Ufone 3G Packages Get Announced


Ufone – that had commercially launched its 3G services last night — has now finally announced its 3G Packages for both prepaid and postpaid users.

First impression about Ufone 3G Packages is that there are tons of choices that you can choose from, based on your budget and data needs. The good thing is that Ufone 3G Packages start from as low as Rs. 5 per half day at 256Kbps to the maximum limit of Rs. 1500 for 3Mbps data speeds with monthly data limit of 3 GBs.

These newly announced Ufone 3G Packages are applicable from now for customers that are going to use 3G services in Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Karachi. Customers using 3G services in other cities should check the end of trial period as per their respective cities.

Not to mention, all the 3G handsets on Ufone network have already been provisioned by default on 3G, however, any new 3G handset on network can be provisioned by dialing *7700#.

Make sure that you have activated 3G on your phone and provision of 3G service is enabled for your number before selecting any Ufone 3G Package.

Overall, Ufone 3G Packages are pretty decent. The good thing about Ufone 3G Packages is that there are a lot of choices and options available that will cater variety of customers.

For instance those who want to browse websites only can opt for 512Kbps, while others who want to skype call can select 1Mbps. Video lovers will have to 3Mbps but with an open eye on the data limits.

I will say that there’s something from these Ufone 3G Packages for everyone.

Some users, however, may feel that 3GB monthly limit is somewhat below than what they were expecting — then you must be aware of the fact that you can subscribe to any Ufone 3G package more than one times, but that will of course cost you extra bucks.

We have mentioned this before: Mobile phone companies are going to experiment 3G packages during first few months to evaluate the feedback and demand. It is highly likely that these bundles may get revised with-in next few months.

It will also be interesting to see that how other operators are going to respond to Ufone’s 3G Packages. Given the track record, Zong’s 3G Packages are what we are waiting for in real (ahh but they haven’t even started the trial services yet).

Now let’s go straight to have a look at Ufone 3G Packages:

Ufone 3G Packages (Prepaid)

There are 17 different Ufone 3G Packages available for prepaid customers. Default 3G package on all prepaid customers will be PayG 3G Package. Check details below:

PAYG 3G Package (Default Prepaid 3G Package)

PAYG is Ufone 3G Package for pay as you use plan, which comes without any data bundles. Its base tariff which will be the default Ufone 3G package for all Users. Details of PAYG 3G Package is as following:

  • Rs. 20 for 1st MB
  • Next 20MBs will be free
  • 21st MB will be charged at Rs. 20 per MB
  • 22nd MB till 40th MB will be free of charge again
  • 41st MB will be charged at Rs. 20 per MB
  • This cycle will continue for each multiples of 20MBs till the end of the day

Terms for PAYG Ufone 3G Package:

  • Throughput for the first 20MB will be 1Mbps and then it will be throttled to 512 Kbps for the rest of the day.
  • Volume accumulator will reset at 00:00 hrs every day as it happens in current scenario.

Ufone Basic 3G Package (Up to 256 Kbps)

Basic Ufone 3G Bucket comes with data speed of 256Kbps and there are six different bundles that you can choose from. Starting with Half day, daily, weekly bundles there are monthly 3G Packages that have data limits of 1GB, 1.5GB and 3GB respectively.

Check details in below table:

3G Package

Charges (PKR)
Volume Validity (Days) Subscription Code
Half Day 5 50 MB *20 Hours *810#
Daily 10 40 MB 1 *804#
Weekly 50 250 MB 7 *7811#
Monthly 1 GB 200 1 GB 30 *7807#
Monthly 1.5 GB 250 1.5 GB 30 *5506#
Monthly 3 GB 500 3 GB 30 *803#

*01:00 AM – 09:00 PM

Ufone Super 3G Package (512 Kbps)

Ufone’s Super 3G Package comes with 512Kbps of speed with weekly and monthly bundles. Below are the details:

3G Package

Charges (PKR)
Volume Validity (Days) Subscription Code
Weekly 75 250 MB 7 *7814#
Monthly 1 GB 400 1 GB 30 *7809#
Monthly 1.5 GB 550 1.5 GB 30 *5507#
Monthly 3 GB 800 3 GB 30 *8031#

