously looking for various offers that are provided to them by their respective operators; this process will become a lot more convenient for the user if he/she can browse through their operator’s website on their handheld device.

In this era of technological advancement we see new and improved handheld devices, laptops and PCs evolving continuously. Responsive websites eliminates the need to develop new designs to adjust to new gadgets being developed in numbers at the moment.

As mentioned earlier, telecom operators will benefit from deploying a responsive website; but these responsive designs are also especially true for online line shopping websites, job portals, blogging platforms, news related websites, and sports related websites as well.

A considerable amount of internet users in Pakistan are expected to shift to mobile internet with the advent of 3G and 4G. This means more and more users will be using their, smartphones, iPads, tablets, and Notebooks to browse through the internet. So companies, especially the ones aiming to increase traffic on their website, need to develop a responsive website before the 3G and 4G technology is rolled out.

Image Credits: Sohail Abid

  • but our telecom companies has interest only in money not in customers caring or offering better services…

  • Most of the officials in these companies don’t know anything about responsive website :D

  • Yes they should work on responsive website.
    And try to develop their own official apps as-well.
    According to the today’s need.

  • Is it really important to have responsive website? I don’t agree. It’s an advantage and good thing if a website is responsive but I don’t think it is important and crucial. if we talk about smartphones and tablets, the browsers (built-in, Chrome, Firefox or any other) will display the website nicely and one can zoom-in and zoom-out accordingly. That’s why many big names don’t have a responsive design yet. Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay, AOL, Apple, Linkedin, Pinterest, CNN, BBC, Sky News, Paypal, Huffington Post etc do not have a responsive website. If we talk of telecom operators, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, Verizon and AT&T have non-responsive layout. When these big brands are doing well in their countries (where they have 3G and 4G since long) without a responsive website, how would our telecom operators suffer? Personally speaking, I like responsive designs but it has no effect on my frequency of visiting a website or preferring one website over other.

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