Zong to Pay Full License Fee for 3G and 4G Spectrum in One Go!


Zong yesterday announced that it will pay entire license fee for 3G and 4G spectrums in a single go and will not avail instalment plans that government of Pakistan had offered.

Zong, part of China Mobile, had won 3G spectrum for US 306 million dollars and 4G spectrum for US 210 million dollars during last week’s spectrum auction in Pakistan.

Dr. Fan Yunjun, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Zong, yesterday told me that instead of paying 50% license fee up front and then paying five equal instalments (with interest), Zong will clear its dues in a single go with-in next few days.

Zong’s decision of paying entire license fee in a single go is going to help cash-strapped budgetary requirements of the country.

Government of Pakistan had offered telecom operators to pay 50% license fee as up front and clear remaining dues in five years with markup of LIBOR plus 3% of the original payable amount.

On a related note, Telenor yesterday paid 50% of US 147.5 million dollars against 5Mhz 3G spectrum that it had won in the auction.

It won’t be out of place to mention here that PTA and Ministry of IT is giving Zong a special treatment in many ways due to its decision of clearing cent percent license fee. However, it is kept in mind that interests of other operators and the government are not compromised during this special treatment.

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  • im more interested to know pricing they will offer when 3g is commercially available.. any news guys?

  • Like a boss! Zong is the king of Telcos in the country, there’s no surprise they won 4G by bidding high, Zong started offering lowest EDGE Charges 1st in the country, then other operators followed the trend, i am very sure Zong will bring the most affordable 3G/4G Services in the country, This is the reason why, i have never thought about changing my network from Zong to anything else.

  • Zong ko chahiye pehlay apna Voice Network theek karde. 10 try main aik baar call mil jaati hai kismat se :S

    • Aap ko chahiye apnan mobile check karwain, i cant see any problem like that in 3 years

        • it depends on the area where you live. i face ufone signal problem in some areas of rawalpindi, trust me there is no network of ufone there, no signals.

        • Than you must switch your network immediately and submit an FIR against Zong :P

          • Bhiyee Tune Galat Jaga Zong Ki Sim Daal Le Ha, Jaldi Se Nikale Kahin Infection Na Ho Jay :P
            Bohot Passand He Tujay Zong Ki Sim :D

  • Zong itni Rich company kaisay ho gai aur warid tu siray se biding main hi nahi gai i think beause of financial issues. Pakistan main warid zada use hota hai than zong. Kya ya khula tazad nahi hai?

    • get your facts correct mr. zong is just about to pass ufone and now they will after getting 4G and 3G both.

  • If you open mobilik Web page under 3G column there is FAQ session where they said 4G hand sets are more than 75000 rupees and they are trying to prove 3G is better than 4G…. See how they are jealous for ZONG

  • When they won’t pay employees… They will have plenty of money to pay for such things :)

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