Google Drops Storage Prices on Google Drive


If the cheap Cloud storage alternatives weren’t already enough, Google itself has joined the party by announcing new pricing schemes for its various storage options on Google Drive.

Cloud storage can be obtained for free until you need more than a certain amount of storage space. Most people don’t need that kind of space, however, if you are among the minority that does, then you are in luck.

With Google Drive now you can resolve all your storage problems. As was the case before, Google Drive’s starter 15 GB pack is absolutely free and most will be content with that for life (even this space is a huge bonus when you consider that Dropbox users are limited to only 2 GB free storage). The higher storage options have seen prices cut by as much as 4 times the original price.

100 GB option now costs just $1.99 per month, down from $4.99 previously. 1 TB storage option costs $9.99 now, dropping from $49.99 per month; while the largest 10, 20 and 30 TB options start at $99.99 now, and add $100 for every step up from there on.

Apart from the 15 GB starter pack, you can also earn free storage by simply referring the site to your colleagues and friends; free storage can be won through other promotions as well. I currently have 25 GB, courtesy of a Quickoffice promotion and don’t feel the need for getting even one additional MB.

Click this link and log in with your Google id if you plan on buying some storage space.

  • There are also alternatives like which give enough storage space, a friend of mine have about 200GB free storage space on earned by referring his friends. Due to privacy concern however I trust dropbox,skydrive and google drive much more than

  • Dear Azeem ullah, yes, you have rights to give a Link which will increase your Free storage too … :)

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