EVO Summer Offer: Get One Month Free Usage



PTCL has announced that it is offering one month of free usage for new EVO customers and a discount for 12 straight months.

According to the promotion details, all new users who will purchase a new EVO USB will receive 1 month of complimentary usage along with discounts on monthly charges for a whole year!

Promotion Details:

Below are promotion details with charges:

  • Product: EVO 3.1 USB
  • Bundle Cost: Rs. 2,550 (One Time)
  • Complimentary Air Time: One Month
  • Volume: 30 GB
  • Monthly line-rent: Rs. 750
  • Billing Mode: Prepaid or Postpaid

Business Rules:

  • Offer is applicable for new purchases of EVO USB only.
  • Offer is not applicable for package conversions for existing customers.
  • Customer shall be eligible for discounted line rent for 1 year, valid from time of activation.
  • Upon expiry of discount period the package will revert to standard commercial Package with prevailing rates.
  • Offer is valid for purchases of EVO 3.1 USB made between the 17th & 31st of May, 2014.
  • Volume limit of 30 GB under Fair Usage Policy may change in future.


  • Crazy Move by PTCL; I don’t know what is benefit of buying this as it does not have wifi.

  • Can anybody share the experience of EVO 3.1 or EVO 9.3 downloading speed in Lahore?

    • As Aswad said, depends on signal strength and no of users in your area. PTCL services are the only services in Pakistan which can be simply outstanding or pathetic within just few minutes. I am using Wingle and at times it jumps to 8-9 mbps and at times 0.2 mbps :-) but all an all my experience so far as been not that bad. Attaching 2 speed tests for your comparison.

    • So in conclusion, Abdul Haseed you should grab an evo device from any of your friend and use it for good 2-3 days at your place. And then decided on the basis of your test. Simple!

  • Go home PTCL u r drunk …, no whatsoever offers for existing users, once 3G launched i will cut ur devices in two pieces just like credit card and willl definitely throw in wastebin…!!

      • Not at all. Who wants to pay 2500 Rs and it is wireless bb which means you will get 0.3-0.5 mbits/s (PTCL says it is real world speed) . I have EVO WINGLE as I have like 4 Devices which have wifi so it is useless for me . :)

  • PTCL enkel! pliss pehle mere EVO connection ki fluctuation to LARKANA main fix karden.. Subah se yeh comment likhne ki koshish kar rha hoon main.. Sun raha hai na tu?

  • 4h lte by wateen ,qubee , ptcl zong, in future. forget ptcl 3.1 and 9.3. fake speed

  • don’t miss the very last line

    Volume limit of 30 GB under Fair Usage Policy may change in future

  • Ptcl ki promotional offer fazol hoti hain…paid offers work nai karti to free kiya karni hain

  • With Rs.2,550 upfront, one month free usage and afterwards Rs.750 per month
    results in an effective monthly rental of Rs.900 against 30GB data limit. Not a
    bad option at all and a nice move indeed considering 3G services by telcos has
    yet to be commercially launched and PTCL may try to saturate the market with
    its 3G devices.

    • they will fail eventually. no body want to buy evo in peshawar because evo in peshawar is operating at different frequency than rest of the country. ptcl should have provided devices which had support for both frequencies.

  • The only big problem here i can see these devices don’t have WIFI ability; You can only plugin with a PC/Laptop instead; otherwise it won’t be a bad option. You can easily get 300kbyte/s speed with this guy.

  • Its useless. Very slow speed in Rawalpindi near raja bazar and many disconnections. Waiting for that 36 Mbps device…

  • Like I said many times before, these guys at PTCL instead of making the service worthwhile for existing customers, do keep giving new offers to bring people in to network.Same is reason, people trash their old devices (specially evo) and get a new connection with that offer. I have done it my self and know lots others. Still their customer support is most pathetic on any standard, same is reason I prefer LDN over them for DSL.

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