Ultra Ufone 3G Package (Up to 1 Mbps)

3G Package

Charges (PKR)
Volume Validity (Days) Subscription Code
Weekly 125 250 MB 7 *7815#
Monthly 1 GB 550 1 GB 30 *7810#
Monthly 1.5 GB 675 1.5 GB 30 *5508#
Monthly 3 GB 1250 3 GB 30 *8032#

Super Ultra Ufone 3G Package (Up to 3Mbps)

3G Package

Charges (PKR)
Volume Validity (Days) Subscription Code
Monthly 1 GB 725 1 GB 30 *813#
Monthly 1.5 GB 900 1.5 GB 30 *814#
Monthly 3 GB 1500 3GB 30 *815#

Terms & Conditions (Ufone 3G Packages Prepaid):

  • Dial *706# to check the remaining balance of the buckets.
  • Speeds refer to maximum ceiling of the respective speed tier. Average likely speed will depend on multiple factors such as network load, handset used and website visited.
  • Timings for Half day bucket is from 1:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
  • After the consumption of bucket volume, charging will be done according to base PAYG tariff i.e Rs.20/MB. However, charging will be done only for the first MB and next 19 MB will be free, effectively customer will pay Rs.20 for 20 Mbs.
  • On PAYG tariff, customer will receive speed up to 1Mbps for the first 20 MB and will be throttled to 512 kbps post 20MB for the rest of the day.
  • Customers will be allowed to subscribe different buckets at the same time. Priority will be given to the bucket which has higher throughput and lesser validity, Example: 1Mbps bucket will be given priority over 512 Kbps. Daily bucket will have priority over weekly and monthly buckets.
  • Multiple subscriptions is allowed on daily buckets but customer will have to unsubscribe the bucket first.
  • Daily bucket is on auto-renewal, SMS UNSUB to 8804 to unsubscribe.
  • Half day bucket is on auto-renewal, SMS UNSUB to 7810 to unsubscribe.
  • Multiple subscriptions are allowed on monthly and weekly buckets.
  • 3G provisioned subscriber is the one who has a 3G handset provisioned on Ufone network and is in 3G coverage area
  • Dial *7701# to de activate 3G on your connection.

Ufone 3G Packages (Postpaid)

Ufone 3G Packages for postpaid customers also come in various speeds and configurations. The max speed available with Ufone postpaid 3G Package is at 3Mbps with monthly limit of 3GB and it costs Rs. 1200 per month.

Basic PAYG or default Ufone 3G Package for postpaid customers is same as of prepaid, i.e. Rs. 20 MB for first MB then 19MB would be free of charge.

Check below the details:

PAYG 3G Package (Postpaid)

  • Rate for PAYG will remain same i.e. Rs.20/MB with the FUP of 2OMB i.e. Customer will be charged for the first MB of the day and will get 19 Mbs free, then again charged for 21st Mb and will get 19 Mbs free and so on.
  • Throughput for the first 20MB will be 1Mbps and then it will be throttled to 512 Kbps for the rest of the day.
  • Volume accumulator will reset at 00:00 hrs every day as it happens in current scenario.

Basic 3G Package – Postpaid (Up to 256Kbps)

3G Package

Charges (PKR)
Volume Validity (Days) Subscription Code
Monthly 1 GB 200 1GB 30 *4547#
Monthly 3 GB 500 3GB 30 *805#

Super 3G Package – Postpaid (Up to 512 Kbps)

3G Package

Charges (PKR)
Volume Validity (Days) Subscription Code
Monthly 1 GB 500 1GB 30 *4548#
Monthly 3 GB 800 3GB 30 *806#

Ultra 3G Package – Postpaid (Up to 3 Mbps)

3G Package

Charges (PKR)
Volume Validity (Days) Subscription Code
Monthly 1 GB 800 1GB 30 *4549#
Monthly 3 GB 1200 3GB 30 *807#



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  • This is going to be a problem

    “Priority will be given to the bucket which has higher throughput and lesser validity, Example: 1Mbps bucket will be given priority over 512 Kbps. Daily bucket will have priority over weekly and monthly buckets.”

