Ufone Wins Call Center Leader of the Year Award in US

Asad Butt (C), General Manager Customer Operations, Ufone, receiving award from representatives of International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC)
Asad Butt (C), General Manager Customer Operations, Ufone, receiving award from representatives of International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC)

Ufone bagged the “Call Centre leader of the year”award during Annual Call Center Week held in Mandalay (Nevada), USA. The award was presented to the Customer Operations Department for their excellence in customer care.

Ufone participated in the awards organized by the International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC) and brought home awards in not one but two categories.

Ufone’s best practices in Call Center Customer Services were acknowledged internationally and it was crowned winner of the “Call Center Leader of the Year” and runner up in the “Best New Mobile Customer Strategy” award categories.

Mr. Asad Butt, General Manager Customer Operations at Ufone, received the awards on behalf of the company and said: “Ufone Customer Operations Department is honoured to uphold its legacy of providing the highest quality services to all its customers. It is gratifying for our company as we are now in line with those professionals and organizations that are known for their commitment to technological innovation, customer centricity and operational efficiency.”

He added, “It is a moment of pride and glory for the Ufone Customer Operations Department as we move another step forward towards excellence. We are all geared towards getting Ufone recognized at more international forums in the future as well.”

The awards were held in conjunction with the 15th Annual Call Center Week on June 11, 2014. With representation from more than 20 countries, encompassing 37 companies, only 12 of the finest contenders made it to the final round. Approximately 1500 professionals from all around the world attended the event, which was held in Mandalay (Nevada), USA.

  • ufone beat all cellular companies over the world or only Pakistani cellular companies?

    • Azi as per above details its an international award which has been received in competition with world wide telecom operators.

  • Dear Readers,
    Well, it’s a very happy news Ufone wins an international award. But practicing in Call Center Ufone is pathetic.
    Biggest Cheater in Telecom Sector, All Money Grab Policy initiate in telecom sector by Ufone thru Govt. – PTCL.
    Long LONG Debate, Call Center Charges, Service Charges, Call Setup Charges, Wrong Billing (Hisab SMS) simply a joke with customer. What if amount shows used by Customer, he can’t claimed it back if wrong billing.

    • Asher khan aap nay bilkul theek kaha hay. practically services of ufone are very pathetic. ufone balance mai say worng deductions karta rehta hay aur agar ghalti say koi check kar lay to us k wo representatives sirf customer ko mutmaen karnay k salary laitay hai. aur kabhi bhi wrongly deducted amount back pay nhi kia jata.

      • @ Ahmad sb., my experience is different, I am a very old customer of Ufone, mujhy 2/3 martba wrong balance deduction ka doubt hua tha, mene complaint ki, aakhir kar mujhy pta chala tha k mujhy tariff ki hi know how nahi thi, the deduction was correct. Secondly, let me know if I can be of any help.

        • Dear Usman.
          Mai bhi bhot old customer hoon. Mai many times is takleef say guzar chuka hoon. and three times I proved in front of the Ufone officers. You only have doubt but I was sure because I write every activity which I do. Two time I get back the money from u fone but they idiots do this again and again. You may not have experience as me.

    • Ashar Khan i am sorry to say that your comment is reflecting completely biased approach and as far as overcharging is concerned all companies are charging without giving any intimations to their users but Ufone is providing daily confirmations to all its subscribers to re-verify and claim their rights keeping this completely transparent secondly we all should feel proud its an achievement for all pakistani nation that one of our telcos has competed and achieved international award.

    • Dear Asher,
      All companies are charging Call center charges, service charges, call setup charges than why blaming only ufone? if you are facing extra billing deduction than you can claim it by calling 333 helpline. Hisaab SMS not only guide me about my daily use but also about activated services. baki ap khud samajhdar hain k call centers es waqt worldwide customer services k lia best n easy accessible option ha. Agar call center ka award mila ha to eska matlb hai customer services b aala hain. :)

