HamariWeb Partners with Ten Sports to Bring Live Cricket Matches Online

Cricket is not just a sport; it is a passion that runs like blood in the veins of Pakistanis. Previously, people used to watch live cricket match only on TV sets. However, now the trends are changing and you can watch live streaming of cricket and other sports on your PC and Mobile Phones.


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In a latest development, HamariWeb.com has exclusively partnered with Ten Sports to bring all matches live for Pakistani audience. This is first of its kind agreement in Ten Sport’s history as TV channel never partnered in such manner with any web portal before.

This was made possible after a licensing agreement signed between Tower Sports — parent group of Ten Sports — and Hamariweb. According to the agreement, Hamariweb will offer extensive selection of quality sports content for its online users in the country.

Click here to watch Ten Sports Live: http://hamariweb.com/tv/TenSports

Ten Sports enjoy a prominent position for live coverage of various sports events in the region that includes cricket, one of the most famous sports in the Subcontinent. This video content distribution agreement will facilitate over 30 million online users in Pakistan who have a passion for cricket, football and wrestling. Hamariweb is already facilitating the users with live cricket score cards, while the live streaming can further enhance the user’s experience.

Mr. Tahseen Shaukat, the Country Head of Ten Sports expressed his gratitude on the contract between Hamariweb and Ten Sports.

Abrar Ahmed, CEO of Hamariweb said that this partnership will augment the experience of online users by providing high-quality sports content in Pakistan. “People in Pakistan are passionate about cricket, now you can access the major cricket series online as well as on your smart phones anywhere, anytime.”
About Ten Sports:

TEN Sports is Asia’s leading sports network operating five sports channels – TEN Sports, TEN Cricket, TEN Action, TEN Golf and TEN HD. Ten Sports own long term broadcast rights for five cricket boards – South Africa, West Indies, Zimbabwe, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, offering its viewers the best of sports action round the clock.

Hamariweb is the leading web portal of Pakistan with over 20 million online monthly users across the world. Hamariweb already holds various content distribution partnerships with local and international News & Entertainments channels.

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