HTC One (8M) Vs. Rest of the Flagships


The new HTC One (M8) is finally released to much fanfare but will it be able to defeat its competitors in a fight where competitors are getting more and more undistinguishable with time?

Let’s find out:


Even if you don’t neglect the price factor, the competition is pretty much balanced. HTC’s One takes the lead in design, alongside the Xperia Z2, but has a subpar camera. Samsung’s designs are pulling its otherwise-attractive flagship backwards while the Nexus’ non-expandable storage may turn some people off.

Sony’s offerings will probably pull more people but they are replaced by a new flagship every six months.

If budget is your priority, then it is evident that Google’s official phone is in the lead and by some margin. If budget is not your priority, then it is probably a good idea to keep an eye out on the features that you want and things that matter the most.

The One, then, may have been a great phone but just like its rivals, falls behind due to a lack of stand-out stuff.