Pakistan to Get Largest Solar Energy Plant in the World

Pakistan saw the inauguration of its first large-scale Solar Power Park in Bahawalpur around a month ago.

As per news, this solar power park will start generating 100 Megawatts of electricity in December this year while the output of the solar power plant would reach 1,000 megawatts by 2016.

Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park project is a joint venture of the government of Punjab, Bank of Punjab and TBEA Ltd. of China.

It is Pakistan’s first large scale solar power project and one of the largest in the world.

During the first phase — that is destined to complete in December this year — the plant will have 400,000 solar panels and will be built for an estimated cost of 131 Million Dollars with a power generation ability of 100 MW electricity.

Once completed, the project will generate around 2.5 times the power that the massive 392 MW Ivanpah solar-thermal plant in California does.

Work on the provision of infrastructure for Qaid-e-Azam Solar Park has been carried out speedily.

Here are some key highlights of Qaid-e-Azam Solar Park:

  • Overall capacity: 1,000 Mega Watts
  • Phase 1 Capacity: 100 MW
  • Completion of Phase 1: December 2014
  • Phase II Capacity: 300 MW
  • Phase III Capacity: 600 MW
  • Final Capacity: 1,000 MW
  • Completion of final phase: Dec 2016
  • Dedicated Area: 6500 Acres (Phase 1 Area: 500 Acres)
  • Boundary Wall: 9 KM
  • Annual solar Energy after final phase: 2,000 kWh/m2

Entire solar park, with 1000 MW production ability is estimated to cost around US 1.5 billion dollars.

Expected life of plant would be 25 years.

It won’t be out of place to mention here that entire power production of Pakistan is around 23,000 MW, while we need double the energy of what we are currently producing.

It merits mentioning here that 10 power projects are also being set up in Thar to capitalize the solar heat for power generation.

Once completed, Pakistan will stand in the list of top 10 countries to produce more than 1,000 MW of solar energy.

  • Abdul Haseeb

    Good work by government……at least they are spending something…!

    • Vicky

      But by 2016, the population would have increased too. Which means more energy will be required to sustain more people.
      Population control is the bigger issue here and is also a root cause of most problems in Pakistan.

  • 2016 main chahay consumption 5,000 megawatts increase ho jaiy. ya 100 ya 1,000 mw se kuch nahi banana koi 20,000 megawatts k project lagaain furture k liya.

    • Guest

      Kye Nhi Lagye Ga…!!! Humain Hi Kuch Karna Hoga…!!!!

    • Bulbula

      Instead of dreaming of such politicized big projects, We should start with smaller projects, PML-N doing good. Each provincial Govt. should forced to create such parks in their provinces.

      • Sheikh Rashid Ahmed

        O khaak good kar rahi hai, Power Plan k liye 2 Arab rupay aur metro k liye 40 Arab. Abb bhi aankhen nhi khulti tum logo ki?

        • Amjad Shaick

          Correct yourself, total project cost is 1.5 Billion Dollars.. Pata bhi hai is mai kitney arab rupay hotay hainn ?

          • Shahid Saleem

            $1.5 billion makes sense. I read about the Indian project to cover their irrigation canals with solar panels, and their estimated cost was $1 million per megawatt. So $1.5 billion for 1 gigawatt makes sense.

          • Sheikh Rashid Ahmed

            Pta hai, Aur tumhain kya hakoomat sahi figures btaye gi? Kabhi nhi

            • Raheem

              oay sheedey tali k putar or pando. Why you potians always so pessimistic go to KPK and enjoy the ride on 63Billion metro. Saloon ne karna karana ha kuch ne dimag ki dahi banai hoi ha pori nation ki

            • hammad

              can u tell me the right figure if govt. not

          • hammad raza

            g bhai 150 arab pkr

        • Videovertex

          KPK mein jao yaar.Wahan 2 lakh rupay ki laagat se Bullet train chalayi hai wo bhi powered by tsunami…hahaha.

          • Sheikh Rashid Ahmed

            10 Biilion Rupay se 27 KM Mass transit system bnay ga. Ganjon ki trah nhi, 27 KM pe 64 Biillion laga diye

        • hammad raza

          o Allah k banday power park k liay 2 arab nhi 1.5 billion dollars matlab 150 arab rupay ,,,,samaj ai k nai

          • Sheikh Rashid Ahmed

            1.5 Billion Dollars???? Pehle confirm karo beta, yehi to tum logo ki bewakoofi hai, 150 Arab rupay bantay hain ye. aankhen khol. 2 billion Rupees hai.