    For those of us who can’t play with codes on daily basis and who use monthly packages… why not offer a bit premium package that lets you subscribe once and you also get a bit of priority!

    • They’re not talking about priority in this sense. The purpose of this priority is to clarify if you have subscribed two packages concurrently, which one’s data will be used up first.

  • There will be another problem for those who will be using this ufone 3G on USB dongles, ufone is offering maximum of 3GB bandwidth, and USB dongles will be used on computers we know and even surfing on computers consume lot more bandwidth than on mobiles, 3GB will be gone in days and you will be left with no options except PAYG. Pathetic it is, isn’t it?

    • Oh, it’s a pain to use 3G with small data-caps on computers. Even in slightly established markets. 3G is expensive. I paid 6000 PKR to get ~2GB of data in UAE. was barely enough for month of checking emails.. VERY light web browsing.

      Towards the end, viewed one youtube video in HD and used up around 600MB :D

      • people are very rich in UAE but not in Pakistan… and 256Kbps is just like 2G totally rubbish

        • How can an advertised speed be rubbish ? If you don’t like the lower end bundle they have the 3Mb one as well, pucker up and pay for it if 256kb isn’t good enough.

          • 3Mbps… lol. have u seen the limits and pricing… everywhere in the world 3G providers provide 6-7 Mbps and look what they are providing…

            • There are places that have more than 50mbps as well but they pay a hefty price for it. In addition to that this is just the start it will take time for plans to get cheaper.

              • right.. i can remember early days of telecom in Pakistan.. high call rates and charges.. every thing went down when investment was met..

          • u don’t get it buddy. i think what he meant is 3G should offer atleast 1Mb as its required by skype calls. i agree with him on that.

        • then go for nitro cloud, if you need speed and bundle of data with low cost. Mobile 3G can’t suit your requirements. …..

          All of you know, what will be expected packages, if you might guess from GPRS packages; then why so much criticism on this.

    • i have not seen any abusive language against PTCL since the 3g packages are announced. i think; MUSLMAN 3G RATE DEKH KER THENDAY HO GY HAIN. by the way 3Mbps package will deliver you hardly 500 kbps in average

      • brother upto 3Mb likha hay more than 3Mb nahi likha..
        3*1024 = 3072kbps = 384 KB/sec, 500 tu khwab ma he ayy geee

      • Well Said Khan
        Kaleje Ko Thndd Parr Gai BC Rates Daikh karr

        Its Better k PTCL WCDMA Sims Announce Krre ,That Would Be Really Helpfull

        Yar Rate Isnt A Real Big Prob,But Transfer Cap is Really Pathetic,Mean 3GB ,WTF YAAR!!!

  • @AMIR bhai Isn’t it against IM according to which 512Kbps should be the minimum standard and 2ndly where on Earth is speed limits on 3G? ?

    • Where 1GB at 1Mb data costs less than $7. It is good value for you money, they have to look at the demographic that can afford it most in order to break even on their infra and spectrum spending.

  • 3 Gb is too less for 3g, if you wana watch tv or stream videos and downloads ,,, atleast 5 Gb should have been the limit

    • They’re trying to share the pie in a lot of less paying users. If you look at it the other way around .. if you pay the 1200rs monthly (and 400+ rs in taxes) you still get for whole month the full speed (welp 3mbps for whole- considering uFone only bought half the bandwidth, i.e. 5mhz). Bandwidth caps will always be there or people will abuse it and since its limited bandwidth, legitimate users won’t get any usable speeds.

      • Good point, bandwidth usage is never unlimited anywhere. Its either capped by the amount of data or the speed.

    • WiFi…. WiFi….WiFi…. and 3G….
      this should be your usage pattern for all the stuff you need…

      • Since 3G is at the “end” of that list, why not just exclude it totally and be done with it? I mean, who the heck would want to pay the same amount for WiFi (which would be unlimited, sort of) instead of ridiculously low data restrictions of 3G?

