Android-Powered Lumia from Microsoft to see Day Light Soon!

This could be a breaking news for all the Nokia fans as their dream of a premium Android device from the Finnish manufacturer is about to come true.

Evan Nelson better known by his twitter handle @evleaks has revealed that Microsoft is now working on an Android powered “Lumia” device.

For those don’t know, evleaks has a great track record of revealing accurate information about upcoming smartphones ─ so don’t take it as ‘just a rumor’.

Most people thought that after Microsoft acquiring Nokia, there will be no more Android phones and the trio of X phones introduced earlier this year will be the first and last attempt from the company.

Interestingly Microsoft has taken an opposite path and recently unveiled X2 with refreshed hardware and newer software, which had hinted that they are pretty serious in making Android phones.

May be its due to the fact Windows Phone market share is actually on a downward trend and Microsoft has found a new way by pushing their own services in these androids.

The Lumia line has always been the flagship for Windows Phone devices. In fact Lumia and Windows Phone are synonyms, so if Microsoft is going to launch a premium Android phone, it should be named something else.

I am also suspecting that it could be dual OS phone, featuring both Windows Phone and Android operating systems. Because if Huawei, Karbonn and other companies can work on this idea, why not Nokia?

Do share your opinion in the comments section below, would you prefer a high-end Android device from Nokia or do you think the company should stick with Windows Phone platform?

    • Q mobile, Voice aur G five kay Cheap Android mobile use karnay walo, tumhey kiya pata Windows Phone kay baray mein.

      • Bhai g aap k pass lakhon rupay hongay is liay aap qmobile aur voice ko cheap keh rhy ho gy itny e zyada paisay hen to hum gareebon ko khareed k send kr den duaen day gy cheap set use krny waly apko.?

        • Bhai g, jab baat samajh na aye tou jawab mat diya karo, mein nay cheap quality mein kaha hei qeemat mein nahi, aur rahi baat qeemat ki tou Nokia Windows Phone Tumhare Qmobile aur voice say sastay hi hein 16000 mein Lumia 520 mil jata hei Qmobile 22000 ka bhi ghatia hota hei.

  • Indtead they should work hard to make windows phone a better thing than android !! Going towards android isn’t a wise decision.

  • Now it is a chance for Nokia to dominate the market share. Will they give full access to Google Apps Store and other Andriod system like Samsung?

    • Partial windows and Partial Android.
      It’s owned by Microsoft but still Nokia can launch Android devices but Microsoft has right to Vito any device and Nokia has right to revert back their decision of Microsoft acquisition for 10 years.

      • If the same situation is going to happen till the next 10 years, then I don’t think so that they will maintain their popularity. And at the end, Nokia will lose their brand. If they want to keep their brand top class then they have only one option that make their next phones purely Andriod like Samsung. I hate Windows Phones, of course, most people do.

        • very good brother, if you owned Microsoft and bought Nokia by paying Billions and start making Android phones to get market share, then what’s your purpose for buying Nokia?
          They are doing this to increase market share which Android has and also promoting Windows and who knows maybe a day will come when Windows beat Android like no one expected Android to be like this we have today.
          Ye batao mausam kesa hai aaj kal apke haan or blogs chalana chor diye?

          • Musam is fit fat..!!! Nowsheria is a phari elaka yar..!!! thand wand is common here… ab Warid par kya blog chlye yar..!!! Adfly sy free main earning ho jati hai..!!! aap sunye Shadi Ho gye aap ki?

  • Mr. Writer, X brand Nokia ka hei, aur Lumia brand Microsoft ka hei, ab Nokia aur Microsoft ka koi taluq nahi hei, iss liye Lumia say koi Android phone nahi anay wala. ye soch hey app ki kay eisa kuch hoga. Agar koi Android phone aya tou X brand say aye ga.

    • adeel tariq ap ko pta ni shayd nokia ko ab Microsoft ny khard laya hai kab ka Microsoft ka koi pata ni kab koi ni cheez nikal day

      • Bhai, shayed app ko pata nahi kay Microsoft nay sirf Lumia brand aur us say related technologies PureView, PureMotion, Clear Black etc. khareeday hein sare ka sara Nokia nahi khareeda, X brand aur doosray keypad walay mobile abhi bhi Nokia kay pas hein.

        • Its not true.
          Actually Microsoft bought Nokia.
          Un mein aik agreeement hua tha k 10 saal tak woh Nokia ka name istimaal karengay aur is dauraan low end phones Nokia k brand se ayengay but high end smart phones Microsoft se ayengay. 10 saalon baad Nokia ka name khatam ho jaye ga

          • Let me clarify things here. Nokia had two parts, one was mobile phones and other was Solutions services with the name (NSN). Nokia has sold the mobile division to Microsoft, including Lumia/Nokia X and all the exclusive apps. Nokia only owns the Solution services division which provide service to mobile operators in the world. So please stop fighting…. :)

    • Microsoft and Nokia will work together for next 10 years and in that period Nokia has the right to launch any device by their own which means they can claim back what they sold to Microsoft, the Nokia team was the same in Microsoft and all the projects of Nokia will come in the market and Microsoft has the right of veto of any device( If they want to use their right).
      All brands own by Microsoft including Asha

        • Nokia will retain its patent portfolio and will grant Microsoft a 10-year license to its patents at the time of the closing. Microsoft will grant Nokia reciprocal rights to use Microsoft patents in its HERE services. In addition, Nokia will grant Microsoft an option to extend this mutual patent agreement in perpetuity.
          under this clause for 10 years the decision could be revert back under terms and conditions- International commercial law
          and my son on your link there is no tons of paper work stop just reading 2 pages of contract and pulling stuff out of your ***.

          • You do realize that copy pasta was referring to the 10 year cross patent license agreement between Nokia and Microsoft and has nothing to with the purchase of Nokia’s devices and services division, don’t you? And the paperwork I was refering to is the transfer of ownership papers for Nokia’s assets (which includes 32 manufacturing plants and 3200 Nokia employees) to Microsoft in 120 countries where Nokia operates and is of course submitted to each country’s respective board for approval, not on the internet for your reading pleasure.

            • I just refer one point, the details of the contract were not written and that clause close the point which I said.
              You better go and study the details of the contract.

              • Apparently not only your reading comprehension skill is seriously lacking, you also don’t have a clue about Commerce 101, but you pretend to act knowledgeable on the internet about stuff you know nothing about. I think I advised you before too, if you don’t know something, it’s better to keep quiet. Opening your mouth will only make you look like a fool. Anyway, the page I linked to is the official company statement released to the media and shareholders so it contains everything you need to know. I would love to explain each point to you in detail, but I have much better things to do.

                • Yeah you go and do better things, don’t waste my time for replying you.
                  Thanks Mr. Microsoft Lawer

  • Nokia is just like a kid to learn android lessons! Nokia/microsoft will back to market after learning android lessons
    other companies is catching our money
    and we still are waiting for Nokia premiume android phones with 41 mp camera
    I believe that 30% people will quikly change their smartphones Once nokia start to diliver smartphones with full android features:

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