Solid Islamic App for Android: Hadiya Tul Islam

Warid has been hard at work expanding its app portfolio in the last few months. Until now, they have a pretty comprehensive selection with more than 15 available apps. They range from apps like Mobile Stock Exchange for keeping up with the stock market to apps like Pak Wheels App to find your latest ride.

The one we’ll be reviewing in detail today is Hadiya-Tul-Islam. As the name suggests, this is an Islamic app. A small 10MB download from the Play Store, it is compatible with all phones running Android version 2.2 or better. Let’s dive right in.

Upon opening the app, you are greeted with five possible options.

Qibla Compass: Once your location has been determined, you’re provided with a compass that marks down exactly where Qibla is.

Masnoon Prayer: The Masnoon prayer tab offers a list of Dua’s for different occasions like a dua for journeys, dua for relieving stress and so on. Arabic text, the accompanying English translation and recitation of the Dua’s are provided with each entry.

Ambia Prayer: Organized just like the Masnoon prayers, the Ambia prayer option provides the prayers of various prophets of Islam.

Prayer Timings: To get the prayer timings for you location, just click ‘Get Location’ and you’re all set.

Tasbeeh Counter: The last provided option is that of a simple tasbeeh counter. Fairly rudimentary, it only provides a tick up, tick down and reset option. We would have liked a tagged save functionality in the feature set.

Overall, we feel that Hadiya-Tul-Islam is a solid app that provides a nice selection of Islamic content and tools. The highlight of the app is that after the initial download, you don’t need an internet connection to hear the recitation of the prayers.

Download: You can download it from the Play Store from this link.


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  • nice effort, they should use proper arabic fonts plus there should be translation in urdu as well

    • Android has most market share, more users therefore more chances of their app getting popular[if they have ads in the app then more revenue]

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