Telenor Upgrades its 1500 Cell Sites in 32 Cities to 3G

Telenor Pakistan, according to a tweet by Micheal Foley, CEO, Telenor Pakistan, has upgraded its 20 percent cell sites out of total 7500 total sites on the network to 3G.

Telenor, as we know already, has around 7500 cell sites on its network in Pakistan.

Company officials apparently celebrated the achievement with a cake cutting ceremony as seen in the tweet above. Cake, which mentions the number of cell cites that are 3G enabled now, also has names of the cities where Telenor claims to have its 3G footprint.

Micheal Foley emphasized in his tweet that this is just the beginning, hinting that Telenor is likely to get further aggressive for 3G roll-outs. Telenor, with major focus on rural areas, is likely to see severe competition from Ufone, Zong and Mobilink in major hubs.

It merits mentioning here that subscribers shouldn’t expect blanket 3G coverage in the cities where Telenor claims to have 3G its network.

Currently Telenor is said to have 3G coverage in below cities:

  1. Abbotabad
  2. Wah
  3. Taxila
  4. Bhawalpur
  5. DG Khan
  6. DI Khan
  7. Faisalabad
  8. Gujranwala
  9. Gujrat
  10. Hyderabad
  11. Islamabad
  12. Jehlum
  13. Kharian
  14. Karachi
  15. Lahore
  16. Mandibahudin
  17. Pakpattan
  18. Sahiwal
  19. Multan
  20. Muzafargarh
  21. Okara
  22. Peshawar
  23. Quetta
  24. Rawalpindi
  25. Sarai Alamgir
  26. Sargodha
  27. Sialkot
  28. Swabi
  29. Bannu
  30. Kohat
  31. Mardan
  32. Entire Rawalpindi-Lahore G.T. Road.

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  • This is perfectly right that 3G of telenor has suddenly expanded in our City Gujranwala upto the extent that I’m surprised. But it works fine on sreets and roads. It doesnt work inside the houses as outdoors. This makes me fully disapppointed. Why not blanket coverage like GSM? When it will happen? I’m waiting for that time

      • Frequency band has no impact on signal penetration. All bands in Pakistan are in 2100 Mhz band and suffer same losses in signal quality.

  • First cover whole Lahore please Telenor, i am not getting 3G coverage in J2 block near Expo centre. Call centre said sites are not 3G compatible!!! Dfm

  • Great to see Telenor actually showing the customers they mean business. Would appreciate seeing more telco’s come out with their efforts of expanding 3G sites.

  • The upgradation of 1500 cell sites in short period by Telenor is marvellous.As 3G is new technology in Pakistan,customers may face problems at start but as it will expand and grow, technical problems will finish and customers will enjoy.Just wait for another six months.New products always take time for penetration.

  • I have ported in Telenor from Warid for the want of 3G. However I found myself gasping for basic voice services on Telenor. My home and office both are located at main locations of Rawalpindi (for those who are at Rawalpindi….. Askari 10, Chaklala and CMH) but poor indoor coverage bar me from making and receiving calls. However outdoor coverage is OK

  • Telenor’s 3G in Islamabad/Rawalpindi is not reliable. Their signals disappear frequently during 2G/3G transition. I have used it for three months and now switched over to Ufone which is far better.

  • Still poor coverage liers ! 3 main cities are partiality covered and going to cover other cities, What a joke ! zong and ufone covered almost karachi, hate telenor !

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