wi-tribe Launches Pakistan’s 1st Communication App for Smartphones


wi-tribe has announced the launch of Pakistan’s first ever, locally developed smartphone communication application, called “Hi App”.

This indigenously developed app is poised to compete with the global players like WhatsApp, Viber or even Skype.

“Hi App” allow its users to offer high-quality voice communication between smartphones – while using the internet – group voice calling and a feature to call landline phones (anywhere in the world) for which users will have to recharge their accounts via credit card or through wi-tribe scratch cards.

For landline calls wi-tribe is going to use its existing LDI infrastructure.

Moreover, users can chat with each other and share content, such as voice messages, images or any file types for that matter.

Hi App allows up to 10 participants to conference call with each other. Unlike Google Hangouts, anyone in the conference call can invite a friend to add him/her in a running conference call.

Currently in its beta launch phase, wi-tribe unveiled Hi App at the ITCN ASIA 2014, among industry experts, tech enthusiasts and general public.

Keeping user ease a priority, the interface of the app is easy to navigate with an intuitive design.

Wi-tribe CMO, Ali Fahd, said in a statement on this occasion “It is with great pride and enthusiasm that we bring this cutting edge technology offering smart communication solution to users of all age brackets and diverse communication needs. At its current beta launch phase we urge our local users to show their support for this indigenous and innovative app by downloading and using Hi App. Your feedback and encouragement will help make Hi App the No. 1 communication app in the industry and make all fellow countrymen proud.”

We believe wi-tribe has done a remarkable job with this app. Wile there are currently some issues in the app and it may take some time to become a more comprehensive and sophisticated solution, but we must admit that its a good start.

Not to mention, wi-tribe, with this app, has become a race runner in the voice calling business – which was previously not possible.

The kind of competition Hi-App will have, we aren’t sure yet about its impact in the local market. But considering that you can recharge your accounts locally for voice calling, and if call-rates with Hi App are competitive then it has a good chance.

To download Hi-App on your android phone follows the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wt.hiapp

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • How is this allowed when PTA is trying to block Skype and others from from making computer to phone calls?

    • read up on webrtc, it’s free technology and integrated into Chrome on android and desktop. and also Firefox.

    • I installed the application and its working fine, make sure you have an active sim and enough credit for 1 sms to register. Voice quality is superb much better than viber

  • Just installed it. I must say it’s impressive for a beta version. I wish them fruitful future and I will surely use their direct call feature.

  • Is this apps free jyst free for skype viber line or also free for any landlines or mobile in pakistan.

    If we buy 5 $ credit so how many minutes we can get with this app.

    Please give some extra information
    Wi tribe card only sale in pakistan or any other part of the world also.


  • I was waiting for this kind of Inovative App which can alow us to make confrance call, Please make this Avaliable on iOS

  • Is it available only for witribe customers? What about using it on Mobile networks’ 3G system? What about iOS and Blackberry OS10?

  • Will it succeed? i dont think so maybe in pakistan but not internationally because i believe that they dont have the marketing budget and maybe skills like the giant corporations to attract the international market

    • Dude give me a break, 2000 downloads in 3 days,
      what are you talking about? let’s be optimistic and support them as this is a
      Pakistani application at least the data is save, and the way i saw it at ITCN
      they have alot of budget and the guys who made it are pro developers, i am all
      out for them, and the best part is the app itself is cool. Thumbs up boys who
      made it.

      • this app is basically made by four mechatrons engineers of air uni …and they sell it to witribe of rs 5.0 million …..

  • Hello

    I have just a quick question regarding call, if i have Hiapp install on my mobile and when i have to call on UK mobile number then it is mandatory that second party also have HiApp Install on his/her mobile. Because i want to call from My HIApp to Uk mobile number.

    Your timely response will be highly appreciated.

    Many Thanks

    • 1. Yes, it is mandatory for the second party to have Hi app installed for free calls
      2. If you want to make a CREDIT CALL, there is no need of Hi app for the second party

      You need to buy credit either by wi-tribe scratch cards or credit/debit card.

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