Telenor Announces 3G Footprint in 45 Cities with 1.3 Million 3G Customers

Telenor Pakistan today announced that it will be expanding its 3G footprint to 45 cities by end of October 2014 while it has 1.3 Million 3G users on its network already.

A statment issued by the company said that during the fifth phase of commercial roll out, Telenor’s 3G services are launched in following cities:

  • Lodhran,
  • Khanewal,
  • Malakand,
  • Rahim Yar Khan,
  • Murree and Nathia Gali

Company said that Lower Dir, Mansehra, Sukkur, Larkana, Ghotki and Bhakkar will be equipped with 3G service by the end of this month.

Telenor’s 3G Coverage Map:


Telenor has said that free trial of 3G services will be offered to Telenor Pakistan’s customers in these areas for two weeks. The subscribers will be notified about the end of free 3G trial service via SMS and Telenor Pakistan’s official website.

Under the free 3G trial offer, customers can enjoy 50 MBs of free data every day. Data services on 2G will be charged as usual.

Irfan Wahab Khan, Chief Marketing Officer, Telenor Pakistan on the occasion said that Telenor Pakistan is the largest and fastest growing 3G network in Pakistan with 1.3 million customers actively using 3G services in urban, semi urban and rural areas across the country.

While explaining company’s roll-out strategy, Mr. Wahab said that Telenor has a twofold strategy to aggressively roll out 3G sites in the country: one is to increase the number of 3G sites within a city thus expanding the in-city coverage and other is to increase the number of 3G cities across the country.

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    In my experience telenor is the best 3g service provider interms of speed and packages

    • Naveed

      ZONG is best in coverage, speed and packages :)

      • Muhammad Ashraf

        in my case telenor

      • Fawad Hassan

        Zong is best only in case of speed. Telenor is best for packages.

        • Naveed

          Not for me as I am using a Employee special package which is awesome ! 20 rupees per month and unlimited data :)

          • Fawad Hassan

            Well that’s different case :)

          • Khan

            same here. love the speed in just 20 rupees per month :D

          • PakGeek

            to phr hmain b employer special package lai dain (unlimited wla).. plz…. 100 prupees per month ly lia krna :)

          • BilAl KhAn

            Soo when they are coming to the gate way of KPK Nowshera??

          • Imran Yousaf

            Is it also true for Zong demo sim? I have one

      • Xeductive Youngster

        best in packages? really?

        i don’t think so bro

      • ZohaibSN

        Coverge :D :D

    • Mirza Moazzam Baig

      in my view the best 3g packages “WERE” of telenor … but now best offerings are from mobilink… mobilink’s packages beat everything. but as far as speed is concerned telenor is ahead of mobilink….. but the very best speed that u can get is on zong only.

      • Mirza Moazzam Baig

        here is how i rate 3g of all companies
        1. Zong
        2. Telenor
        3. Mobilink
        4. Ufone

        • Usman

          I rate Ufone’s 3G on No. 1. It’s giving best
          speed and packages, especially I would love to continue using U5 3G supported
          handset in such a nominal price of Rs.6666/- only offered by Ufone.

          • Rizwan Yaqoob

            You are drunk!

            • Atifsh

              musalman drunk nahee hotee…. yeah dawai pe key aya hey lol :P

          • LOL you’re actually drunk!

  • Naveed

    Expending to 45 cities .. Hmmm.. First they need to cover the city and then expand to other cities ..

    • Bilal Aahil

      that’s what Warid and Mobilink is doing, but Telenor want bigger share in 3G, they are trying to get more ppl involved in 3G but if services are not as good ppl may change to other operators in later times.

      • guest

        Whole sahiwal is coverd here.Only indoor coverage has problem.Telenor is making is very good move.Telenor add new cities every month….. what other companies are doing? sleeping? they are not giving any updates….

        • Bilal Aahil

          they probably are asleep, winter is here and they might not wake up yet.. warmth of bed is too damn pleasing

  • TheXpert

    Although they are expanding but their coverage in the main cities is still not good , there is also a need for rate revision and competitive offers like mobilink , zong are offering!

