foona Review: The Beginning of Your Journey to Discovering Good Food

Tired of all the usual places to hang out? In the mood for something nice but on a budget because you spent the bulk of your cash on the new Call of Duty game? Or are you simply one of those people who just have to try out that new café or restaurant?

If your answer is yes to any of those questions, you’ll appreciate this write up. Today we’ll be talking about a platform that aims to be a one stop destination for food lovers like you in Pakistan, foona.

A hybrid of food and khana (Urdu for food), ‘foona’ is a website that provides information to help you discover all the good food around you. It lists all the restaurants, cafes and eatery places near you and also provides all relevant information like menus, operating time, location and reviews.

At the time of publication, the site lists over 4,000 food items from more than 750 eateries across the country. The team behind foona is aiming to become the largest directory of eateries in the country by the end of the year.

foona Review is billed as a social food network so it relies heavily on user input. Overall experience, value for money, location, pictures and pretty much anything of note can be shared on the respective pages of eateries. Individual menu items can also be rated so finding the best burger or pasta in town becomes an objective matter. Other features include providing eatery owners an easy way to claim and manage their own pages so that customers can get up to date news and information.

foona launched around April earlier this year and as of now, it is still in beta. However, a major upcoming release will see the addition of some exciting features, such as recipes from world-renowned chefs, home-grown foodies and aspiring food bloggers, among other great foodie-centric services.

Since the network is still its nascent stages, the focus of foona is on building a strong community that helps generate a repository of information that would be useful to anyone looking for a bite to eat.

Currently with foona, you can:

  • Search nearby eateries, see menus and compare different eateries, along with options, ratings and prices
  • Eat what you’re craving in the eatery of your choice
  • Post a Review of your dining experience and
  • Share it with friends

Pulling off the execution of a proper food based network is an ambitious goal but if everything pans out well in the coming months, foona is going to be a site you are going to be visiting very often. To start doing it today, here is the link again:

And just to mention, foona made it to Web Summit in Dublin this year to become the only startup exhibiting there.

Talal is a Director at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

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