        (I am not complaining about 3G Data Restrictions since its the same all around the world)

        • it was needed so i kept it in the list but just to show the priority of usage…
          it is a data plan on the go instead of primary source……….
          people are new to 3G and many of them would be charged high due to unawareness…
          however it can be considerd as first priority for corporate users etc…

  • I have a question: During the trial period if a data session was initiated on a 2G network, even though 3G was free customers were charged for that. Now that 3G bundles are available, if someone subscribed to them, will the customer be charged for using 2G as majority of the areas donot have 3G coverage? As in most of the countries telecom companies just have a data plan which includes all 2G,3G&4G depending on the availably of the area.

      • Yeah .. Two buckets if you want non stop internet without being ripped off .. which is stupid !!

      • This is most idotic thing to do on part of operators, maybe with time they will realize, They must not have any issue if someone uses part of allocated data on lower speeds (2G)

  • Totally scrap… WTH 256Kbps that means Edge like speed… :( maximum 3Mbps lol only 200KBps download woow… what a 3G…

      • PTCL DSL is best with in its limits, like where there is fiber there is “mazay”. and about copper “mm app sab ko pata he hay “

      • How were you able to connect your PTCL RJ11 cable to your phone and drive around ? Compare apples to apples.

              • Just stating the flaw in logic.

                This is just the first step for our country in 3g land, give them some time. We didn’t have unlimited sms packages in the first 3 years of telcos, gprs was still being treated at pay as you go rates without any bundles, calls were the same and see where we are now.

                I’m surprised you didn’t brand me as an Indian agent

        • I have evo 3g with pocket modem and i think evo hi best hy main 500 pay krta hn limit is 10gb pehly speed sahi nahi ati the per ab theak chalta hy net my sara din yayhi use krta hn

          • “evo 3g with pocket modem”
            Can you explain it “pocket modem” I never saw this “pocket modem”?
            I am a user of dsl and evo 3g (3.1mbps)

            • Pocket modm routr ki trah ki device hy but size my mobile say b choti hoti hy and without electricty b chalti hy is my betry hoti hy timing kam say 3 hour bht ala chati hy use my 1000 say 1500 tk mil jati hy

        • I have evo 3g with pocket modem and i think evo hi best hy main 500 pay krta hn limit is 10gb pehly speed sahi nahi ati the per ab theak chalta hy net my sara din yayhi use krta hn

      • coverage is also not great only some cities which is also very poor because if u get speed 256Kbps on the go means u r travelling from one city to other then it could be fine but now its totally scrap because you have to use 3G at home or home town its better to use wifi at ur home instead of 3G…

  • Isnt it farcical that those paying a premium for meagre volumes are treated with “upto x” speeds? It is obvious that during peak hours, they shall fiercely compete with dialup internet :D. Jiss kompany sy voice data handle nahi howa, wo internet handle karny chalay hein. Can someone please mention
    1) Who will provide bandwidth?
    2) What will be the latency?
    3) What will be guaranteed uptime?
    4) Will uploaded data count towards volume usage?

    • I know your 4 question’s answer, absolutely, upload data will be counted as volume usage. Suppose you are going to make a video call, download plus upload both are going on the same time. When you see your partner face on your phone screen it is called as downloading and your face is transferred to your partner mobile phone as uploading.

  • سرکاری نیٹ ورک سے اسی قسم کنفیوز پیکجز کی توقع تھی، 3جی.بی ٹوٹل ڈیٹا کے لیے 256کے.بی سپیڈ ہی ٹھیک رہے گی اس طریقے سے ہی آپ 3جی.بی ڈیٹا کو شاہد 30دن تک جاری رکھ سکیں.

  • There should be a unlimited package. 512 kb to 3 GB is less. Now we have to use it occasionally.

    • yar zaroorat kia hay aisi fazool 3G ko use karnay ki , aik tu speed bhi capped kar de max 3Mb or oper say Package is tarah diay hain , jaisay ajj kal k log khali khabrin parhty hain net pay ,, video calling and songs downloading to 2 din ma chuti kar day gee ,3Mb package is use less, is say behter thay dytay he na.. trail ma speed 6.27Mb tak gayi , and see now

  • There is a confusion, If i subscribe for a 3g package and when i’ll not be in 3G coverage area my edge would still be charged differently or it will charged in same bundle?

