97% Warid Customers Are Happy With Quality of Network: Survey

Poll Question: How happy are you with the quality of network service provided by your Mobile company?


Warid has outscored other cellular operators by having more satisfied customers as compared to all other mobile phone networks of the country, revealed a recently concluded opinion poll conducted by Gallup Pakistan.

97% of Warid users said that they are happy with the quality of network service provided by the company.

A nationally representative sample of mobile phone owning adult men and women, from across the four provinces was asked “How happy are you with the quality of network service provided by your mobile company?”

Responding to this, 54% of Warid users said they were very happy with the quality of their network service, 43% said they were somewhat happy and 2% replied not happy at all.

For Mobilink, 56% of the respondents said they were very happy, 39% said somewhat happy and 4% said not happy at all.

With regards to Telenor, 37% of the users were very happy whereas 57% were somewhat happy and 7% not happy at all.

43% of Zong users claimed they were very happy with their network compared to 48% who were somewhat happy and 8% who were not happy at all.

For Ufone, 47% said very happy, 42% said somewhat happy and 10% replied not happy at all.

Gallup Pakistan said that the poll was carried out among a sample of 1650 men and women in rural and urban areas of all four provinces of the country, during Mar 03, 2014 – Mar 10, 2014. Error margin is estimated to be approximately ± 2-3 per cent at 95% confidence level.

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  • (poll was carried out among a sample of 1650 men and women) You can’t decide million customer companies with only 1650 users … this is something really stupid…

  • mobilink stand first because it has the highest number of most satisfied customers. beside that 95% of mobilink customers are happy. Aamir must be a warid customer :-p

  • I’m a ufone user I would say ufone stats are fake ratio here for satisfied to dissatisfied is 90:10 where as in my opinion it should be otherway around 10:90 ufone is most pathetic network in Pakistan, reason behind i’m still using ufone is due to its mobile banking being operated by short code *808# I can use it even on intl. roaming otherwise in Pakistan ………….. no comments

    • Oh bhai change your name to Mr. Warid.
      Oh hadd hai har post mein you comment and Warid ki fiqar khai ja rahi hooti hai. Come out of GLOW world.
      Someone from Warid if reading, please iss banday ko apna brand ambassador rakh loo.

      • lagta hai ap Ufone ky brand ambassador ho :D :D :D

        Agar kisi ko warid pasand hai to is mai apko kis cheez ki tension hai? I am using warding from 2005 when it first launched in Pakistan and still on warid and very satisfied. If you are on mobilink or on any other network and you are satisfied with that, we have no objection on that. Than why you are showing your frustration?

        Be happy and cool, every single person has its own choice.

  • Dears,
    All CMO’s are involve in hidden amount deduction. Telenor after Vega Swap, people are not happy with call/voice/signal quality.
    Ufone thou starts hisaab sms, but during bad weather call quality gets pathetic.Mobilink still may be link, Warid the Biggest Sheikh’s fraud company especially for prepaid customers. Zong too involved in deducting hidden balance.
    Companies/PTA profits depend on Easyload/Recharge Card service charges, 0.12+tax on all calls even on Voice Bundles.
    75/100 Recharge received, remaining companies gets on call setup charges “0.12+tax”.
    In Warid,if u subscribe 7 rs sms packages, you can’t avail it unless you have atleast 10 Rs in your sim credit., so Warid Prepaid is stagnant dirty packages policy.

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