Telenor Announces 3G Packages



Telenor Pakistan, with the commercial launch of 3G services, today announced the 3G Packages for prepaid and postpaid customers.

Prepaid 3G Packages from Telenor come with multiple validity bundles to give freedom and flexibility to customers.

Two variants of daily 3G bundles consists of 50 MBs for Rs. 15 and 100 MBs for Rs. 25. Whereas, 3-days validity bundle would be offered at Rs. 35 for 200 MBs and weekly validity bundle of 500 MBs at Rs. 75.

Monthly 3G Packages from Telenor comprise of 2 plans; 3,000 MBs at Rs. 400 and 8,000 MBs at Rs. 1,000.

Additional usage, after bundle volumes are exhausted, will be charged at 1 paisa per 10 KB which will be valid till the bundle’s end date.


Prepaid customers who do not subscribe to any of the above 3G package would be daily charged 10 paisa per 10 KB for using 3G services, and upon reaching the daily maximum usage of Rs. 50, they will not be charged any further and can browse the internet for free for the rest of the day.

Telenor 3G Packages for Prepaid

Price Volume Expiry Activation String
Daily Rs. 15 50MB 1 Day *345*131#
Daily + Rs. 25 100 MB 1 Day *345*132#
3 Day Rs. 35 200 MB 3 Days *345*133#
Weekly Rs. 75 500 MB 7 Days *345*134#
Monthly Rs. 400 3 GB 30 Days *345*135#
Monthly + Rs. 1000 8 GB 30 Days *345*136#


Above mentioned 3G Packages can be availed by all prepaid customers including DJuice and Talkshawk package holders.

3G packages will work both on 2G and 3G coverage area without separate billing under 2G and 3G, whereas 2G bundles will not work in 3G areas.


Postpaid plans will cater to the needs of the data-savvy smartphone users. Telenor said that it is offering various options catering to the needs of the customers.

10-days validity bundle at Rs. 100 for 150 MBs, whereas in 30-days validity category 4 plans will be offered; 300 MBs at Rs. 200, 600 MBs at Rs. 350, 4,000 MBs at Rs. 600 and 8,000 MBs at Rs. 1,000. Additional usage, after bundle limits are exhausted, will be charged at 5 Paisa per 10 KB which will be valid till the bundle’s end date. Usage without subscribing to 3G bundles will be charged at 10 Paisa per 10 KB. .

Telenor 3G Packages for Postpaid

Price Volume Validity
10 Days Package Rs. 100 150 MB 10 Days
Monthly Package 1 Rs. 200 300 MB 30 Days
Monthly Package 2 Rs. 350 600 MB 30 Days
Monthly Package 3 Rs. 600 4 GB 30 Days
Monthly Package 4 Rs. 1,000 8 GB 30 Days


Above mentioned 3G packages can be be availed by dialling helpline

Telenor has said that special data SIMs for tablets and dongles with affordable and convenient data plans will also be introduced soon.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK


    • I feel it is actually not good. Telenor is simply hiding speed info from Customers. So it means speed can vary.. can be very bad or very good.

      • if they offer 512 kbps then it is also enough. at least much better than edge

          • No I always think even there was sometime very sharamnaak soorat e haal

            • boys does anyone of you know how to make a call from telenor number with hidding your number?

              Basically i received a very suspicious call last night from a friend. and it says NO CALLER ID. she was calling from Islamabad same city i live in.

              in uk i had hide my number feature available in phones but not in pakistan. so how can one make phone calls from telenor or ufon etc by hiding their number?

              • You can search in Google. Before making a call, you should dial specific code.

              • yar ek code mjy mila hy but dnt kw that its working or not but after reading commts its working and its expensive Rs.25per min call charges hoty hain..

    • Bro no crap like ufone. Jinhon nay har package pay Dhakan lagya hoa hay. wait a minute what if telenor has less coverage across the big cities like in rawalpindi we are not getting 3G signals, so technically useless for about 70% of rawalpindi.. i hope other cities may have good cvg.

      • I dont have Ufone coverage in RWP Airport and adjacent areas

    • I don’t understand why u ppl fail to understand wireless networks….No where in the world there is speed limit and specified speed because no where operator can guarantee the specified speed. nevertheless it can be higher than what u expect in good coverage areas and depending upon traffic will vary.

      • Have visited whole world?
        Germany is offering guranteed speed of 8 Mbps similarly Netherlands is offering much higher speed. For Pakistan i am giving u the example of wimax service provider wateen is providing speed upto 2 Mbps how they are able to provide such promised speed? every thing is possible

    • Sorry for commenting off-topic. But I had to.
      I am using PTCL Evo with 30GB package, but today my evo stopped connecting to internet. When I dig a little, I found that PTCL has changed the Download limit from 30GB to 20GB without any notice. And I was like WHY?
      Comments will be appreciated.

  • just opposite to ufone, they are waiting for ufone response i guess.
    but i think they are better than ufone, specially in monthly package.

  • If there is no cap on speed then 8GB data package is excellent as compared to ufone.

  • according to their helpline all the packages being marketed on the net are fake.
    saach kia hai bhai?????

  • Incredible..!!! Telenor, you are better thousand times than UFONE..!! Has anybody experience Telenor speed in the packages? Please share.

  • Nice step Rs. 10/MB for pay as you go users and after using 5 MBs then whole day is free

    • o pai rest ker..aik ufone k he packages aye hen.
      maybe now mobilink offer better and zong i guess they will surely offer some better packages to capture customers

  • Now thats what we call packages…. :) Way better than UFONE *DHUR FITTY MOO* :)

  • actually they’ve vague words about speed on there website, check there FAQ’s page where they’ve put it

    • speed limit nae hai matlab u can get speeds more than 3Mbps …but on ufone u cant get more than 3Mbps

  • packages achay hein ufone se behtar h par speed ka nahe btaya kia speed ho gei

  • I think either ufone will’ve to revise their packages or they will be out of the race soon, compare telenor’s package with 3GB cap (and with optimum 3G speed which should be around 3Mbps) being offered in 400 rupees only and ufone offering the same speed and bandwidth in 1500 rupees. Telenor’s packages also indicate that there is gonna be a tough competition as far as 3G tarrif is concerened. Previously when there was no 3G here in Pakistan, companies were even offering 1GB in 400 rupees with crap speed, now you will get way better speed in same amount of money, I am sure, competition among the telcos is gonna be very tough, zong yet has to join the party and they are expected to rock it, stay tuned!

    • Agree! with the passage of time, the packages’ price will gradually go down. Similarly, if 4G LTE packages come then Zong’s packages will be the expensive one if Warid unable to launch 4G LTE at that time. If both release 4G LTE packages together, then competition between Warid and Zong will be tough and price will go down again.

      • warid launch 4G LTE and zong 4G, alot difference in both, in terms of speed, if they both offer the optimum level.
        pricing will be different, no comparison between these two

        • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain, Due to respect, go to Zong’s website, then you will realize the fact. Zong is going to launch 4G LTE up to speed of 150Mbps theoretically.

          • thats what they are claiming, LTE can give upto 300Mbps theoretically.

            • There is no country in the world that is offering 300Mbps practically :).It means 300Mbps equal to 30MB/s which is unable to write speed of my hard disk :D

              • well its the maximum tested speed on LTE, theoretically and practically.In most European countries, usa and some asian giving LTE at 200 to 250 Mbps.
                Etisalat has the record testing of 300Mbps speed in UAE. Recently Telstra of Australia also tested record 300Mbps with 14Mbps uploading.and many other companies claiming without proof that they reach the speed of more than 300Mbps

                • Simply Yar, look at Ufone and Telenor both have 5Mhz but Ufone is offering speed up to 3Mbps. It is a game of standard. How much cellular operators are spending money on a single cell site, and how much they want to give speed to his dear customer :)

    • wah g 10 saal edge use ker k aaj crap ho gae 3G k atay he jo abi limited ha :P
      as far as your concerned about ufone, yes i think they have to review their packages.still moblink and zong have to launch their services also

        • i think in 90 % of pakistan we still have edge and gprs service.
          3G will take over in minimum 1.5 years.

          • It is your guess..!! We can say 3G spreading speed will be more than EVO fever, which is available only in 128 cities :D

            • you know the number of cities in Pakistan, I guess nearly 1500.It includes districts and telecom count as cities.
              3G will depend on number of users, demand, usage and investment required.
              for me, EVO should be available throughout pakistan but it’s not and 3G will take more time.

              • I live in Nowshera Cantt, it is a city, EVO signal is not available throughout the city. That’s why, 3G is the only hope for me.

                • ask someone else then, for me i am sure, 3G will not take less than 1.5 years to be available throughout pakistan.
                  just look, currently, not more than 4 to 8 cities and didn’t cover the whole area and that has to grow to 1500 can easily think by his own

  • How do I know if I am Prepaid or Postpaid on telenor? Please tell me about Telenor, I only know about Warid.

  • دیکھیں جب تک باقی تین کمپنیز کے پیکجز نہیں آ جاتے… میں اس کو نہیں مانتا.. طالبان ہمارے بھائی ہیں. .. یہ یوفون کے ساتھ دھاندلی ہے… ہم احتجاج کریں گے .

  • Nice packages as previous one. But still waiting for Mobilink Tariff. Question regarding speed is still pending from Telenor side.

  • Even if they limit the speed to 256kbps ufone is charging Rs. 100 more for the same package(3gb).

  • One more good thing, 3g data bundle can work on 3g and as well as on 2g unlike ufone wherein users have to subscribe for 2g and 3g bundle separately

    • but this is not good, you pay for 3G and get 2G, still they have to give option whether to retain on package or not, then you say its better than ufone

            • capital nhi ha paas na he investment, kyun na sath main mil k kholen :D
              @disqus_ho5Sa2OsOt:disqus, ap bhi ajao,service apki city sy start kerty hen :P..wo b direct LTE

            • capital nhi ha paas na he investment, kyun na sath main mil k kholen :D
              @disqus_ho5Sa2OsOt:disqus, ap bhi ajao,service apki city sy start kerty hen :P..wo b direct LTE

      • o bhai 3g area mah na ho tab 2g use ho g na tab paisy nae lagain gay unlike ufone.

        • there are many other services like skype, I know you dont like them either.
          good use video calls, sorry to mess with you :D

  • Native video call charges are Rs. 2 per 5 minutes, confirmed by telenor whereas ufone has Rs 2/00 per minute

  • 8 gb is super package i have no 3G coverage but its 3G blessing that i Got 8gb in 1000 rupees Wow one year ago i was using evo 5gb package per month and it was enough for me
    GoOD (Y)

  • I just love it v nice packages Telenor u rock

    Ufone lanat teray caps walay packages pay huh 3gb for 1500 fitay mu

    • Yar Pls sub log aik bat jan Len k Ufone QuranPak ka lafz ha , ap log search kr k check kr sakty hen , Hafiz log b uy bat janty hon gy , agr kisi ko pata na chaly to btana me bta doon ga , or Pls is bat pay behs na kren , agr kisi ny galti say ya na pata hony ke wajjha say kuch galt kaha ha to toba kr ly ,,,

      • Baht acha hai but meray liya ya package best hai btw i was trying to uplode pic but howie nahi i am getting 7mbps on telenor

    • this will create comptetion there are 3 other operatores remaining
      expecting GoOD battle

      • I think that these are already pretty good and yes with competition more benefits will come…just hoping telenor expands its coverage soon to more areas.

  • another importatn point here is dat 3g bundles will not work in 2g coverage area..while ufone 2g bundles work in 3g area too.and alos 3g budles work in 2g area with edge speed…so with telenor u wud have to activate 2g and 3g bundles both coz 3g the coverage is limited and if u move from 3g coverage to 2g coverage to THOOKAY GE BHAI… keeping 3g usage Only in mind the tariff is gr8….

  • Telenor is giving 10Mbps on trial right now and they will offer same speeds on these packages with no speed limit. Thats great and also very affordable packages… Very good Telenor…

    • im Receiving Max 3 Mb Speed on telenor, so its no 10 MB in All Areas.

  • ufone packages are zindabad…others networks are poorly flopped

  • Its very nice & affordable than Ufone 3g packages , I hope zong give us more reliable packages,, welcome Paki Nation this is gift for ;-)

  • Mr. Aamir just for your information 3GB=3072MB while on offical website it says it will be 3000MBs only , same goes for 1000rs package which is actually 8000MBs but you’re saying 8GB=8192MBs

    CORRECT YOUR WEBSITE or shut it if you cannot know this level of BASICS

    • hey why dont you stop visiting the blog? You cant write a single coherent sentence in English. STOP using this language if you do not know the basics.

    • That is the new standard of conversion and is been accepted by International system of quantities. You need to keep up with stuff rather than living under a rock.

        • Go to the the wikipedia page for Megabyte and read the first two paragraphs. It explains why MegaByte is considered 1000000 bytes not 1048576 in some situations.

          It’s very strange that you do not know this. Any time you buy a hard drive, what it says as capacity (500GB or whatever) is NOT the same as 500 * 1024 * 1024 * 1024 bytes. You always get less.

          If you truly want to represent 8GB as 8 * 1024 * 1024 * 1024, just say 8 GiB.

          • well thankz for the correction , i appreciate it also you don’t have to be as asshole just because you’re right !!

  • for all those trolling or spreading misinformation Telenor confirmed me it will be maximum speed without any caps !!

  • Dakhan Ge mara Kaam tha 3G 4G ki Auction karwana Ab Packages Ka lia ap sab Hayh mila lan Shukria.
    Regards Ishaq Dollar.

  • 1000 sa 8gb kuo lye wo b speed ka pta he nhi, evo zindabad 1250 mein 75gb with 9.3mb speed

  • TELENOR Introduced Very Nice packages. The people like me who have low income can easily use skype call on Daily + package.Amir Liaqat bhai Scene on ha.

  • its good package at all more better then ukutta and i wish mobilink will go more better even mobilink 2g package are better

  • Rs 75 per week, best package (y). By the way are these charges inclusive or exclusive of taxes?

  • wow really nice packages. Much better than Ufone. Can anybody give me link of coverage map of Telenor 3G?

  • Ufone hamesha se ghatiya ha … Bus logo ko ziada saare packages BTa kr confuse krte hein or phir tamam cellular companies se ziada charge bhi krte hein … People are very slowly leaving ufone to join Either zong or telenor…

  • Better packages than ufone without any speed cap it’s a international standard ufone ‘s packages are more likely DSL than cellular but it is always breave step to announce ahead than others in a competition hopefully ufone will introduce some attractive packages for prepaid customers

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