    • According to my point of view, they will charge according to your 3G packages plan to make more $$$$ :D

    • differently ufone help line told me that you will have to buy edge and 3g both buckets otherwise if you have a 3g package and move to the area where there is no 3g you will be charged per MB for edge

  • stop complaining about “not Unlimited” and blah blah blah… no operator in the world offers unlimited data bundles on mobile broadband.. So Enjoy the experience (if your pocket allows it) or don’t…

      • You get ALMOST no speed limits if you cough up the 1200-1500rs for the top tier package. Right now their priority is to make it affordable to the masses who won’t pay that much. So they have to share the pizza in smaller chunks to make up for their investments! (Also, ufone only got 5mhz bandwidth, compared to 10 mhz each for Mobilink, zong) .. so they can offer half the total speed at a given time.

        • i agree with you , but there is a problem, about Mobilink + Zong + Warid ,(not much coverage in the bigger cities as well ) i mean not the whole city is in the coverage area. the point is not about speed, the point is about making it count for all users. not the selected ones.

          • Oh, I agree with you about the coverage. My area in pindi is still 3G-less and we have all 4 major towers here. So it is annoying. I believe it will take them a while to blanket cover all areas. Right now they just want to cover a few areas in each city so they can name more cities in Ads :)

                • I’m not on uFone, but I’m not expecting anything more than 3-5GB/month from the other operators eitehr. Will probably go with a monthly 3G package around 1000-1500ish. I’m already paying mobilink around 350rs/month for EDGE (as backup internet on mobile), which is barely used 5,6 times a month when outside of WiFi range.

                  • hmmm..!! We should wait till the release of other cellular operators packages.Then we’ll compare which is the best.

        • so even i am willing to pay 1500 i will not go beyond 3Mbps at best……this is joke for 3G.

  • You cannot play HD videos and speeds are very low… telenor was providing 8-10Mbps in trial lets c what they will provide in packages…

    • telenor also got only half the bandwidth (5mhz, like ufone). If it’s someone who can offer double the speeds [without sacrificing Quality of Service], it’ll be either Mobilink or Zong, who got 10mhz each, and an additionall 10mhz in zong’s case for 4g.

      • but the the problem with Ufone was that they were only providing 2-3Mbps in trial. but telenor have tested their bandwidth lets c…

  • Yar aik chawl mari hai ufone nay… 500+ rs se uper waly packages mai data limit nai honi chahye.. Ye chawl hai 3GB ke limit.. Jahil log packages bananay waly.. BC ye pakistani nation hai.. 30 GB ke limit bhe kam hai in k lye…

    • Tou dobara subscribe karwalena 3GB wala package as soon as bucket finish hojai, masla kia he ? Oh wait I’m assuming you don’t want to cough up for the additional usage.

  • You need a PhD to understand these packages. Who does such a poor pricing job? Customers want simplicity and not need to learn maths. Any operator that comes with a simpler offer will get more customers.

    • They only have Four speed tiers. 256kbps, 512kbps, 1mbps, and 3mbps… baqi you can choose a cap / limit based on how much you need to use. Pick your poison. It’s a good at least they’re offering choice. If they said, 3mbps speeds, with 2-4 GB limit…. one single package for say, 2000rs/month.. how many would buy?

  • I think, It is a disadvantage of 5Mhz..!! I believe Mobilink, Zong and Warid will not give any type of limited speed.

    • Yes exactly, they have such limited bandwidth that they could only deploy HSDPA 3.2, the very basic and first 3G technology that was deployed at least 10 years ago!! However I am getting HSPA+ signals on my Telenor so maybe Telenor can provide speeds greater than this pathetic Ufone!!

  • oh no , ufone you gonna down..i was aspecting you 30 to 50GB monthly packages.. listen PROPK do,t activate this bullshit packages of ufone, cutoff him.

      • ufone ke sath nhi awam ke sath tamam network k similer rates hon ge, 3g is always costly
        go for evo and dsl

        • mmmm , i am using ptcl 4MB , get 450kb to 500kb DL speed, browsing , streaming, etc every thing works perfect with cap of 300GB

        • they spent billions for this and don’t they deserve for earning to meet these expenses…
          i am still on evo at alll. 30 Gb

    • Which provider gives that much monthly cap on a mobile package in the world ? Why are you so naive to expect something like that.

