Skype Leaks Its Users’ Essential Information Including IP Address


By Mujahid Sheroze

Microsoft owned skype became responsible for leaking precious data of its users including internal and external IP addresses along with ports.

Anyone can acquire the IP details of any Skype user by simply knowing its Skype ID, we have checked.

As a matter of fact, for those who don’t know, Skype creates a direct peer to peer connection between Skype users for lesser latency and better connectivity. Meaning that a Skype voice or video call, or a file transfer takes place between two devices (PCs or Smartphones) without involving Skype server. This direct connection creates a better connectivity between users and offers premium quality voice and filer transfer speeds.

The problem, however, is that last known IP address of any Skype user – who has made a voice/video call or did a file transfer – is potentially available for anyone to access when required.

There is a manual method available – that requires some technical skills – through which anyone can access the last known IP address of any Skype user by just knowing  the Skype ID of the target user.

Following picture shows that how hackers can easily sniff out the IP Address of a person’s last used IP on Skype. Yes, it just requires a Skype ID:


Once the hacker successfully gets your IP, then he/she can use different IP LOOKUP websites in order to trace you and to get many credential information relating to you. He/she can potentially have your home location address, phone numbers and various other sensitive information relating to you.

A statement from Skype described the privacy leak as “an on-going, industry-wide issue faced by all peer-to-peer software companies.”

Along with, Skype issued a software update for its users where it has offered them an option to hide IP address, if they want to. Not to mention, older versions of Skype are still prone to this bug.

The following screenshot shows that how can you hide your IP address from being public.


Skype won’t reveal your IP address if you select “Allow Direct Connections to Your Contacts Only”. We have tested this feature and it was able to hide our IP address successfully.

It is highly advised to users to enable this option to save your critical information for public viewing.

  • most of ip address in pakistan are dynamic & they changes after every connection
    further more ip addresses in pakistan doen’t have geolocated details. for example if you use telenor 3g connection and check your ip lookup then you will find that ip belongs to lahore while you;re using the internet sitting in Islamabad or Karachi

    • You are right! Only cellular companies have dynamics IP address, but DSL has static IP.

      • with due respect, dsl also uses dynamic ip. you have to pay like rs. 200 per month to ptcl in order to have static ip. The ip addresses can never harm to individuals.

        • Yeah and I am paying that 200 extra to have it static, I needed that in beginning for work, as being a web applications developer, on servers I used to work needed me to have static ip so they can show me debugging info and I have not to go and change ip always. But I no more work from home but still like to have it static.

      • with DSL, It is very difficult to trace location, One Public IP is shared among many by PTCL.

    • You are right about that, but lately have checked specially with google, they tell at least the city correct. When I am in Islamabad it always shows me in ISB. However, it could be case for Lahore customers to be shown in isb or khi, have no idea about that.. But mostly I guess city is correct

      • for your information there is a website called whatismyipaddress(do)com wherein you can check your most accurate location and you will surprise to learned that they have revealed my street level location with accuracy of 25 meters +/- but very few ip’s here are properly geolocated. In any case it is still not a problem for me. Smartphones are more threat to our privacy because they donot just reveal our most accurate location but also i can leak our day to day activity

        • I just visited that website and even after sharing my location via browser when they asked via a dialog my location was way off by 20KMs plus there was even bigger circle with 65KM radius which showed my location may be anywhere inside that. Before sharing my location via browser, it was showing me in rawalpindi, while I was sitting in ISB.

          So they may get accurate locations by the method of user sharing it, it will specially be accurate in case user’s device have either built in GPS or some kinna GPS attached and configured with it.

          There is no such thing like getting correct location via IP address on real time specially in Pakistan, unless otherwise you ISP provides an API to others which can be used to get correct address of that person on that ip. Which is unlikely due to the privacy concern and laws stopping ISPs from sharin g personal info of consumers.

  • This direct connection creates a better connectivity between users and offers premium quality voice and filer transfer speeds.

    You mean “faster” transfer speeds.

