MNAs Call 3G Speeds Unimpressive!

Members of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunications are reportedly not happy with 3G and 4G speeds that cellular operators are offering in the country.

Media reports suggest that lawmakers — in a committee meeting chaired by MNA Captain Safdar — complained about the speeds they get on 3G networks. Members of National Assembly were quoted as saying:

We feel very ‘little difference’ after switching from older data packages to the new 3G and 4G services.

MNAs were particularly concerned about the speeds, however, they were apparently okay with coverage and the roll-out speeds.

Majority of the committee members were of the opinion that telecom companies were cheating consumers by not providing the services that were promised in advertisements and yet charging full price for the service.

Responding to the complaints, PTA officials contented that authority had set a minimum speed of 256Kbps for 3G operators and 2Mbps for 4G operators and that operators are in process of rolling out their networks and they will probably require more time before consumers can enjoy actual high-speed internet on their mobile phones.

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  • “256Kbps for 3G operators and 2Mbps for 4G”
    itna takalluf kyun? put the minimum requirement to just the status bar showing 3G or 4G.

    • This is a very pathetic standard. The bar should be raised to ensure quality of service.

    • The real question arises, who set the limit 256Kbps for 3G..!! The person – who made the terms – doesn’t know the differences, I presume! Merit speaks itself!

    • Is anyone else surprised? This happens in everything that is launched in Pakistan. False advertising, false promises, false claims. The only thing that is real there are telcos making billions by cheating their customers over and over and over and…

  • Well… Better speeds will only come with more competition which is missing. I’ve used telenor 3g for a few months and it was superb. No complains other than maybe coverage area and at times dropped signals.

    • It is just start and people have high expectations that will be met with passage of time.3G Users are now more than 4.5 million and rollouts are in progress.Companies are working for upgrading their technical infrastructure to come upto the expectations of customers.Technologies are new just wait for sometime for their successful working.

  • Mna kon sa google fiber istimal karte rahe hain yeh bhi to ptcl hi chalatr hon gai 8 mbps in k pyo ne bhi nahi dekha ho ga

  • zong providing 21Mbps on 4G and 3-4Mbps on 3G while they are claiming that up to150Mbps on 4G and 42Mbps on 3G… while telenor speeds are better providing 9Mbps download and almost 3Mbps upload speed.

          • Bhai aik dafa 18MB milnay ka matlab hargiz ye nai hota…average bataao…cell site ke neechay kharay hou ke off peak hour test ko benchmark na banao…4G LTE zong ka mushkil se 14Mbps cross krta hai mai ne 50 dafa speedtest kiya hai..or maximum 20Mbps ko touch krta hai one in 100 times speedtest…not everytime

            • Speedtest raat ko 8 baje kia tha phir agle din subha kia 20 mbps aur speedtedt main ne ghar k andar kia tha mujhe to pata bhi nahi zong ki cell site kidhr hai mere ghar k kareeb to kisi ka cell nahi hai

            • Speedtest raat ko 8 baje kia tha phir agle din subha kia 20 mbps aur speedtedt main ne ghar k andar kia tha mujhe to pata bhi nahi zong ki cell site kidhr hai mere ghar k kareeb to kisi ka cell nahi hai

            • Speedtest raat ko 8 baje kia tha phir agle din subha kia 20 mbps aur speedtedt main ne ghar k andar kia tha mujhe to pata bhi nahi zong ki cell site kidhr hai mere ghar k kareeb to kisi ka cell nahi hai

        • That claim about Zong’s speed is correct bro …. right now only zong is the single company which is offering unmatchable speed …. that’s my experience as well

          • zong upload speeds are pathetic . ain’t? i expect at least one third of the download speed

            • Yes on 3G it is .. but not on 4G.. I am getting 1-2MB/s upload and 2-3MB/s download speed on ZONG 4G :)

              • There is no match with 4G, as time will pass all these upload and download speeds will increase further.

          • Ye 4G enabled package ki speed lag rahi hai..3g bundle par kabi 7Mbps se above nai jaati zong ki :P

            • A 4G enabled package has NOTHING to do with the mobile internet being run on H+ (3G) If it was 4G LTE, it would run on 4G LTE. He also shared his speedtests before 4G was launched, and had nearly the same speeds…. Was 4G launched exclusively for him, then?

          • This is H+ on 4G enabled bundle…is liye LTE ki speeds mil rahi hai…koi 3G package ye speeds nai provide krta.

            • This made me laugh .. Lmao at the time of doing this speed test , I was not subscribe to 4G package and this is a ZONG Employee sim .. They didnt have any 4G packages at this time so I was using 3G.. This is actually 3G speeds .. If i am not subscribe to 4G enabled package I dont get that speed..

            • Lol. You don’t really know what you’re talking about, are you? Unless LTE is enabled, how can it have LTE speeds? Anyways, think what you want, no point in explaining a non-technical person, a technical thing… My 3G package provides nearly the same speed (12 – 14Mb/s) on the same network (Zong) in ISB/RWP.

          • Exactly, my speeds are always over 12 Mb/s in ALL OF ISLAMABAD/RAWALPINDI. The least I’ve ever had is 7.25Mb/s.

        • Yes u right getting this crazy speed only one time in lifetime does not mean zong is providing 10Mbps on 3G….try atleast 5 times speedtest then you will know actual real speed of 3G is 5Mbps…and on 4G it is 12 to 14Mbps

    • 150Mbps is a theoretical speed brother, there is a no operator in the universe that has a prowess to provide such speed on 4G LTE. Even if you look at the USA internet speed review, you will notice that their must of operators provide the same 4G speed (or even less) as we are getting in our beloved country Pakistan!