  • Ufone walo aap main bas itni hi taqat thi 3Mbps..!! hahah!! Warid jis ny kye lisenece bhi nhi liya phir bhi 35Mbps…!!!!!!! hahahahahha

  • As a matter of fact, 256 kbps can provide excellent voice quality on Skype (or any other VoIP), and even acceptable mobile video calling, provided the speed is consistent, and latency & jitter are low.

    • i dont agree with that 256kbps is enough for video calls and even for surfing the net. this is so pathetic and lame this is the 2014 not 2009 when 256 kbps net was considered something. ufone should never have opted for less than 1mbps for every package. this is useless man u cant even open google maps with 512kbps in good time. i understand this is the beginning but ufone must atleast end this 256 512kb bs and apply 1mbps for all packages sooner. as for other telcos i hope they come up with better plans than this

    • 0 bhai kithey rehnde o??
      1mb per be skype call achi ho jaye to be kamal hai,
      ye 3g hai koi 7g nhi

  • After going through the packages following are my comments & queries:
    1) Tariffs are too much high & volume is very limited so it is beyond the expectation of public
    2) Since 3g service does not have blanket coverage so in case if customer switch over to edge automatically then what would be the charges either ufone will deduct as per default edge charges (in this case customer have subsribed to edge bundle as well in order to avoid huge charges) or volume would be deducted from subscribed 3g bundle.
    3) 3G service has native video calling fearture but ufone has not mentioned nothing about it so question is whether ufone has enabled native 3g video calling feature?

  • بہت شور سنتے تھے پہلو میں دل کا
    جو چیرا تو ایک قطرہ خون نہ نکلا

  • Packages are good considering i pay 150+tax for 1.5 GB net which runs around 20 kbps. Ufone has to look at the fact that most mobile users dont pay more than Rs 100 per month. 3G is not in whole of Lahore which is a shame so i will have to wait.

  • 3G or 4G is never used for streaming videos even in foreign countries. It’s used for things like emails, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype(voice), facebook and browsing etc. And it’s never cheap anywehre. One has to live with that.

    • yar then why are they using LTE with 20Mbps and above if they dont have to stream …why ppl misguide ppl in Pak…like you ppl dont want to move ahead.

  • Now thats what we call pathetic packages :) Ufone sucks .. :D Lets see other operators packages now :) I think they will be same with the data limit but speed limit will not be there..

  • With a limited 3G coverage in Lahore, what’s the point of all this?. It makes no sense to keep it in limited localities while they are charging for it.

  • This is the app from STC Saudi Arabia, We need this type of app from our network there’s we can see how many sim’s/numbers registered on my name/cnic & my remaining balance my remaining data limit & recharge opttion, This is also free from play store etc.

  • I personally think Cellular companies rather competing with each other on data n Bandwidth must focus on Internet Service Providers to offer reasonable internet rates with reasonable data limit . Packages above under Mbps category are like Jigsaw Puzzle.

  • wait for other cellular operators to launch the 3G/4G packges. the there wil be kinda heaper rates due to competition. wait sepcially for Zong. They r trend changers.

  • Poor 3G coverage of Ufone as compared to other operators in RWP. Furthermore, the speed would and can never be as good as Zong and Mobilink because of dual carrier or 10 MHz spectrum compared to 5 MHz that of Ufone and Telenor

  • let me tell you some thing disgusting if you are in in 3g coverage area and paying for 3g buckets and move to an area where there is no 3g coverage and your phone downgrades to 2g and you also want to use internet there you need two buckets one for edge and one for 3g, i just confrimed from ufone help line … Enjoy

  • Zong 4G Will Rock with Simple n Cheap Packages Soon InshAllah! (Along with 10Mhz) u cant imagine it`s Speed!!!

  • I can’t believe the expectations of Pakistani people. 3g is never meant to be the main internet connection. It is to be used while on the Go to stay connected. 3GB is more than enough for this. These packages are great as anyone can select a package according to their needs and you won’t find packages better than this anywhere in the world.