        • kamran khan Afridi

          you r rit

        • Engineer Nazir Malik

          Sheikh Sahib
          Stated funds are being spent within the country and Nation is enjoying the benefits of this development, so we belief that slowly slowly the effects of the progress will reach to common man. It worth to mention that, what previous governments were doing, either they were sleeping?
          If they participated in the similar way on yearly basis then possibilities were there that country condition may be much more better than the present.
          We do appreciate every one whomever put his share in the development of the country.

          Hope that instead of criticizing every action of the government, we must have the courage to appreciate good works from the core of the heart.
          Dear, be positive being a active politician.

    • Amjad Shaick

      FYI, Govt of Pakistan has launched around 10,000+ of MW projects in last 1 year which are to completed by 2016-2017, inshaAllah !! In these, 7000+ of MW are to be produced through coal power.

      • Ahmed

        Dear Amjad, Can you please name those 7000+ MW projects which are coal based ? As far as I know, most of the projects are furnace oil based and

        they are supposedly very costly. !

      • Sheikh Rashid Ahmed

        Beta Khawab dekh, WAPDA k highly grade officers keh rahay hain k bijli ki loadshedding 2018 se pehle khatam nhi ho skti. Aur dhaandli se aai hakoomat 2018 tak reh nhi skti.

        Baki 10000+ k projects dream hain wo tumhain dekhne pe koi pabandi nhi.

        yeh 1000 k mukamal kar lain barri baat hai.

        • Zubair Anwar Minhas

          salam sir g , app ki hakumat nay to khawaab bhi nai dekhaey na .

        • Muzamil Ismail

          oye sheeday talli main bhe pti ka supporter tha par imran khan aur teri harkton ki waja se pmln meri fav ban gaye ha woh islye ke to ne to musharraf ke talway chatay hain aur imran khan har waqt govt girranay ki bat karta ha agr govt khtm hue to teri ma army overtake kar le ge development boht hoge lekin koi bahar ka banda yaha invest ni karay ga jo khazanay ma para hoga woh tm log army se loot k kha jao gy to banday ke putar bno agr vote bachana ha to is govt ko 5 saal do warna rehny tmhari hakumat bhe ni deni q k tm in se bhe gaye guzray ho

          • Sheikh Rashid Ahmed

            Aur ganja bahar Q gya tha 12 october 1999 ko? btao, karo hum pe koi corruption ka ilzaam sabat? jin ki tum hamayat kartay ho un ki fatories aur saray paisay bahar hain, peechay khaali haath tum logo ne reh jana hai

            • Muzamil Ismail

              oye ham to halaal ki jo hoge kamaa k kha lain gy hamain konsa mehel ki khuahish ha bhai sahb … aur ganjay ki khandani doulat ha wo jaha bhe le jaye aub pervaiz musharraf aur uski to to ma ma hogaye to bechara ganja kia karta bandooq k dar se to jana parta ha na aub shaheed to na ho jata kharay kharay

    • Saleem

      Be positive. Little little will become more. Don’t be biased about any political party or person… appreciate what is done good by any of them. It is not easy to launch 20,000 MW by one project… It needs time, energy, and resources. Pakistan must focus on reducing demand of energy, in addition to meeting the demand. Demand can never be meet if every 5 years, Pakistan is adding one Australia population in it. Must think on that side too.

    • Ali Usman

      20,000 MW projects k liyay paisa kahan say ayay ga?? Khazana khala para hai aur jub development k liyay loan layti hai tu Govt ko gaaliyan parti hain. Jitna loan lay saktay thay utnay k projects laga rahay hain. Baqi koi jado ki charri nahin hai jo 1 din may project complete ho jayay. It takes time. What we should appreciate is that they have started development

  • Memon

    PPP ki government nay pakistan mein tu kya, sindh mein bhee kuch nahi kiya.

  • Stoned

    Which solar panel is being shiwn in the picture ??

  • Dips

    hmmm 1000 MW does not sound that good but i am unaware of other options that government has…. btw why doesnt anyone focus on coal projects…seems to be least costly

    • Guest

      Yeah! you are right,,,!! Pakistan has 184 billion tonnes of coal. Just imagine, how we can generate electricity…!!!! about 50,000MW or more…..

      Chemistry 12 PTB Page No. 121

      • Ammar

        184 billion tons of ‘very low quality’ coal that itself in its current state isn’t fit for power generation.

