Mobilink to Retain its Leadership Even After 3G [Interview]

Mobilink is going to get only aggressive with time for its 3G offerings and company will retain its long-running market leadership after 3G as well, said Aamer Manzoor, Head of Data at Mobilink.

Mr. Manzoor was sharing his thoughts in an interview with ProPakistani, a video of which is posted below.

Before we go to the video itself, here are few things that Mr. Manzoor emphasised during his talk with ProPakistani:

  • Mobilink is aggressively rolling out 3G network and company has stretched its 3G footprint in 12 cities so far.
  • Mobilink has this approach of fully covering a city with 3G through blanket coverage before moving to next city.
  • Aamer Manzoor believes that 3G adoption depends on three things, 1- Network, 2- Ecosystem and 3- Devices
  • For devices, Aamer believes that Pakistan has around 7 to 8 percent of 3G smartphones and less than 1 percent 4G phones
  • Aamer said that speed of 3G rollouts from cellular companies will depend on ecosystem and device prices. Earlier the prices go down and smarpthone penetration is increased, more speedy the rollouts will be. He said that first second tier cities will get 3G with-in next two years.
  • Aamer Manzoor said that telcos’ data revenue will only get better with time. He explained that voice revenues grew from nowhere to what they are today, and now when time has come data revenues will surge as they did in regional and global markets.
  • At a time when four 3G operators started together, Aamer said that starting together or starting ahead doesn’t make much of a difference and Mobilink will continue to lead the market after 3G with innovative and affordable products.
  • Aamer believes that Pakistan’s market isn’t 4G ready yet. He justified this by saying that 4G devices in market are very minuscule and usage behaviours of masses don’t demand 4G as a technology.
  • Aamer said that Mobilink will keep assessing the market to evaluate the demand — and company will get 4G spectrum when and if required.
  • Aamer confirmed that 3G bundles will get better with more flexible monthly caps with time. He said that current pricing is based on 2G segments and telcos are in process of learning users’ behaviour after which one should expect more affordable 3G plans.
  • Aamer agreed that industry as whole should educate the masses about the benefits that mobile broadband can bring to their lives.
  • It must be noted that this video was recorded two weeks ago, and Aamer didn’t respond then to our question about number of 3G users on Mobilink’s network. But now know that Mobilink crossed 1 million 3G users earlier this week.

Now let’s move to the detailed interview:

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