Anusha Rehman’s Husband Gets Job as Board Member in PTML

Mr. Shabbir Khan
Mr. Shabbir Ahmed Khan (second from right), during his official visit to GSMA Mobile World Congress in February 2014 as board member of PTML. Anusha Rehman, Dr. Ismail Shah, Mr. Yasir Qadir, Mr. Ikhlaq Tarar and Brig. Sami is also seen in the picture

Anusha Rehman, State Minister for Information Technology and Telecom, has managed to get her husband inducted in PTML’s board as a member, The News has reported.

Mr. Shabbir Ahmed Khan, who is the husband of Anusha Rehman, is reportedly appointed as member of the board of directors at PTML, cellular arm of PTCL.

The news of Mr. Shabbir’s appointment first surfaced in January, however, it was only today that Mr. Akhlaq Tarar, who is Federal Secretary for IT & Telecom and also the Chairman of PTCL Board, confirmed the appointment.

Anusha Rehman opted to not to comment anything on the matter, while Mr. Tarar said that appointment was made after government persuaded Mr. Shabbir to take the responsibility.

According to Mr. Tarrar, Shabbir Ahmad Khan is a top professional in his own right and his appointment as a BoD member by the federal government couldn’t be linked to his relation with the minister.

Akhlaq Tarar said that Shabbir has sacrificed a lucrative career in Europe and opted to come to Pakistan. “Shabbir spent his whole life out of Pakistan and has now started his own business here before he was appointed as member of the cabinet committee for restructuring and later as member of BoD,” the federal secretary said.

“The News” claims that Mr. Shabbir Khan made an international trip to GSMA world congress after the appointment.

It won’t be out of place to mention here that government owns majority stakes in PTCL that directly controls PTML. Moreover, MoIT is in-charge ministry of the PTCL.

Experts say that appointment, which can be in accordance with the regulations and merit, pose serious conflict of interests, as Mr. Shabbir is now a board member of a company that is potential bidder in upcoming 3G/4G license auction while her wife is the State Minister for the Ministry that is auctioning the spectrum.

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  • A very very bad example by our so called leaders, Do we all believe that people of such mental levels and ethical values will deliver for the nation. Its they first Pakistan God knows better ,where….
    Ex PPP Minister Sherry Rehman’s husband is very qualified and talented too.But they never tried to get him inducted as board member or at any other post.

  • Although He has Well Qualification for this Post
    But What about those who Deserve More then these Creepy Politicians

    They Dont Care.

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