  • What a waste when you saw 256k with 3g

    Is that 3g?

    Grow up package makers
    BTW you are doing awesome job
    Ufone such stupidity
    More shocking news will come up soon
    4 more wolf’s on line :D

    Pakistan Zindabad

  • Assalamoalikum.
    I have seen people bragging about Ufone Internet packages here. Probably most of them have no actual idea that these are very accurately tailored ones.
    Just as an example I am posting turkcell packages here.
    You can easily see that only 1 GB package costs more than 10$ a month. I paid 20 $ for 4 GB one. That translates to 2000/- rupees. Currently I am paying 200 AED (60$) for 4 GB in UAE. Kindly see the attached screenshot and stop bragging. Pay the company for what they offer you guys. And please be mindful that NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS FREE. So choose your package and enjoy. Or stay stuck to your points, keep bragging. No one is listening.

    • wsalam, there is no screen shot further if you’re living overseas then you are also earning in their respective currency so paying 10$ in turkey for 1gb package is not a big thing so dont compare with PKR,
      similarly, I have been travelled alot there is no country except Pakistan wherein people have to subsribed for two different services in order to avoid extra charges i.e. 3g service and 2 g service

      • Dear Asraf. I agree. You are absolutely correct. And in fact whenever I am here I miss my Telenor and Warid. Believe me the call rates and internet rates in Pakistan ( be it DSL, WiMAX or 3G) are wonderful. We have to agree that on average they might be a little expensive. But they will eventually get cheaper. Wouldn’t they? I can see screenshot brother. Don’t know if there is some problem with web. Cheers !

      • U can enjoy 2mbps gurenteed unlimitted package throug qubee usb at 1500 per month. In case of ufone upto 3 mbps means hardlay u can get a speed of .3mbps

    • mr zahid can you tell me a single country where 256kbps and 512kbps are called 3G ,….where there is speed limit…ok data limit is there around the world but with unlimited voice and sms plans dont make ppl fool by giving them only the info u want them to have.

      • Dear Ahmad. I just informed in one of my posts that t-mobile shifts you to 2G every day after you consume 200 mb only. They still call it 4G and charge 3$ a day. That makes 9000/- rupees a month. Do you get the picture now?
        And people have objections on everything here. If you don’t like 256 Kbps then why not go for higher bandwidth? No one forces anyone to opt for 256 Kbps. Don’t you think so?
        These buisness gimmicks are everywhere my friend. And believe me (if you may) there is nothing wrong with packages overall. Some have objection on speed. Okay, go for higher speed.
        Some have objection on limit. You can have multiple subscriptions!!!!
        Others brag about price. Don’t get it then if you think the offers are over priced.
        Brother, nothing is for free.
        Here everyone want max speed, no data limit, and all for free – I’m afraid they might become cheaper in days to come but will never be free. Although another option might be to switch over to other operators if feasible. And anyway these are just the packages for mobiles. We should wait and see pricing for Dongles and Tablet plans which are yet to surface.

        • Data limit can be there but speed limits even in the highest tier is a joke….

      • No 4G Amir, it’s 3G, but 4GB data limit on “du” network. @200 AED. Multiple subscriptions are allowed. It’s simply about 6000 rupees for 4GB of data. Hope that satisfies the question.

        • I thought etisalat offering this because there package rate is 250 AED.
          Next its not 3G its 3.5G or 3G LTE in uae

          • Amir I would like to correct you here. There is nothing as 3G LTE. LTE is only used for 4G and Etisalat and du, both offer 4G. It’s just that my area has no 4G coverage. So I am using 3 G.
            Next 3G on CDMA is actually 3.1 G, offering min 3.1mbps and on GSM it’s always 3.5G. Offering min 3.5 Mbps speed. But both are generally refrerred to or called as 3G only.
            Hope it clarifies.

            • yeah I know there is no 3G LTE but usually 3.5G HSUPA+ , they called it LTE but technically its not. I think they offer different data plans for 3G and 4G.

      • speedcap na hohny say ap fast internet use krtay ho jo k 3g ka maqsad hai agar 1 gb 1 month mah he download krna hai tou 2g he theek hai.

    • yeS ab ham kia karen ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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