PTA, WorldCall in a Row Over Non-Payment of License Fee

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority last week suspended WorldCall’s WLL license due to non-payment of spectrum fee.

PTA – in a determination sent to WorldCall Telecom – said that company was issued show-cause notices in September 2012 and February 2014 on non-payment of annual radio frequency spectrum fee for a WLL license that WorldCall possesses for 14 telecom regions of Pakistan.

PTA said that WorldCall has to pay a total sum of Rs. 69.1 million for year 2011 and 2012, however, despite repeated efforts the company failed to clear its dues and hence its license was suspended for one month or till the settlement of the payables.

It merits mentioning here that a late payment fee of 2% per month is also applicable on top of original radio fee.

WorldCall, in response to the said determination, approached Lahore High Court and conveniently received a stay order on the suspension of license.

Omantel, the parent group of WorldCall, has said that it urges to resolves the matter with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. Omantel refuted that WorldCall is exiting the market and said that company will continue to offer services to its customers.

WorldCall faces tough competition from PTCL for its wireless voice and data services. Company is consistently on decline for the number of customers it has for the services it offers.

      • I also agree. When I called up PTCL for dial up internet enquiry back in those days. The representative said we don’t offer such service. Then I gave reference of WorldCall to which she replied,’Wo business karte hain aur aisi service de sakte hain. Hum business nahi karte’.

    • No doubt Witribe sucks but I wouldn’t recommend Worldcall either and here is why: I’ve been a customer of worldcall for almost a decade but once something goes wrong like in my case slow browsing to no browsing and you call them for help which I’ve been doing for 4 months they’ll tell you your issue would be resolved within 24hrs but nothing happens.

      • Exactly this is their support service. Back in 2012, I visited their business centre located near Hafeez Centre for many times. They use to say it will resolve in 24 hours and sometimes go back and check internet will be working etc but nothing happened.

        • Same thing happened with me when I was using wateen. Which Isp are you using now? I’ve tried all ISPs and now the only option im left with is ptcl :(

            • PTCL always give high speed but it make you angry if DSL light becomes unstable :/ That’s why I tried Witribe, but then with full signal strength, it is giving 30 Kbps with 2 Mbps, lame! My last resort is Worldcall now….let see

  • Dears,
    Etisalat is a crap player in telecom world, attracting more and more customer with their packages, as they achieve the tasks,at once they increase the prices cum tariff.
    PTA a backup support to PTCL on obtaining the certain %age share, is an profit maker organisation. PTA is just a money sucking tool of Govt, secondly switch on/off of Telecom Sector.
    On the price,they are offering 2 MB- in UAE, Etisalat giving the 100% Double Speed,so why double standard for Pakistani Customer.

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