    • not faster but low latency can improve over all experiance.. bandwidth remains the same but delay in transmission becomes low.. near to Real Time… you can say…

  • It’s been like this for a while; it’s an easy way for malicious users to trace an IP address and launch a DDOS attack on it, for example.
    This is really an issue with static IP addresses, and as Muhammad Ashraf above mentions, the majority of the IP addresses in Pakistan are dynamic.

  • No one can trace my real IP address, I am using high security VPN that costs 4$ per month.

    • as long as i remember, PTA has blocked all vpns either they are free or premium.
      In a case if your company uses vpn for connecting their mobile users then you have to write an application addressing to PTA for granting permission to access vpn for your cooperate network

      • PTA hasnt blocked any VPN. Are you mad? I am using one as well! If PTA starts blocking VPNs then this country has seriously gone to the d.o.g.s.

        • If you don’t believe me, just search propakistani for articles about VPNs. You will not only be shocked to discover that PTA is trying (and succeeding) in blocking VPNs but that several Pakistanis also want them blocked.

        • see attached advertisement on PTA website regarding vpn which is selfexplanatory

  • This is something that is known for years. Whenever you establish peer to peer connection, someone will know your IP address. It could be Skype, it could be Torrent, it could be someone visiting propakistani website (the Webmaster knows the IP address of each and every user who visits their website). Most of e-mails also reveal sender’s IP address, and the list goes on. In any case, hiding someone’s IP address is not the only defense against hackers, that is why there is a whole industry of Firewalls, and that is why NAT is enabled by default on all Routers you buy (one of the reason’s for NAT).

    • Actually there are P2P systems which hide your IP address by using relay systems. Big example: TOR.

  • In Pakistan you wont get the exact location from ip adress, so useless hai yahan aesi bat k ilawa bhi to itni services hain jahan ip adress reveal ho jata hai.

    • Nowadays, it is easy to detect IP of any user especially who are addicted to Facebook via Keylogger etc. Exact location of a user is easy to identify. For example, if you are using Ufone’s internet connection, the server IP address of UFONE will be same throughout the country. When an agency detects your IP as well as your Server IP address they will able to find that he is a UFONE user, then they will send a message to UFONE company that who is belong to this IP address at that time (due to dynamics IP address). They will tell the agency that he is Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain Sahib! Every day numbers of hacker are arrested by the same technique, and there are also many other ways to find a hacker.

      • And that is why a good hacker never hacks from his home, he goes and uses the free wifi available from many cafes and restaurants in his city. :):):)

          • Hacker Used Vpn Services For Hide ip Address Not Need to go cafes ,Technology Bohat bhar Gai Hai Shayad app Ko Pta ni

            • I have been using VPN for 2 years, that cost is 4$ per month. VPN is also known as proxies. Nowadays, it is possible to detect IP address via VPN.Who said you that hacker use VPN for hide their IP address? Every day, a large number of hacker are arrested.

      • Mere bhai mene agencies ki baat nhi ki.Ufone pay internet chalanay ki kia zarurat hai tumhen.
        baat ye hai kay normal user ko kitni info milti hai.wo to humen bhi pta k hackers ko kese pakra jata or ye bhi kay boht hackers nhi bhi pakray jatay.
        aik to sub log kahan ki bat kahan jor btao mosam kesa aaj kal..swat, swabi ya kohat ..mein zra bhol gya hun

  • I am assuming when I will opt-in to use hide my ip, they will route my call through their servers, that will cause delays. So I guess the solution is to opt-in for the hide service add everyone you need to talk to your contact list

  • Storn in a tea cup. Oldest trick in the book, with fresh makeup. Ever heard of wireshark skiddie! ?

    PP should review the editorial standards. If a regular wants to oblige some friend, family, driver, cook, cobbler, hair stylist etc, ask them to do it elsewhere – instead of giving space to funny blog posts.

  • i have noted Skype doesn’t work properly from last two weeks.. poor call quality and disconnecting over and over.. is any one else facing this problem..?

  • What is the source of news ?

    EDIT: Lol…….. it’s 1+ year old news and you are flashing today :D

  • The day skype fell in hands of Microsoft, I knew it will not be the same again.

  • @admin skype has now introduced free group video calling upto 10 person so please also cover this story.

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