  • Tàhír Mëhmõõd

    So when they are launching 3g in Azad Kashmir…? :D

    • Umar Pazir

      Not at this time. Telecom companies will bid again for 3g licence for Azad Kashmir.

  • Jameel

    Their indoor coverage is still pretty bad.. I havent been able to get more than 2 signals indoor any place in Multan.

    • Akbar Saeed

      You Are Lucky That You R Getting 2 Signals Indoor :( i do not even get a single signal

    • Muhammad Musa Raza

      I get full signals on nishtar road multan and get 1.5 MB/sec most of the times and on average of 600 kb

  • Adeel

    Glad to see service in Murree and Natiagali. Thats a treat for tourists. Telenor, please also consider offering your services in Naran.

  • Fakhre Alam

    45 cities LOL. Mardan must be in the list but i guess only 2-3 towers in the city is equipped with 3G devices. i live in the main city area but am getting very weak 3G signals

  • Shoaib

    1.3 million 3G customers is proof of their performance.Telenor is competing with Zong and Mobilink inspite of the fact they have only 5MHz Spectrum by maintaining superior quality.Rural areas are main target of Telenor.It seems that total 3G/4G customers may have crossed the figure of 4 Million now.However PTA may give actual figure.But Growth seems exponential.

  • user

    Only company which is expanding the 3G seriously.All other companies don’t care, they just want to cover the main market first and then after 1-2 years maybe they will reach these numbers very bad.

  • Akbar Saeed

    Thanks telenor for starting 3g in our area malakand and giving unlimited data for just rs50

    • Ali

      Doea evo work in malakand or any other broadband?

      • Akbar Saeed

        No EVO Malakand Mai Kaam Nahi Karta PTCL DSL Lay Lo

  • Rizwan Yaqoob

    I hope this trend will continue until we get blanket coverage of 3G across country.

  • iqbal karim

    tow or three towns in 45 cites..lolzzz

  • rana

    Telonor packages are badest of kind as compared to mobilink. However telenor free social usage is usable just .kind of money hungry company.

    • Muhammad Musa Raza

      50 rs main unlimited internet koi aur day raha hai? Ab kia mufat dein

  • Athar Ahmed

    How could telenor expand their 3G service in other cities b coz 3G service not available in karachi area Landhi,Korangi,malir & other karachi area.

    • Rizwan Yaqoob

      “Telenor has a twofold strategy to aggressively roll out 3G sites in the country: one is to increase the number of 3G sites within a city thus expanding the in-city coverage and other is to increase the number of 3G cities across the country.”

  • Moon Pbc

    Any Chance of Launching 3G in AJK Zone

    • Rizwan Yaqoob

      Expanding 3G coverage to higher altitudes is a challenge but it’ll be available soon in AJK and other Northern regions.

  • Muhammad Mashhood Iqbal

    I traveled Islamabad to Lahore 4 days ago and zong providing full 3G coverage on motorway. which is amazing. but we need service in Murree because 2G is just nothing even we cannot open google on mobile in Murree. So 3G must be there…

    • farhan

      How much speed zong provided.

      • Muhammad Muaavia

        1MB to 18MB main ny use ki hai

      • Muhammad Mashhood Iqbal

        speeds are pretty good. I also used evo on motorway provided by Daewoo bus but it was totally rubbish. zong is providing exceptional speeds around 4Mbps to 10Mbps which are good speeds on the go….

      • Muhammad Mashhood Iqbal

        Also no other company is providing full 3G coverage on motorway… How Telenor can say best coverage…?

    • Rizwan Yaqoob

      I can confirm it as well. Zong is providing 3G coverage on Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2) and partially available on Lahore-Faisalabad Motorway (M3). Speed varies between 2 Mbps to 7 Mbps.

  • Ibrahim

    Sheikhupura main kb 3g i gaaaaa……plz telll???

  • mohsinraja

    telenor ke service sirf g t road pr ho skti hai, lekn telenor ke 3G service jhelum mein nhi hai, sub bkwas hai aur yeh 45 cite wali khani b bkwas k ilwa kuch nhi

  • Hafeez qureshi

    Mansehra mai 3g chlta hy abi plz koi bta dy.telenor ka?

  • isaid

    Yar jhang me kb aey ga zong 3G ?