Nothing Could Stop Zong From Copying a French Artwork for its 4G AD

Securing a 4G license — on top of a 3G license — had earned Zong a notable respect from the industry and as well as the subscribers.

A network, which was previously known for cheap prices and low-cost SMS and voice bundles, was at once become the front runner in the race of technology.

With 4G technology in their hands, Zong had suddenly become the favourite network of the early adapters.

Again there was no doubt they had become the first and only 4G operator in Pakistan, a status that deserved huge appreciation and admiration.

However, unfortunately though, all the decorousness and status could not hold Zong from copying an artwork for its first ever 4G ad.

It’s sad, but a reality now.

Have a look at Zong’s ad that appeared in yesterday’s newspapers:


Now visit this website:

Lo and behold, following is what you will see there.


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  • Abu Khuzaima

    but they’v managed to change the shoes… so that’s ok :)

  • Ikrash

    so whats the big deal

  • rayyaan

    Hahahaha… & even the tag line “need for speed”… What else you could expect frpm china… They make out a copy of everything :-)

    • GrassHoppaaa

      what else to expect is a big freakin investment in corrupt Pakistan that they are doing. its that kind of mentality that is keeping Pakistan from going forward.

  • Tony

    There is so much art work on the internet. And lazy interns
    at Advertisement Agencies steal ideas instead of working hard to create something new.

    • ME

      You clearly have no idea how an agency works if you think that an intern worked on their 3G/4G campaign designs.

  • Bahaval Chauhan

    in french ad the booster has no fire left but smoke, and zong has it on and on fire!

  • tiwana

    We only believe that zong is the leader of all operators because he invested here in our country 500 + millions and gave us 4G technology which we feel proud of our country

  • Jahangir

    They could have come up with “similar” artwork but they decided to use the existing one… strange. What their marketing managers are doing?

    • Bahaval Chauhan

      keeping the copy paste trend alive :D

      • Jahangir

        Yes, it makes me more angry as we as sad because couple of years ago when I was working with an internet company, we were 2 designers there. Me sara artwork khud design karta tha and the other guy just used to copy stuff from web.

        At the end of the day us k kaam ko ziada pasand karte thay managers :( I used to tell them k sir ye original nahi hai ye web se copy hai… kehte thay koi baat nahi, acha to lag raha hai na.

  • asghanchi

    thats not steal … bcoz reference picture is much lower quality … may be they purchased the Stock Image … I think author dont have any experience in graphic designing …

    • Riaz


      • Jahangir

        May be.

  • Farzay Sajay

    OMG not a biggie guys!
    Zong’s is better and they have definitely added
    their creative thinking to it makes it look better and cool. Plus such images
    are available on getty images and other stock image websites for anyone to use,
    even I have used them in my projects :P. Chill kero, just enjoy 4G yaar!

  • Wahab

    This is called creativity

  • GrassHoppaaa

    its not the same the french one has no fire and zong has fire as we saw it in the auction room and i think that is what matters the most, the only freakin 4G network in pakistan, that is a big achievement and I applause them for this big step and wish them all the best in their future endeavours. Long live Pakistan and Pak China friendship. we love you China <3

  • Asif

    Who cares if they copied their advert. Just start the 4G service already.

  • Anwaar

    Aamir atta sahab. Chinese company pe copy ka ilzaam lolz :p

  • i don’t support this article at all. first think about the huge investment this chinese company did in our near bankrupt country. come on guys , kya hogaya hay apko?

  • tiwana

    Telenor and ufone digged a way to save customers by investing just 147 millions dollars so zong is no 1 and runner up is mobilink

  • Zubair Arain

    no worry for ads….zong keep going with 3g / 4g……..

  • tiwana

    Mobilink and zong will provide the 3G services in major cities including divisional head cities in short time

  • Saqib Mufti

    Guys you just checkout.. how the an artist change the artwork in new way.. Salute to for his role play in this regard.


    aamir bhai make us informed not feel like gealous :’)

  • Saad Ullah Khan

    Can’t believe you guys.
    Its a stock image they used… So the french agency

  • Muhammad Aamir

    I think this article represents that the man hates ZONG! Don’t Mind :)



  • Thinker

    When Jazz Jazba copies its entire logo from Zagora no one bats an eye.

    But when zong uses a stock photo, EVERY ONE LOOSES THEIR MIND.

  • Shahid Saleem

    You should read the archives of propakistani, we discussed jazba logo a few years ago.

  • Waqas Tariq

    The image in question is available for sale online, anyone and everyone can buy a license for the image and use it. Also if you look closely the shoe color is different, so its not exactly the same image, but is from a similar set of images… and hence the image that Zong has is high definition, they, or the advert agency must have purchased a license. You should do a little research before pointing fingers, I was able to find this in less than a minute.

    Adding reference URL in a reply to his.

  • iLoveCricket

    Dear Aamir,
    You shouldn’t say that they admire you, today’s Post on Zong Fb ; “Mr. Aamir Atta, renowned blogger from sharing his views at the Press Conference.”
    May be they have weak Marketing department who can’t even make their own Ads posters.

  • As pointed out by some commenters this is not a rip-off just same stock photo. (This is the actual photo I believe you should update this post toclear up the matter. Otherwise people would keep sharing that image on social media and spreading rather an inaccurate piece.

    Nice blog BTW. Keep up the good work.