Warid Presents the ‘Bus Timings’ App


Having a hard time knowing the inter-city bus timings, or scheduling your journey from various cities of Pakistan? Need to know where the nearest bus stop is? When would the next bus leave for your desired destination? Then you should look no farther, as Warid brings the “Bus Timings” app for Android phones.

Let’s explore this app in much more detail with screenshots from the app itself. Beginning with the description narrated on the official app page, which states,

“You can now plan your travel easily without any hassle, as Bus Timing app allows you to check intra city bus routes in Pakistan along with their travel charges and timings.“

The app provides up-to-date schedules of bus timings for inter-city travelling, so it is apparent that it will demand an internet connection. Therefore, after running the app for the first time, It attempts to communicate with the Daewoo Express server for the fresh list of schedules, as displayed in the following screenshot.


It then proposes the option to pick out the city from where one desires to travel, i.e. the current location, for this review we picked Karachi.


After that is done; the App presents a list of all the bus services currently functioning for intercity travelling, and as stated in the official description of the app, there was just one bus service timing available and that is, Daewoo Express, as shown below.


It also provides users with the address and contact information of Daewoo Express for the selected city.

Choosing the “Schedule” option (from the same screen) then allows the user to pick the desired destination city as well as the day when one wants to travel to that city, as shown below.


Based on our searched query, the app presented a list of all the scheduled departures, as well as the arrival timings and required travel fare, as shown below.

image image

As can be seen in the above screenshots, three different departures were scheduled for the selected date, i.e. December 27, 2013.

Some other features include,

  • Covering all Daewoo destinations’ timings and travel fare
  • Contact information of all the terminals across Pakistan
  • Find the terminals locations on the map
  • Easy to use- In- App call feature allows the user to directly call the helpline for booking
  • Share the app with your friends and family through SMS, Email and Facebook


Warid’s Bus Timing App is quite handy for the users who want to travel between different cities of Pakistan.

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