Facebook Aims to Increase Revenues from Paksitani Market


In the business world, its necessary to keep searching and working out ways to raise the bar of profits and success.

Following the trend, Facebook has decided to improve its revenue rate by targeting the South Asian countries like Pakistan and India.

This is happening primarily because these South Asian countries have humongous number of heads, plus a comparatively low penetration-rate on Facebook, offering huge potential for the company to tap the market. And now, when developed markets are nearing the saturation, Facebook has decided to turn its attention towards the developing markets like Pakistan.

Stats Revealed


A study conducted by a social media strategy company iStrategy Labs states that Facebook aims to increase its current user base of about 1.23 billion to 5 billion and with that it also plans to increase its revenue piles with users from Pakistan, India and China top among them.

The report takes into account 50 of the most populous nations across the globe. Facebook advertising data shows that about seven per cent of Pakistan’s population, or just 14.2 million people use the network.

Just eight per cent of India’s population, or 102 million people are using Facebook in the country of 1.1 billion. Though according to a November 2013 report, internet users in India will hit 243 million in 2014. The data also asserts that China is a statistical growth portal for the social media network.

Though in China only 0.06 per cent of users or 840,000 users are on Facebook because of the authoritarian regulations of the country. But data propose that the growth of the country will only be possible if Facebook is formally and officially allowed in the country by the permission of the higher authorities. Top Insights formulated out of the iStrategy Lab report :

  • Facebook’s biggest growth opportunity exists in countries like India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Nigeria. China also presents a massive opportunity but only if current regulations change and Facebook is allowed into the country.
  • That said, there’s still significant growth opportunity in the U.S., Canada and UK (all at 56% penetration).
  • Malaysia & Argentina are the two non-English speaking countries that show greater than 50% penetration.
  • Fun fact: North Korea shows 8,000 users.

Entrepreneurship Begins to Thrive in the Country


The data also suggest that Facebook needs to jolt the US and UK markets further as United Kingdom has the highest rate of Facebook users 56.48% and America has second largest number of users 56.45%, despite those figures, Facebook has finalized to increase its revenue via South Asians.

This is mainly due to the everyday increasing interest of South Asian natives. Being a highly regarded business venture, how could Facebook not consider the trend and carry out a constructive plan to maximize its profits!

The fact should be noted; Pakistan’s Telecom Sector is now providing free Facebook facilities to the mobile users all across the country and with the advent of 3G and 4G technologies, individual network usage must have been increased to a figurative extent leaving more room for the thought of considering Pakistan a helping hand to increase the revenue of Facebook in totality.

With this, trend of entrepreneurship is taking over in big cities especially Lahore, Peshawar, Karachi and Islamabad. It will allow the local entrepreneurs to grow in new dimensions which will benefit the E-commerce market locally and internationally.

And as by 2017  the market share of 3G, 4G is expected to increase by 53%, it has been forecasted that at least 30% of the total connection base will be acquiring 3G or 4G services by 2018 or around.

According to GSMA/Deloitte study, there will be a massive shift of 2G users to 3G and 4G technologies making an enormous impact on economy and prosperity of intra country and inter countries relations.

Its a blessing in disguise. Like Facebook, other social networking sites might too think of creating business relations with Pakistan as the 3G/4G spectrum penetration has increased social media users, the presence of such latest technology in the telecom domain there are chances of a brighter future for the Pakistan’s internet based industry. A tactful thrift it is, Mark Zuckerberg!

    • its a country where the citizens bitch about the government while crossing red lights, underpaying drivers & maids, lying to get ahead .. and being all around worse human beings than the govt officials they insult.

    • It will be possible if Pakistan lives in the field of peace.Otherwise, it’s impossible..!!

      • lol Iraq Africa main kon sa peace hai? they need cyber laws..

      • lol Iraq Africa main kon sa peace hai? they need cyber laws..

        • It can’t be used in Iraq. Qadri sahab, aap ko kya ho gaya hai? Facts bhi pata nahin :P

            • In that way, PayPal works in Pakistan too. I have a British PayPal account, and I can transfer funds and use it easily from Pakistan, what I mean is, it cannot be signed up from Iraq, with an Iraqi Address, nor it can be linked to an Iraqi Bank Account/Debit Card, nor any transactions can be made in Iraqi Dinar. Tried & Tested. Just to prove a point, Please help me find the name of Iraq in this worldwide PayPal website. https://www.paypal.com/gb/webapps/mpp/country-worldwide Please gets your facts straight before misleading others :)

  • How can Facebook increase revenues from Pakistani market? Is not it a free website?

  • Fb can not earn much from pakistani Market.reasons are following

    No target advertising for pakistani cities.no advertising on interest based.

    Misuse of credit cards on facebooks.even fb dont know about this that how people are misusing them.

    Fake likes,

    Even if u advertise 20 thousand PKR u will get one or 2 customer.never recommended for bussiness who have low price products.

    No local representation.No local Marketting Support.No international Phone support which people wants.zero customer support.even people who advertise dont know how to contact in case of problem.they only support customer with min 5000 usd budget.

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