Ufone Allows Users to Port-in Through its Website


Ufone is now offering mobile users a convenient and hassle free way to port in to their network through the use of internet.

Mobile users looking to shift their cellular services to Ufone simply have to visit Ufone’s website and fill in the online Mobile Number Portability (MNP) form, which is easily available to anyone who has access to internet.


  1. Open the Online MNP Form and enter your mobile number, full name, and an alternative contact number
  2. Write ‘MNP’ in a message and send to 667
  3. Forward the resulting SMS to 76333
  4. Enter the port in key displayed on your Online MNP form
  5. Submit your Online MNP request form

Have a look below to see a sample Online MNP request form on Ufone’s website:


  • When will they allow to port-out their existing customers? They are rejecting my MNP request on the basis of contractual obligations while 333 denies any MNP request was ever made.

  • Faizan port in does not means this, it means ur same number with same code will convert to ufone network

    • I agree with you Alber, but whenever we port our number into ufone then ufone issue new sim card with same number. I have already converted my number and i know the process.

  • i think PTA should release such SIM which will stay permanently in mobile , so user will be able to use MNP service online or via text messaging, and there will be no need to get a new sim.

    • Not possible atm, each SIM has its own subscriber identification keys, local area keys, VAS services which are carrier specific. So PTA has nothing to do with this, its a security feature of the technology itself.

    • in UK their is MNP process of 1,2 minutes only.
      Here MNP process is of 6 hours minimum. most of the time 4 days.
      And networks keep rejecting MNP requests of users with lame excuses. Especially Zong, my MNP was rejected because it was a “good number” with three digits same in the number. However after my complaint to PTA Zong released my number.

    • You do realize there is no need of port out facility if all networks give online port in option ;) You always put in a “port in” request and the new provider handles the rest.

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