        • Guest

          What do you think, it does not have a power to generate even 10.000MW? We can! We can! But! the government does not want…!!! If they don’t want to establish KalaBag Dam then why they will do it. They only plant such a small energy project but don’t want to set up a large plant. I think they just spreading misconception.

          • Ammar

            I don’t know how much it can generate but my point was that it’s not as simple as you may think. People think all we need to do is just light that coal on fire and it’ll produce electricity.

            • Shahid Saleem

              we should harness the hot air coming out of national assembly… should be good for 1-2 gigawatts.

    • Ryzvonusef

      I heard NS starte a soal project in Sahiwal, 1320 Mw, iirc.

  • Muhammad Aamir

    Look at China, they increase their energy production 20,000MW per year and the total requirement of Pakistan is about 20,000MW. If the government gives money to China and orders them that set up such a project for Pakistan then they will do it. But the government does not want to solve the problem. They want to distribute laptop, Metrobus, Metrotrain etc.

    • Inam

      and now they want to distribute EVOs too! :P
      So f**ing convenience for people. :D

      • dips

        True I just simply do not understand why cant they just establish free digital libraries where poor students have access to online books n journal would cost much lower n last longer

        • dips

          My cousin got laptop from earlier scheme n she has already 1 laptop n 2 desktops at home…wat a waste

          • Ali Asghar

            Tell him/her to give one Desktop PC to me, and stop wasting Pakistan’s resources ;)

          • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

            to bhai nhi lena tha,wo konsa ghar k gate py rakh ker chalay gaye.agar lay lia ha to dy do ksi gareeb student ko.ab tumhe gareeb ki madad kerne sy mana kiya ha ksi ne ya ye kaam gov ka he ha bs

            • Videovertex

              kia baat hai Doctor sahb aap ki…Agar Ameer log is mulk mein ghareebo ki madad kr dete to mulk ka ye haal hota?

          • Ali Usman

            What a shame. Qasoor tu phir aap ki cousin ka howa jiss nay kisi ghareeb ka huq mara hai. Govt nay tu achi intention say he diyay thay (based on transparent criteria of merit). Yeh tu aisa he hai k pait bhara howa hai par bheek mangna fitrat may hai

        • Shahid Saleem

          free digital library? sounds like youtube.

    • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

      ahaan, so metro bus and metro train distribute hoge logon main :D
      aik train to muj bhi milni chahye :P
      dusri baat, mere pyaray kpk walay bhai, ye china he bana raha ha or paesa pak day rha hai.

      • Muhammad Aamir

        Samjha karo na baat yar..!!! main ny yahan mahary ki tarha istimal kiya hai…!! distribute karo…distribute karo…
        Aur..choty choty project ka hum achar banye gy kya..!! ek 20,000MW ka dam lga do, jesy China main lga hai.. problem solved ho jye gi na…!!! Zara Sochye..!!

        • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

          Dam lga lo, dam hai kay plant ha jo lga lo.20,000 MW ka pani kahan sy lao gay beta.

          • Muhammad Aamir

            Aap bhi na kamal karty ho Doctor Sahb! Pta nhi kis zamany ki baat karty ho! Pakistan main taqriban 146 Dam han.. in ka panni kahan sy aa raha hai janab…!! aur phir Allah ka shukr hai Pakistan main darya han…nahrain han…!! agr banana chaain to 20,000MW ka Dam kuch bhi nhi hai bas humeri chvl hukumat chahy to tab hi ho sakta hai na…!!!

            Proof: en wikipedia org/wiki/List_of_dams_and_reservoirs_in_Pakistan

            • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

              beta ye muj bhi pta hai kitne dams hein or ye bhi bta dun k pak main already 60 baray dams hen jo international standard k according large dams main atay hein.
              second kala bagh dam hai jo almost 25 years say ziada time ho gaya pending hai.
              wo apka kp doob jae ga isliye or dusra sindh main aik fish ki type hai indus main jo mar jae ge agar pani roka to or balochistan ainwen dam k against hai.
              in short pak main koi bara dam nhi bun sakta.
              btw hamara tarbela dam is waqt bhi world 2nd largest dam main ata hai but uski capacity less than 4000 MW hai.
              jis waqt tarbela bana tha wo world largest dam tha.
              ye lo tmhra wiki ka link meri taraf sy bhi :P

          • Muhammad Aamir

            Aap thek keh rhy han…yehi to masla hai na ky agr sindh main dam banye to punjab waly kehty han panni nhi aye ga…balochistan main lga dain to dusray subhay kehty han…par agr dam expert ek jaga beth kar is ka solution nikalain to Allah zaroor madad kry gy…Awam to chahti hai ky dam ban jye lekin humry kuch syasattdan nhi chaty…!!

