CEOs of Mobile Phone Companies Call on Finance Minister


Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of the Telecommunication Companies namely Mobilink, Zong, Telenor and Ufone called on the Finance Minister, Senator Ishaq Dar to express their thanks on the conclusion of transparent Auction of 3G/4G Spectrum at the Finance Ministry Friday.

The Finance Minister congratulated the winners of the Spectrum Auction and said that the government will provide all necessary guidance and assistance to reap the benefits of this new technology just introduced in the country.

Dar said that we are happy that the Auction process was completed in the transparent manner and hoped that the development of the necessary infrastructure will create a lot of employment opportunities in the country. The decision to participate in the Auction, will also provides an excellent business opportunity for all the companies, added the Minister.

The Finance Minister observed that the process will contribute technological resources to Pakistan’s socio-economic sectors. He said that Spectrum Auction will further add to the renewed confidence of the international investors in Pakistan’s economic policies. He expressed the hope that maximum service benefits will reach to the consumers as a result of Spectrum Auction.

Ms. Anusha Rehman Khan, Minister of State for IT, said we also want to work in collaboration with the mobile companies for the telecommunication development of the country. She emphasized on developing areas like E-health, telecenters and E-education and many more other fields.

The CEOs observed that there will be more appetite for Spectrum in the coming months and if offered the response will be positive. The CEO of Mobilink Mr. Rashid Khan said that the government has proved that the process was transparent, fair and level playing field was provided to all the competitors.

Telecom companies recorded their concerns regarding high taxes on telecom sector and urged if government could take steps in the coming budget to rationalize taxes on telecom sector.

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