Mobilink Deceives its 38 Million Customers with Misleading TVC


We know that mobile phone companies are going through tough times with their balance sheets and retaining their customers, but Mobilink has seemingly become so frustrated that it has started to dodge its customers with deceiving and misleading advertisements.

Aim is clear: Mint as much money as you can.

Before going further into details, have a look at this 45 seconds TVC:

After watching this TVC, below is the information that a general viewer will extract:

  • Make unlimited calls, round the clock
  • Daily charges: Rs. 10 plus tax
  • Dial *212# to subscribe and make unlimited calls during the day

However, after looking at Mobilink’s website, the information provided in TVC is absolutely incorrect, rather its misleading. Here’s the correct information about the offer (the real catch one may call it):

  • Customers can use 75 Mobilink minutes during one calendar day by subscribing to the offer

Put in other words, Mobilink is luring the customers by falsely claiming that it is offering unlimited calls, while in reality they are offering just 75 Mobilink minutes.

Not to mention, customers – who would subscribe to the offer after watching the TVC – are highly likely to lose their balance after consuming first 75 minutes. And trust me, Mobilink will never refund you a single penny, even if you lose Rs. 100, 200, 500 or even more due to their this misleading TVC.

Ironically, the TVC at the end says: “Kuch Chuppaya Nahi, Sir Jhukaya Nahi”. Yes right, kuch chupaya nahi, bass 75 Minutes ki limit ka bataya nahi!

On a related note, PTA has apparently stopped checking TVCs and packages from cellular companies. My this analogy is based on the fact that it has always turned deaf ears towards whatever cellular companies do with their customers. Reference: Service Charges.

On other hands, Competition Commission Pakistan is known for taking notices against cellular companies after two years of actual events.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Umar Farooq

    lol, i portin to mobilink 3 days ago, i received a msg from mobilink that they promise to give best services and packages :3

    • btw mobilink is cheapest network at the time. I am using 50paisas/30 sec any network call, 50paisas/600sms daily offers.

      jab takriban hafta pehlay port howa tha to 36rs balance tha. kai choti choti calls ki sms hotay aur aj balance 21rs hay.

      dosray networks main hota to wahan 20, 30rs credit har dosray tesray din recharge karna pardta hay.

      • Umar Farooq

        hmm, lekin ye kon sa package he 50 paisa 600 sms and 50 paisa in 30 sec

        • jazba starter with 600 sms bachat offer
          with *750# 50paisa call offer (10rs monthly charges)

          • Umar Farooq

            oh thanks

          • Umar Farooq

            there is non of such a package on website, can u give me link

            • Mushahid Hussain

              dial *444# and select 30 sec package

            • Convert to Jazba starter: *200#
              Activate 600sms daily in 50 paisas in Jazba starter: *101*1*09#
              then dial *750# for 50paisa/30 sec offer at 10rs monthly charges

              bonuses: dial *999# for free

              • Umar Farooq


              • Umar Farooq

                aj mera 100+ balance ur gya, inhon ne biger inform ke ye package khatam ker diya, stupid network

                • Mobilink is still the cheapest network.

                  Convert to Champion package, 75 paisas/sec any network call rate (free call end balance notifications)
                  Subscribe to 40rs 20000 SMS monthly bundle

                  Activate Mobicash account, keep money saved and earn free minutes and SMS daily

                  • Umar Farooq

                    thanks for sharing :)

  • All telecom companies are doing similar things. Awam kab ke khamosh hay aur ab kisi shor sharabay ka faida bhi nahi. pisti rahay awam kabhi kisi nay ehtijaj nahi kea. hum kab kay jhot loot maar walay inami schemes kay sms, izafi services charges, jhotay ads, hidden charges and limits, maintenance charges, blah blah charges ki zid main hain.