    • Dear
      Asher,Problem actually falls at our understanding level. Its totally our
      thinking that every telecom company is a thief. If you are saying that Ufone
      always try to implement every policy by putting his gun on the shoulder of PTA or government then its wrong. Rules and regulation set by PAT are same for all telecom companies. If Ufone is Government favourite then i think Ufone should be awarded by 4G license on discounted rate. Your second issue is about call centre charges,its not only Ufone who has put charges on contacting call centre,every company is charging call setup charges; even other industries like Banks too. If service charges are being concerned then inflation rate and changes in fiscal policy provides us the best answer about the inclination of service charges. In Pakistan every telecom company is charging call set up charges with the approval of PTA & if i am not wrong then Mobilink had implemented call set up charges on 28th Dec 2013, Zong 27th Dec 2013, telenor 30th Dec 2013 ,Warid 29th Dec 2013& Ufone 27th Dec 2013. I had also faced some issues regarding balance drop but believe customer care services of Ufone are
      awesome. I haven’t found any issue in using Ufone service

      • Dear Usman, All the cellular companies are charging call set up charges in-spite of disapproval by the PTA, a spinless Telecom regulatory authority and if you want to confirm the cheating by becoming a pre-paid subscriber of Ufone and subscribe its service Hisaab, you will realise what they do

        • Sir! I would like to
          say, if Ufone has to cheat they won’t be offering this Hisab service as this
          gives you complete details of balance consumed during the previous day. Including
          details of calls, SMS, mobile Internet and other services and still you still
          have any issues regarding some charges, or the discrepancies that you have
          found using the Hisab Services, you should take it to their customer services
          by visiting their franchise with your concern or you can even approach them on
          the facebook fan page they have a very quick and responsive team there.

          • Dear Kamran, AoA, I have posted these comments after observing such discrepancies but visiting a customer service center is itself time consuming which given the daily commitments one can not afford normally for settlement of a petty amount extorted occasionally.

    • Asher bhai. you are only one not satisfied with HISAB sms. whereas millions of customers are satisfied. Ufone is first who took step to start services keeping satisfaction of customers in front.
      Ufone step forwarded , mobilink and zong followed. :)

  • Another cheating by the Ufone ! Just pocket it poor fellow Pakistanis as you have given fate in the hands of slave traders of Dubai/UAE

    • Dear Mian, its only your own perception that Ufone has given the fate in the hand of slave trader of Dubai. I think its a moment of pride for us and our country that we are getting foreign investments beside of having poor inflation rates even Mobilink is owned by Vimple com, Telenor is Norvey based company so dear try to think out of box .

      • Just go through the fabricated financial statement of the company duly vetted by the Auditors. They are concealing the liabilities just to depict a rosy picture

        • Dear Mian ,
          If you are saying that Ufone has got fabricated financial statement then i think its the moment to scold big four audit firms because if i m not wrong previously final audit of Ufone was being conducted by E&Y and now days pwc is performing these duties.These firms and professional chartered accountants always give their audit opinion keeping in view the professional scepticism approach and also in accordance with professional code of ethics incorporated by Regulatory governance board and specially the IAS.If Ufone has got fabricated financial statement then how comes he is getting unqualified report.I think you are unaware of that incident which was done with Mobilink in 2010 when FBR has charged them because of providing manipulative financial statements.

          • Dear Usman, Aoa, thank you for the enlightening reply. I have already taken up the case with the concerned authorities and waiting for the required action but this organisation along with its parent company i.e Etisalat has a political leverage in Pakistan and no body is daring to step into their domain. Even the so called free media is not daring to bring anything to the public knowledge. However let us hope for the best

  • I think we should consider it a pride moment as one of our semi government organization is being recognized at an International platform.This is the dilemma of our people that whenever there is something good we think its our responsibility to add a negative aspect to it instead of appreciating the achievement.

    • U r right dear, this is our problem that never appreciate good things happend around us, any way its good that we recognized internationall

      • Dear Arham and Ali, AoA, Would you were aware the factual position in this particularly case. This organisation is acting as if it is above the law of the land.

        • Mian Sb: How can you state this? Regulatory bodies are same for all the operators, no one is above the law and in recent times same actions are taken for all operators.

          • Dear Ahsan Sb,Regulatory body i.e PTA is a tooth less organisation as clear cut directions issued regarding non deduction of call set up charges has been neglected by all the cellular operators. This is just one example to prove how effective is PTA

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