Telenor Appoints Khurrum Ashfaque as its New CTO

Khurrum Ashfaque
Khurrum Ashfaque

Khurrum Ashfaque, presently the Director Technology Operations, has been appointed Chief Technical Officer in Telenor Pakistan, a statement issued by the company said.


Gyorgy Koller, current CTO, will be moving back to Europe to join a program in Telenor Denmark and Telenor Hungary as Senior Vice-President. Khurrum will take charge from 15th September 2014.

Khurrum Ashfaque has 21 years of international and local technical experience. He has been associated with Telenor Pakistan since 2006, starting as Manager Transmission O&M.

Since February 2013 he has been Director Technology Operations and during this period Telenor Pakistan went through a huge network transformation project where legacy GSM network was swapped.

“I would like to thank Telenor Pakistan management for giving me this promising opportunity. I am very delighted to be in a strategic position that is crucial to provide seamless services to our customers and hence contribute immensely in the company’s success”, said Khurrum Ashfaque, appointed CTO of Telenor Pakistan.

Outgoing CTO Gyorgy Koller was with Telenor Pakistan since 2011 and under his leadership the technical division completed the network swap of more than 7500 sites and 21000 plus network elements in record time of 13 months as well as complete billing swap within time, budget and scope.


“It has been a wonderful and rewarding experience working in Pakistan. I feel honored to have worked here and would like to thank everyone for the time we have spent together and the support I have received. I leave with a heavy heart but with a lot of fond memories. I am confident that the very talented team that I am leaving behind will continue to shine under my successor’s leadership.” said Gyorgy Koller, outgoing CTO of Telenor Pakistan.

“We are grateful for Gyorgy’s solid contributions to the company; he has developed an exceptional team and passes on a legacy that will allow for future growth and prosperity. I wish him the very best of luck in his new role”, said Michael Foley, CEO Telenor Pakistan. “At the same time I am delighted to have Khurrum on the management team and am confident that through his extensive technical insight and in-depth knowledge we will be able to maintain and further solidify our very strong position in the market.”

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK


  • Congratulations…..Excellent Technical and Management Knowledge led to appointment as the First Pakistani CTO in Telenor Pakistan….

  • wow!!! very good to see old CTO going back but very strange decision about new CTO as I heard he was promoted to director hardly 2 years back:(
    Maybe alignment with out going CTO had played a key role or Telenor is without options. Time will tell about the decision but definitely bad news for the technology team and people:)

    • Oh come on… no is no person more deserving or capable than Khurram for this role. I am so glad management took this decision. He is strict and aggressive so I know why you aren’t happy :)

      • Gyorgy taught TP as how one can be “positively aggressive” and “strict but constructive”. There can be no one like Gyorgy. He delivered. He led with excellence and despite being aggressive, straightforward and strict, he was and is favorite of all technology. I hope the point got conveyed that its not about being aggressive or strict :)

  • And some one has copied the internal employee email on to a social blogging website… Not a good sign…

  • So the strategy of Group is crystal clear, we are here to make money…living up to values has never been our first priority. And that is quite contrary to Norwegian culture. A person who has been under radar for continuously violating Telenor values with multiple CoC cases filed against him has been promoted just because he’s been successful in bringing operational costs down at the expense of terribly destroying TP culture.

    • lol .. you must be a jealous, ugly whinny piggy … grow up kid.

      Congrats to Khurrum. Well deserved !

      • If Chutiyapa is key to success, then it is well deserved and I am ready to join his league. Best of luck and Congrats :)

    • Wrong & not factual. Please respect others so that when you get what you deserve,people treat you likewise. Khurrum had had an outstanding and exceptional career in Telenor Pakistan and posses valuable international experience as well. Wish him good luck and hope TP would progress further with his appointment on this role.

  • Congratulations to Khurrum Ashfaque, a very capable person with great leadership qualities and cross functional experience. Probably the most appropriate choice. Good luck Sir !

  • Many Many Congratulations to Khurram Ashfaq. He has done several tremendous jobs and took many initiatives in technology division. As a boss & leader, he really deserve this position. Good Luck Khurram for your new role :)

  • Congratulations Khurrum sb, you really deserved to be CTO. I have known Khurram sb and his resilience against multiple challenges especially in the areas of Operational Excellence, Technology Operations and Billing Operations.

  • Looking forward to a prosperous future for our Company.

    Best of luck Khurram Ashfaq. Thumbs up TP.

  • Lolz. Karma is a funny thing :) – Many congrats Khurrum. Very well deserved. I am no longer part of TP but will vouch for your capabilities and expertise, and have no doubts you will grow even further in your career.

  • i think its not good to be the Pakistani CTO in Telenor because now he will bring his pakistani culture/thinking with in Technology department. and telenor is renowned for the its culture.

    • Telenor Pak’s talent has been acknowedged by Sigve Brekke, Regional CEO, as the best in Telenor Group. Khurrum’s appointment reflects the same.Grow up,we Pakistanis are one of the best in the World and all is due to the grace of Almighty Allah.

  • Following traits define Khurrum’s professional abilities in my opinion:

    Strength: incomparable in terms of hard work, knows how to get the work done from non serious people, keeps everone on his toes, gets the results in a short term in a way which is better than the rest of options available, dedicated

    Weaknesses: creates too much distance from his team (other than few) and creates a fear in their hearts (fear of embarrasment due to disrespectful behaciour) with his attitude which eventually kills innovation and curbs creativity, not ideal for a position where people needs to be kept motivated and passionate

  • Do you think with this attitude and “skills” this promotion could have taken place in Norway ??? Kiya yeah khula tazaaad nai

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