QMobile Website Goes Offline for Exceeding Bandwidth Limit

A company that spends billions of rupees on TVCs and other marketing activities and yet if its official website goes offline due to insufficient resources is a huge shame.

Due to insufficient bandwidth that QMobile has bought — to save couple of thousand rupees — the hosting company has apparently shut down the traffic coming to its website. Not only this, the hosting company is bluntly displaying “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” notice to everyone who visits the website of one of the largest phone vendors of Pakistan.

Here is what you are greeted with when you visit qmobile.com.pk:


It would be interesting for you to learn that QMobile’s website is down for this reason for several hours now, in fact at least for 16 hours.

A company of QMobile’s magnitude should have dedicated server for its website. Having a redundant solution could be a plus to make sure that their website is never ever offline.

But for now, buying a hosting plan with double the bandwidth will do.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK