PTCL Launches 8Mbps DSL Package for Rs. 2,999 Per Month

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PTCL today announced the availability of its new high-speed DSL broadband package for its customers.

According to PTCL website, company is offering its customers to avail 8Mbps DSL package against Rs. 2,999 monthly rental with unlimited download, i.e. virtually no caps at all.

PTCL said that this offer can be availed by any new or existing PTCL customers.

It maybe recalled that usual tariff for 8Mbps DSL package is Rs. 7,000 with unlimited downloads.

PTCL said that a data limit of 100 GBs per month will be applied from January 1st, 2015, till then customers can enjoy unlimited downloads/uploads with this 8Mbps DSL plan.

From January 1st, 2015 – after consuming the data limit of 100 GBs – customers will be charged Rs. 100 for each GB. However, there would be a billing cap of Rs. 7,000 per month for 8Mbps package after which there will be no limit on downloads.

It merits mentioning here that 8Mbps DSL package is recommended for locations where PTCL’s Fibre is running till the end-home, just because copper media may not support such high-speed internet.

Here are the Terms again:

  • 8Mbps Capped package @ Rs. 2,999 per month.
  • Unlimited downloads as a special promotion till 31st Dec 2014.
  • 100-GB download limit effective from 1st Jan 2015
  • Additional GBs at Rs. 100 per GB.
  • Billing Cap at Rs. 7,000 per month for 8Mbps Capped Package.
  • Installation Charges Rs. 1,500
  • Smart Spot (PTCL Wi-Fi)

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      • You guys must have terrible phone lines. i’m getting 450 KB/s average on a 4Mb connection.

        • i am also getting 450 to 500 on my 4Mb connection and 100 to 115 upload.but this all done by PTA after i logged complains about my line on PTA website and they fix everything for me

          • Jo bhi hai yaar, moqay par yeh offer ayi hai, kal raat or aaj subha isi par baat karahay thay, now I wish A user Mohammed Aamir will subscribe to this package and see the download speeds, which will be 1 MB/s :D

          • Yes I done this too and now if I have a minimal problem they call me theirself. :D

        • You should get 500 KB/s Transfer rates in 4 Mbps bandwith, this is what we’re missing, we pay full for 4 Mbps, so why speeds are lower? you can also pay them 10% less because you’re getting 10% lesser speeds :p lol

          • Or you can be reasonable and accept the industry accepted “real world” speeds with line degradation.

          • I think you should read about packet overhead. In any transmission medium (even fixed line ethernet) you have to deal with packet overhead, and you will never get full speed.

            In DSL’s case you use PPP over Ethernet protocol, which means you lose some bandwidth to PPP packet format (headers, checksum, etc). And then there is framing overhead.

    • I am using 4MB connection on which I get 500Kb/s download speed with 90-100Kb/s upload speed ..

    • PeeTcl will never transfer my number to Fiber as they says you have to apply for a new number in order to get a fiber line

    • Then get your line checked. I am getting 2 MBytes/s with PTCL 16 Mbps on copper.

    • Get your line Condition Checked. I have 4 Mbps and I can attain upto 495 KB/S in G-11 Islamabad on Torrents.

      and my connection is on copper, thought these days they are shifting to fibre so mostly it keeps on disconnecting due to high attenuation :(

  • I just spoke to my exchange DE he is saying besides fiber optic in my exchange or onio ill not get more than 4.5mbps, its a haramipan of PTCL.

    • main bhi exchange se same baat sun k aya hoon k 4mb bhi bari mushkil se chalta h , 8mb to kabhi nhn chalega

    • main bhi exchange se same baat sun k aya hoon k 4mb bhi bari mushkil se chalta h , 8mb to kabhi nhn chalega

  • I live in a good area or you can say a posh area near Islamabad. I have once 4mb connection and sometime the noise margin decrease to 5,6 and attenuation to nearly 30. My line cannot hold 4mb and they offer 8mb…lol

      • yeah i know and further they offer 100mb @ Blue area maybe next year because they tested 100 mb in that area near Centaurus mall

        • The fiber, which is using PTCL for this purpose, is that type where total internet reflection occur?

          • they are using cable network i guess for 100mb only in this small area. I dont think they can give 100mb min with optical fibre

            • Btw @ImranKhanITP:disqus according to your profile it shows chairman at ITP, what was that? Islamabad Traffic Police?
              because its PTI as far as I know about your party, ya phir koi U turen liya hai aap ne

        • Allah ka keram hy
          App Jew TV chorh kio nhi deta

          Propakistani mn jagah khali hy
          new bogs likhna walo ke

          • wo asal main @aamir7:disqus agar chahen to hum hazir hain

          • wo asal main @aamir7:disqus agar chahen to hum hazir hain

              • Ap irrelevent baat kro gy to wo comment dlete hoga he.mere bhi ho jatay.
                relevent baat main shugal laga lo, comment delete nhi hoga

  • I’ve PTCL’s MSAG in my area and currently availing 4Mbps from them and no issues, from MSAG to my home there is copper cable, would it work for 8Mbps connection, since @aamir7:disqus said you need to have optical fiber till end-home?

    • I think copper cable support 8mb.. coz i have used 4mb net and smart tv on same copper cable..

  • I am more happy with my WIngle 9.3mbps :D
    Getting 6-7mbps at Peak times & 8.5-8.8mbps at Night for just Rs 1250/month :)

          • Oh nhe bhai.
            Check at the bottom of this page

            WINGLE UNLIMITED = Rs 2500 = 75GB FUP

            I have lifetime 50% off on this package, So my bill is Rs 1250/month

            This package came on 14th August 2013 for 1 week with name “Happy Week Offer” 50% off lifetime.

            Google it

          • Oh nhe bhai.
            Check at the bottom of this page

            WINGLE UNLIMITED = Rs 2500 = 75GB FUP

            I have lifetime 50% off on this package, So my bill is Rs 1250/month

            This package came on 14th August 2013 for 1 week with name “Happy Week Offer” 50% off lifetime.

            Google it

            • have you saw this page? everyone knows azadai package. All package FUP has been changed to 30. enjoy while it last now lol

              • Oh Damn :( I will confirm it from PEETCL in morning :(
                I just used 72GB in May :(

            • I was waiting for propakistani’s post concerning PTCL’s FUP. Good Job Aamir bhai!

              Anyways, I also have azadi package. I use 85+ GB always, as I finish my 75 GB downloads in less than 20 days, and as I have postpaid connection, I am never charged more but speed is downgraded to 256kbps, still am able to D/L as much as I want.. but after this shit of 30GB, i’m throwing this device in the trash can and moving on to Qubee (2mbps 70GB FUP Rs.1.500/m) or Wateen (2mbps TRULY UNLIMITED FUP Rs. 2,999/m) … PTCL SUCKS BIG TIME!! i’m tired of evo disconnections and purchasing new antenna cables every few weeks (as I have to keep moving evo from work place to home and vice versa hence the CRC9 cable gets loose and eventually is destroyed) now I can hopefully enjoy with Qubee or Wateen and Telenor 3G on my mobile.. RIP PTCL. Excellent move to reduce FUP after the launch of 3G, so everyone gets rid of you and moves on to another connection.. I heard Qubee reduced their prices after 3G was launched, and retarded PTCL reduced the FUP. and these mentally unstable people also have introduced a policy of charging Rs. 150/GB on ALL CONNECTIONS (prepaid/postpaid) and no more speed reductions.. Retards.. Wish we had another operator for providing landline/broadband and wireless dongles..

  • Copper cable also supports 8Mbps. If your SNR is greater than 30dB (ideal) for 4Mbps connection, you can easily switch to 8Mbps without any worries. I am saying this because I have used SCO (AJK) 8Mbps on my copper line and it worked flawlessly…

    • My SNR Margin is 27.6 and receiving 510KBps on my 4Mb Connection. Can i get this offer.

    • It’s their attempt to prevent piracy, because most people use higher-speed connection to download unauthorized stuff from the internet and sell it, and downloading also slows down their connection, there is also the reason why Ufone’s 3G network is speed capped, unlike other carriers.

      100 GB is too less anyway.

  • !~~~~~~!!! Attention Please !!!~~~~~!

    For those who dont know, by fiber they didnt meant fiber to the home (GPON / FTTH). They mean ONU that is copper wire which is backed by fiber connection.

    BTW lahore is under going full upgradation so that everyone will get better speed and stability

    • As long as my copper line number doesn’t change, i’ll be happy with the upgrade.

  • My SNR Margin is 27.6 and receiving 510KBps on my 4Mb Connection. Can i get this offer. I don’t know if my exchange has optic fiber.