    • Videovertex

      How can they “order” China to set up a plant in Pakistan?

  • عمران خان

    دیکھیں اگر مون پلانٹ لگایا جاتا.. تو اس سے آدھے پیسوں میں کام ہو جاتا…
    ہم کے پی کے میں مون پلانٹ لگا کر دکھائیں گے.. طالبان بھائیوں کو پیار

  • عمران خان

    دیکھیں اگر مون پلانٹ لگایا جاتا.. تو اس سے آدھے پیسوں میں کام ہو جاتا…
    ہم کے پی کے میں مون پلانٹ لگا کر دکھائیں گے.. طالبان بھائیوں کو پیار

    • Guest

      But! they are expensive, everybody cannot afford. If the government establishes many factories of solar panel then their price will go down. Then those people who can afford UPS and generator, they will buy solar panel instead of UPS and generator etc.

    • koolliver

      From your above comment it is clear that you hang on the left and right side of the Noora..

      • عمران خان

        مجھے پتا ہے تو عمر چیمہ ہے… گٹر سے نکلا ہوا آدمی… تیرے لیے میرے چیتے کافی ہیں
        مجھے پرو پی کے پر ٹوئٹ کرتا ہے.. تیری اتنی ہمت

    • Videovertex

      Aap Star plant lagaein, Moon plant lagaein,Tsunami plant lgaein O bhai kuch to laga tu bas “Tariyaan” lagata hai jalso mein.Allah k wali aise tabdeeli nhi ae gi.

  • Ryzvonusef

    Admin, kindly change pic, the pic above is of a Solar THERMAL Plant, a totally different technology than the Solar PANEL system they will introduce in Cholistan!

    Solar Thermal uses sunlight to heat water into steam and run turbine.

    Solar Panels used PhotoVoltaic effect to turn Solar radiation directly into electricity.

    • Guest

      I think admin did not research about the news.

    • Videovertex

      The real thing is “text”…What its in picture is not important here.

  • Ameer Hamza

    it is better to concentrate on efficiency rather than production …

  • Ammar

    When PPP will come in power after PML this plant will be renamed to Benezir Bhutto Solar Park.

    • Guest

      How you can say that PPP will come after PML? Does the name increase their production power?

    • Videovertex

      Before that 10 men will attack the park and destroy those panels…Then Army will come and kill them….and finally Taliban ne Solar Park hamlay ki zimadari qubool ker li.Wazeer e Azam ki muzamat.

  • Zia Imran

    The power plant shown in the article is that of a Solar thermal kine while the plant in Bahwalpur would be solar photo-voltaic (known as solar cell) based. This is an incorrect depiction of what the plant would look like when built. The one shown works by concentrating solar energy form thousands of mirrors to top of tower where solid fluid is super heated for heat exchange to generate steam – this in turn turns a generator to produce electricity. Very different from solar cell based technology. I understand that this is just a depiction but the illustration should match what the final product would look like or close to it :).

    This image is probably of PS10 and PS20 solar thermal plants in south of Spain.

    • Waqar

      How can one differentiate between the 2 types by looking at the picture? Just for my knowledge….

      • Zia Imran

        All mirrors are pointing to top of the tower where solar rays get concentrated and boil a fluid. Plus the circular arrangement of mirrors. Phot Voltic based systems are usually arranged in horizontal parallel lines. Also note the tower.

        • Waqar

          I did not see any tower in the picture….not even a reflection of it on the mirrors.

          i see a white wind mill at the back though.

          Will try to study more about this online.

  • Faheem Raza

    Regretting y i voted PTI ,they are just pack of shit seriously
    PML-N Good job (y)

    • abobobilly

      Ja bhai jaa k mun dho. Aap ko hosh aye zara.

    • Muzamil Ismail

      I did the same mistake pti is full of children they are not politicians nor they can save this country at least pm nawaz sharif doing something … jo hota ha woh nazar aaata ha bhai aur imran khan to mjhe enemy lagny laga ha kabhe koi positive bat ni sunni is banday k moun se yar to crickter he rehta to acha tha

  • MJK

    I hope they provide adequate security to it or otherwise it would be another target of TTP. I think the nation now needs to actively think about such sensitive installations e.g. Oil Refineries, Damns etc.

    • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

      Dam is installation ???? :O

    • Videovertex

      We need Elysium Police for these installations.

  • Amjad Shaick

    Indeed, a good initiative. Feeling proud that Pakistan will have one of such largest projects in world. Good work !

  • Harris

    DAM the people

  • Muhammad Ali

    great effort

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    This post is out of this website scope.

  • Mudassar

    Totally Bullshit. Transmission system cannot hold me than 15,000 Megawatt still we can produce 23,000 Megawatt but unable to produce more than 15,000 Megawatt due to transmission system :(

    There is no focus on transmission system :( but just installing power plants, power plants & power plants :(

    • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

      transmission lines change ho rahi hen jahan per required hain, kuch main lines hain jo k itna load hold nhi ker sakti jitni agay requirement hai.
      but is per kaam ho raha ha or second jahan capacity ha already wahan to milay na.
      25+ old lines jo hen unki capacity ab nhi ha baqi sub theek hen

  • Tauheed Essa

    @Propakistani / Aamir…….Does it have any relation with I.T news?

    • aamir7

      I am planning another post on the same topic, and you will see the relation.

    • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

      bhai aese to mera bhi idar koi kaam nahi bus ye Aamir sahab ki waja say ajaty hen humnaam ki wja say. IT ka to dur dur tak koi taluq nhi :P

    • Videovertex

      Ye solar panel Android (Kit kat) operated hain, Snapdragon ka processor hai, UHD hain, Removable Battery, 13MP camera, Flash light or pata ni kia kia :D

  • Zubair Gu

    Yar Government Solar Lagye ya na lagye ………..Meri sab se request hai jo afford kr sakta hai wo Solar system lga ly.

    • Khurram ShahzAd

      Nice thoughts, but the issue is lack of awareness here about solar systems. Specially about quality of solar panels. If you ask me, I am confused about which solar panels are good to be installed (brand) plus where the quality solar panels will be available. This market is growing here and have huge potential but not matured enough here yet.

      • Zubair Gu

        L.G has its solar panels which can provide clean, steady, power as compared to others.

        • Khurram ShahzAd

          Thats nice new piece of info I could use, I have few experiences of using products of this brand and i very much like it.

  • Asher

    Congratulations .. India thru taking Pak, Bangladesh Water builts Dam to produce electricity i.e., lowest cost.we are feeling proud on china credit base solar plant.
    Really we a pathetic nation with no sense of economic conditions.
    Congratulations Pak for having such Nation.

  • Hassan H. Halai

    Ap ka takiya kalam… Jo her article k end me hota hai

    “it merits mentioning here ”


    Otherwise very nicely written.

  • Naeem

    This is nice, although China is building 2000 MW (the largest one), Pakistan stands on third (second Morocco also building around 1500 MW). But the important part is which technology is been used, Polar Solar Tower or Parabolic Through.

    Secondly, the best option is small hydral plants (environment friendly, cheap electricity, easy maintenance etc.) and Pakistan has huge potential for that but not been considered so far. China has around 35,000 small plants (5,10 to 50 KW), china also producing 90,000 MW (90 GW) energy from wind. They also have the largest hydral plant (around 22,000 MW) with world largest turbines running inside.

    Anyway, Pakistan has launched Solar, Hydral, Coal, Nuke, all kind of projects to overcome energy crises in any means, which is a good step.

  • Noorsaleem Khan

    for the first 100 MW (400000×250 Wp Solar Panels of the Quaid-e-azam Solar is 150 Million Dollar as in NEPRA’s Notice of Admission instead of 131 Million Dollor.

  • Nazir Malik

    Dear All

    Stated funds are being spent within the country and Nation is enjoying the benefits of this development, so we belief that slowly slowly the effects of the progress will reach to common man. It worth to mention that, what previous governments were doing, either they were sleeping?

    If they participated in the similar way on yearly basis then possibilities were there that country condition may be much more better than the present.

    We do appreciate every one whomever put his share in the development of the country.

    Hope that instead of criticizing every action of the government, we must have the courage to appreciate good works from the core of the heart.

    Dear, be positive being a active politician.

  • Javaid Khan

    This is propaganda stuff only. The Bhawalpur Solar plant is practically abandoned.
    Can anyone certify how many MWs it is producing, Shabaz Sharif has runaway from this plant site.
    The worls is closing its coal operated Power Plants including China and we are starting them now, what a mess we are creating just to get kickbacks on thee Billion Rupee deals.