PTA Announces Qualified 3G / 4G Spectrum Bidders

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority

In accordance with the timelines mentioned in Information Memorandum (IM) for the Spectrum Auction of Next Generation Mobile Services in Pakistan, PTA has announced the names of the qualified bidders for the auction to be held on April 23, 2014.

PTA has received bids from four existing Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs) on April 14, 2014 for 1800 MHz and 2100 MHz Spectrum.

After scrutiny of submitted bids all four operators China Mobile(Zong), Mobilink, PTML (Ufone) and Telenor Pakistan have qualified for the bidding.

PTA, however, didn’t disclose the amount and types of of bids that were submitted by the operators.

PTA, in a communication with ProPakistani, said that it will keep the bid types and amounts secret till the results. Authority said that design of the auction prohibits even the operators to know the identity of other operators and their bid types.

PTA will now forward “Bidders’ packages” containing confidential information and instructions to participate in the mock auction and auction to qualified applicants tomorrow.

There’s a mock auction for qualified bidders planned on April 21st, 2014, in which all qualified operators will undergo a simulated auction to understand the auction process and bidding procedures.

Final auction is set for April 23rd, 2014.

Keep watching this space to get latest updates on the spectrum auction for 3G and 4G technologies.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • the title of the news is different from the content. we all know that four operators apply, qualified, will be in auction :P
    if you know what i mean ;)

    kindly try to find out which operator applied for what or maybe your assumptions, like I think telenor and mobilink may want 4G/3G and ufone and zong wants only 3G

    • I reacted the same way… but PTA said no-one knows the bid types, and no one will know till the results.

      They say auction is deliberately designed this way to increase competition.

      • yeah I understand this part but somehow Aamir Atta has sources inside ;)
        will wait for something breaking from your side, you know we desperate to know which telco apply for what

        • There are only three people who know this stuff and they won’t say a word. So, let’s wait a lil more.

    • Being qualify and winning the bid are two different things, first thing is to qualify for biding then wining it is second.

      • telenor will get 4g in any case, everyone knows there efforts for 3G and 4G services in pakistan, surely they will get in any case without a single doubt. the other one maybe Mobilink. As a ufone customer i dont think they are even going for 4G but zong yes they are and can win auction if they beat mobilink. for telenor 500 % they get 4G

  • LOL what a joke, this Admin LOL are you 13?
    if Removing a simple criticizing comment makes you feel good
    then fine. time to leave this BS forum. BB

    • I agree with you Mr Peter. My comment has also been removed which I made in the post:
      Breaking: Warid Urges to Deploy 4G Network with Existing License.
      In that comment, I asked Mr Test, who broke this news on April 14, which was reported by ProPakistani on April 17 about his source of information.

      But as far as my comment was concerned IT WAS NOT CRITICISING AT ALL

  • It means no other telecom operator applied for bid. Turk Cell and Saudi Telecom just showed interest due to govt level pressure. I am unable to understand why no telecom operator is interested to launch 3G/4G in Pakistan !!! Was Musharraf era was better when Warid and Telenor came here, and since then even their stay in Pakistan is shaky :O

    • its not the political issue, actually they also analyze the market.what would you think about the last two entrants here (Warid and China Mobile) ?
      They are still struggling in the business, if new will come what would you think ?
      no more place for new entrants here, space full already

      • Off course they do the study, first 80% people just give rings rest number or subscribers are totally rubbish people buy sim and get free balance then through that sim and buy another one, there isnt very good potential in it, money wise.


        • I am not saying that its political issue. But either PTA or govt is not serious to create atmosphere good for telecom companies. In India, its SC cancelled 3G licences but all the major international telecom operators again participated including Telenor group. Our democratic govts must have to prove that now atmosphere is much better than Musharraf era. Other than presently 4 operators, none other international brands took interest.

          • Do u really think we are 0.00001% better than Musharraf era, my friend we are 100% worst than those time.

          • Thats what i said, no one took interest because they don’t see much money after investing in Pakistan, this nation wants everything for free if not than cheap, we should understand the fact that we are not very fruitful place for any investor.

    • the one license is for new entrant, in case of 3G/4G auction, government will earn the target amount

  • Lets hope no politician comes in between and jeopardize this whole thing. Lots of rumors around.

    • faisal saleh hayat the telecom expert will not say anything after SC orders to continue ;)

  • we cant say that which operator have applied for what, yes time will say on 23rd of this month we will know all about bidding..

  • Well anyhow, 3G/4G Is basically for rich peoples, Middle class people will NOT afford it at all, so i know, i’ll not able to adjust the huge Price plans of 3G/LTE into my budget, i tell you what, i can see most of us using Unlimited Broadband 1 MBPS, 2 MBPS, 4 MBPS ETC, from Wi-Tribe, PTCL, Qubee etc, and Just like other countries, Our operators will also give you 5GB for not less than RS.1000/Month, in high-speed Bandwidth, 5GBs are not enough by any mean, even though if we use our phones just for Emailing, IMs, Internet Callings, very little Bit of Surfing, Downloading etc for entire month, this volume will be utilized in no time really,so all this ends up with one conclusion, No chance of new TECH for lower class peoples. I am sure many will not agree with me, but it’s proved expensive in every country in the world, so why Pakistani operators will charge less than half in comparison to other countries.

  • Lets discuss 3g/4G positive and fruitful use with regard to Pakistani nation now. It is almost done.

  • Many people on different forums are talking about price and data cap etc .. This s ridiculous .. I was using Iphone 5 on 4G in London on ‘EE’ .. I had a Cap of 8 GB. I used Navigation , Streaming videos , Mails , App Updates , Social Media, Video Calling, Skype and Viber calls. and I tried hard to use all my 8 GB data but never succeeded. Max use was 6 GB.

    Moreover, No company in the world launch product for Social service.. They are here to make money.If you need to use the 3G/4G then buy it else use EDGE. That’s simple…

    The way many people talk here are posing example of ‘Angoor Khatay Hain’

    • Get your Facts right dude, you are talking on the basis of the way you use LTE, we are talking on the basis of the way we use it, many people takes it for surfing mostly, and i would like to tell you the most important rule of Internet world, it’ll help you get started, as your comment seems you have just started using Internet i.e. 3G/4G, Rule is the High Bandwidth speed means High volume usage, in 2g networks, even 1GB is too much, because of the speed you get, this is the golden rule, and this is why all the network operators gives more volume on higher Bandwidth. If you don’t want to learn, you’ll keep bashing..but above mentioned is fact my bro :)

  • Great move…..this time its taken seriously and it looks they are going to bring 3G in market asap

  • I think 3G is going to be the best NGN…..i must say hear that we must appreciate the process, as different people having lack of Knowledge are creating rumors. Thx to PTA & Cellular companies, who r working to equip Pakistan with 3G.

  • I never said i dont like this forum, but if you act like this then i must say you are also acting like propakistani, thats the problem we cant take critics at all, last but not least reality bites my country fellow.

  • Priceless info this. CMShehbaz should get this to guines world records as well. another First from Last for Pakistan.. :D

  • PTA, however, didn’t disclose the amount and types of of bids that were submitted by the operators. its mean that there is still a fight for 4g

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