  • My SNR Margin is 27.6 and receiving 510KBps on my 4Mb Connection. Can i get this offer. I don’t know if my ptcl exchange has optic fiber?

  • My SNR is 27.8 and i recieve 500KBps on 4Mb connection. Can i avail this offer.

    • looks like it. like they did on all evo services to 30 GB, its so sad really.

  • What abt after 31st dec 2014.
    Will the user be able to revert back to a lower bandwidth package like 4mb or stuck with this 8mb package.

  • “Installation Charges Rs. 1,500”

    do this also applies on people who already have Internet connection and want to upgrade to this 8 Mbps package?

    • yes
      we have to pay it. And if we dont like the speed (which is pathetic currently), ptcl would have earned 1500 when we downgrade.

  • PTCL ki batein aur ghdaye ki latein

    Line quality hai nhe aur daine chalye 8MB yahan 2MB tu sahi chalta nahi hai

  • PTCL ki batein aur ghdaye ki latein

    Line quality hai nhe aur daine chalye 8MB yahan 2MB tu sahi chalta nahi hai

  • Looks like the next evolution of internet in Pakistan is here has PTCL has reduced
    the price of their 8 Mbps packages to Rs. 2,999/month. This, without a doubt,
    shows how PTCL understands the need to high speed internet in our country and
    wants us to be on a level field with the rest of the world. I expect them to
    get an overwhelming positive response from all their customers.

    • u are absolutely spot on mate this is really a nice offer from ptcl there are thousands if not millions of ptcl users who are fed up with 4MB and want to download at higher speed but 7000 was too much for that. now they have lowered the price i believe a lot of customers will upgrade their 4MB package after all its 800 more than what we are paying now good effort ptcl
      and as for all the whiners out there with their shitty msgs above learn to appreciate something if u have a problem that doesnt mean the whole country is suffering from it ptcl has the control over broadband and it will have it after 10 years no matter how many companies come and go its only ggod for us the consumers. i mean nayatel burq with their wifi net recent 3g launch and ptcl coming with their own chaarji service and now this offer its all for us . just understand it first then talk about it. i only see progress in this offer nothing more nothing less and its unlimited for 31st decmbr what else one needs man just enjoy it and after 1st jan be a little conservative on your porn collection!!

  • 4Mb was perfect – but ever since i upgraded, too many disconnections. Rarely goes above 4Mb and when it does, it resets itself and comes down to less than 4Mb.

  • As soon as I saw this offer i called PTCL help line at 10pm. checked my DSL at morning 10am, it was upgraded to 8Mb from 4Mb :D. I have two dsl now. 4Mb and 8Mb. Combined them both using Dispatch Pro and got this Download Speed ;)

  • I applied for this package on June 3, but PTCL has processed by order yet. T

  • TW1 launches their first consumer package…20 Mbps ..No bandwith cap ….over GPON….. 4000 PKR….unfortunately …currently only in DHA phase 6 KHI… expectd to be launched in many other cities very soon …

  • em getting 1MB transfer rate on 8Mb conection but on ps3 it sucks but today i check my speed and i was like wtf 49 MB OmG i was jumping and 2nd time 12MB and 3rd time again 8MB damn you ptcl

  • 90 percent of PTCL infrastructure hardly supports speeds upto 2mpbs with only 25 percent being able to handle 4mbps. PTCL has failed to acquire what it wanted to when it jumped into consumer internet service. Only a few handful of fiber areas support this 8mbps and even those areas have a lot of complaints.

  • anyone using 8mb connection here? what is the status of online streaming? with multiple devices attached ? What the max download speed? is it really worth an upgrade over 4mbps?

  • My 4MB connection been automatically upgraded to 8MB and PTCL representative told me its a promo till 31 Dec 2014, till then same 4MB rates will be applied and after 31 Dec if you continue with 8MB connection, we will charge 2500 Rs a month.

  • My 4Mb was giving an avg of 450 KB/s and currently 8Mb giving an awesome speed of avg 950KB to 1MB/s

  • Help Anyone?
    What are the Downstream and Upstream of 2mb,4mb,8mb and 12mb??
    I am usually concerned with Pings thats because i do online gaming and now i have an 8mb internet connection but my Pings or let say Latency is very high :( and i get a lot of lagg

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