Skype Leaks Its Users’ Essential Information Including IP Address


By Mujahid Sheroze

Microsoft owned skype became responsible for leaking precious data of its users including internal and external IP addresses along with ports.

Anyone can acquire the IP details of any Skype user by simply knowing its Skype ID, we have checked.

As a matter of fact, for those who don’t know, Skype creates a direct peer to peer connection between Skype users for lesser latency and better connectivity. Meaning that a Skype voice or video call, or a file transfer takes place between two devices (PCs or Smartphones) without involving Skype server. This direct connection creates a better connectivity between users and offers premium quality voice and filer transfer speeds.

The problem, however, is that last known IP address of any Skype user – who has made a voice/video call or did a file transfer – is potentially available for anyone to access when required.

There is a manual method available – that requires some technical skills – through which anyone can access the last known IP address of any Skype user by just knowing  the Skype ID of the target user.

Following picture shows that how hackers can easily sniff out the IP Address of a person’s last used IP on Skype. Yes, it just requires a Skype ID:


Once the hacker successfully gets your IP, then he/she can use different IP LOOKUP websites in order to trace you and to get many credential information relating to you. He/she can potentially have your home location address, phone numbers and various other sensitive information relating to you.

A statement from Skype described the privacy leak as “an on-going, industry-wide issue faced by all peer-to-peer software companies.”

Along with, Skype issued a software update for its users where it has offered them an option to hide IP address, if they want to. Not to mention, older versions of Skype are still prone to this bug.

The following screenshot shows that how can you hide your IP address from being public.


Skype won’t reveal your IP address if you select “Allow Direct Connections to Your Contacts Only”. We have tested this feature and it was able to hide our IP address successfully.

It is highly advised to users to enable this option to save your critical information for public viewing.