  • Rao Usman

    When u subscribe this offer it clearly displays that u get 75 minutes. Mr pro pakistani be a pro not a pros… pehlay complete details hasil kero phir baat kero… Thank you

    • Muhammad Mudassir

      umm did u just say “When u subscribe..”? baki ap khud samjhdar ho :)

    • Amir Khan

      Ji.. is info k liye pehle pese lagao. Shabash.


    “bass 75 Minutes ki limit ka bataya nahi!” everyone do this just few get caugt

  • Haris

    Time for some Gullu Butt action!!

  • tabishqazi

    U Fone does the same the biggest Cheater.

    • Ahmed Habib

      Share any TVC by ufone like thus where hidden minutes not mentioned!

      Ufone has the cheapest offer of Bolo Pakistan. Do anyone else provide this kind offer?

      • Islam

        Telenor Rs 250 per month unlimited calls

        • KMQ

          what exactly is this package and is this really unlimited? Also on net free calls or overall?

        • Gullu Butt

          share the link please.

      • tabishqazi

        Just read one of the messages coming from 6777. Its like looting simple people in the name of prize money, totally misleading texts are being sent from 6777

      • tabishqazi

        What is 5000 sms, 5000 minutes 5000 mbs TVC? they never mentioned all this is just for 5 days. It that not misleading?
        If they say Get 5000 sms, min and mbs for 5 days who will be convinced from the offer?

        • Ahmed Habib

          Do not use then, why you use ufone? They are giving you free mbs, mins, sms; limit on days justified here!

          Misleading is when operator ask you unlimitted and then giving only 30 minutes!

        • panjgoori

          i am.

    • Junaid

      It’s not like that,Ufone provides full details to its customers. Whenever I have asked from there helpline 333 they provide me correct and full charges of their product even with including taxes. Even they are the 1st ones who providing all the details of last day charges by their Hisaab SMS services.

  • tabishqazi

    Pro Pakistani is I believe sometimes pro Ufone:) although i have been using ufone since many years but i never liked their advertisement strategies

    • Ahmed Habib

      Do we need to agree with you?

      • tabishqazi

        You may or may not, I have expressed what was in my mind, comments are always one’s thought, agreement is not necessary :)

        • Ahmed Habib

          Good to know!


    So i went to see the packages, they are charging aprox 2.2rs per min so yes in a way this campaign is wrong. Not that everyone else doesnt do it but now these unethical pratices should stop

  • Guest

    I use Mobilink to call 24 hours(1440 minutes for the entire day) only at Rs.12 (tax included) to dial *291#. (Mobilink to Mobilink). This offer is only for Nowshera :D

  • Guest

    After this, Mobilink will not advertise on your site :D

  • SSyar

    Its just like Royal Fan Lifetime* warranty :)
    * 18years :p
    or Kingston Ram Lifetime* warranty
    * 5years

    • UMAIR


    • Danish

      life here means “product Life” not your entire life ;)

      • SSyar


    • Amir Khan

      They mean lifetime of the product… Sarcasm!

  • jkumar

    Dear same as in ufone they claim that in location based offer u can call on U to U and PTCL where as in reality it is not u can not call to Govt: and commercial PTCL number they will charged as per tariff not included in this offer…
    I formally complaint to PTA for misleading but still no response from PTA..
    All telecom companies in pakistan making people fool and take advantage of their need.

    • Gullu Butt

      Government numbers are not under PTCL. There is another exchange which is call NTC which handles government numbers. Also UAN numbers are provided by PTA. Therefore, this is not cheating.

      • jkumar

        Gullu jee govt office pay bill to PTCL so how they not part of ptcl and i m not talking about UAN… Commercial number normal like other number… And ufone help line told me that location based PTCL residential number are in offer…

        • Ahmed Habib

          PTCL is the provider of UAN numbers. But ufone is rightly not allowing free minutes for business calls!

  • KMQ

    Thats a norm sir jee, the best part in this is ‘KUCH CHUPAYA NAHI, SIR JHUKAYA NAHI’ Look at the guts!!

  • Raju

    Hona tu yeh chahiye that,

    ‘kuch JHUKAYA nahi, sir CHUPAYA nahi’

  • Mohsin

    I think Aamir you have some confusion from the package details which mobilink mentioned on their website. They have mentioned 75 mins as a incentive which does’t mean you can not call more than 75 mins from this package.

    As per my understanding mobilink mentioned Call Setup fee which is Rs 0.10 + Tax will be charged on the first pulse for each call. So if you drop the call before every min so you can call only 75 times [0.10 call setup charges + (19% FED + 15 Holding Tax) * 75 Min ] = 10.05 PKR , otherwise it’s almost unlimited.

    So Logically you can not tell they are misleading their customer. We should also think before posting any news which can also called yellow journalism.

    • aamir7

      You aren’t getting it right. Call Mobilink helpline to get clearer picture.

    • Ahmed Habib

      Calculus parh parh thak gaye yar but apki logic to smj sy uper hi hy!

  • Gullu Butt

    ko mujay ye bata day ye mobilink walon ki garyan kidher hoti hain.sub packages theek kerwa dun ga

  • ksb

    Paid article

  • wajahat League

    mobilink is best, mein ne 2 months pehly port in back kia tha. pehly djuice tha har month 500+ ka balance parta tha. aur mobilink mein 2.5 months mein sirf 700-800 balance use hua… Mobilink no doubt no.1 network…

    • Ahmed Habib

      Unqareeb jo portin kry ga “louta” kehlaye ga…

  • Observer

    @ amir, i am surprized you have stil not captured the story of huge corruption scanle which has just been discovered in Mobilink technology dept because of which many senir level officers have resigned or have been asked to resign.

  • Mobilink Loyal Customer

    Mobilink is the Best Netowrk & All these Offers are Great..!!!

  • Kaleem Majoka

    Dear Aamir Attaa Ma ny Mobilink aur telenor sy bohat amount refund krwahi ha myry pass proof ha.

  • maverick_bm

    technically its not aimed at 38 million consumers since we are being strictly numbers, so heading is inflated hence this post is quite misleading to begin with. the same advertiser that you are picking on is the same advertiser inside you wanting to make sure that the work you publish gets attention. there isn’t any difference between you and the person behind the ad, you think you are right and they think the same, partially speaking.

  • Yasir Mahmood

    amir bhai,You Well Understand that for these Money Making Machines ,70 Minutes or 7GB is Unlimited

  • Mac

    When will 3G start in Hyderabad / Tando Mohammed Khan area. Any idea if not definite

  • Amna Rizvi

    In Jan/Feb 2014, Mobilink ran Twitter campaigns announcing prizes etc (u can still search for them).. But they HAVENT announced a winner or given a prize!!

  • S M Ahmed

    All operators are almost cheating either one way or other. they mostly cheat in value added services in most of the cases customer never subscribe to any vas but the company franchises retailers put on vas from back end. In result customer loose their balance once in subscribing and second when he come to know and then unsubscribing he has to be charged.

  • nadeem

    dear propakistani , the PTA is already getting a handsome amount / share / kickback for this . there is no regulatory authority present PRACTICALLY in pakistan for the benefit of PEOPLE .
    PTA is just to serve the cellular companies.

  • Silent Observer

    Yup I don’t see any ads from Mobilink here, you deserve this Mobilink.

    Ps: you might trace this IP back to Mobilink network this time, lolzzzz.

    • aamir7

      I recognize you :-)

  • Rayyan Sood

    With warid now get amazing discount on on-net calls just dial *445*1# free of cost

  • Malik

    ZrbeAzb Package!!

  • Hamid Meer

    Zong Zong ha Baki sab wrong han p.s signals problem zarur ha baS

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    You are absolutely rite on PTA not checking on these phone companies anymore, they have even ignored the call setup charges still being charged despite their notifications and warnings in past.