      • Practically 60Mbps to 70Mbps is possible in 4G.But Zong will have to work hard for achieving this by upgrading their technical infrastructure.Means getting more IP Bandwidth from International long haul operators(that is IP Transit)

        • Read It and laugh loudly..!! It’s the same speed which we’re getting via Zong 4G LTE. :D

          www phonearena com/news/Speedtest-data-shows-that-T-Mobile-has-the-fastest-4G-LTE-pipeline-in-the-nation_id51188

      • You can easily get around 50mbps LTE in New York. In Canada Rogers offers speeds up to 90mbps.

      • bro I know its theoratical speed but you must know many of the 4G operators in the world give 50Mbps speed on 4G LTE but zong is way behind….

        • Bro atleast spare them for now, as they are in early phase of 4g rollout … you’ll definitely see improved benchmarks … very soon

      • Speed is ok for Pakistan better coverage is what we need, bonga damad inka. Picture: Rogers in Canada.

        • Right! But 16.8Mbps is the best speed recorded in the USA. There are very few countries in the world who offer maximum speed on 4G LTE.

          Proof: www tmonews com/2014/06/fastest-mobile-networks-2014-results-are-out-t-mo-lte-finishes-2nd/

          • Bhai mere article 10 dafa share karne se pehle parh to lo usse!!! No where does it say 16mbps is the best speed recorded. Hadd hai.

    • Zong is providing around 12 – 14 Mbps on 3G. The least i’ve had from Zong on 3G in all of Islamabad and Rawalpindi is 7.25Mb/s. That’s the least.

  • In ksa 3g speed hasn’t been more than 2 mbps I have tested every network zain stc mobily and on 4G not more than 15 mbps so I think pakistan is getting best possible speed

  • Yeh Report toh PTCL ky khilaf honi chahye thi, galti hoyi hai kahi kyon ky All opretors Super Speed dy rahay hein jab ky EVO 3.1 aur Wingle sarf 150KBs par sec dy rahay hein PTA PTCL ky khilaf Action ly SUkriya

  • This is what I get on Zong LTE, when signal is full I get 18 down and 10 up. People need to careful what units you’re using. whether Megabits or Megabytes. there are 8 bits in a byte.

      • Zong 3G is really HSPDA, normal 3g tops at about 8 while Zong HSPDA which also gives around 18 down, but upload is only about 1 UP. I don’t know about the other networks.

        • O bhai mere mujhe zong 3g pe 18 mbps mila tha yani 2300 kb/s yani 2.2 MB aur 4G pe bhi itna hi to galat baat hai ap k upar wale carrier lte wale trst ki baat kar raha tha apne 3g trst k muqable

  • 8Mbps download speed and they are not satisfied what are they running at home a gigbit line. infact they are totally unaware of internet speed

  • Guys zong ka 4G enabled package lou aur LTE connect bi na kero aapko 4G wali speed hi milay gee WCDMA (H+) par…matlab jiska phone 4G supported bi nai hai wo simply subscribe karay 4G bundle ko aur 10Mbps + minimum speed lay…i have tested myself…LTE sab bukwas hai.unho ne back end system par bus ye command di vi hai jo 4G bundle ke liye pay karay wo 4G speeds haasil karay.Try it and share ur experience!!!

  • Zong ka 3G bundle kabi 7Mbps se above nai jaata mai ne 20 times speedtest try kiay hain…ye log 15MB, 18MB, 20MB zong ki speeds show ker rhay hain unho ne 4G enabled bundle subscribe kiay huway hain 350rs mey 2GB…

  • Hey can someone tell me whats going on.
    I am using 4mb PTCL internet, and it gives me 8mb speed.
    Is that only me lucky or everyone is entertained ?

  • I’m satisfied with Mobilink3G, Speed,Ping and most important its affordable packages all are good enough. I really don’t know why a single user demand/ wish for 50-90Mbps on his/her mobile?

    • Exactly , When we were using EDGE , we were all happy.. Now We are getting 10-12Mbps download (3G) and we are saying that its not good.. Come on ppl give it a break.. And enjoy whats available.. the prices and coverage will get better with time.. :P

      • Prices will reduce drastically within 6 months when 70% rollouts will be completed.Then you may have unlimited 3G just at Rs 200/ per month and after one year may be Rs 100/ per month.See what happens.3G/4G services are hassle free broadband services that is why these are preferred over all other types of broadband services. Just Enjoy

  • In case of hyderabad city. Telenor 3g is available in city area which is good . Mobilink 3g have coverage in city area too but low signal problem is there . zong 3g is ok but no sign of 3g with ufone

    • Just wait for some time.You will get 3G/4G services of all operators including Warid as rollouts are in progress.

    • Bro 1 hath se phone pakro aur 1 hath se apne khanjar ko hilao aur dekho kaise signal increase hotay hain !!!

  • ufone waly tau so rahe hain case tau ufone pe banta hai itne mehnge packages aur wo bhi speed limits k sath mane kisi country me nahi dekha k speed limit 3G pe rakhi ho aur weekly 250mb pe kisi ne kia karna hai :D

  • in china i heard 42 mb/s was 3g. because hspa+ can deliver up to 42 mb/s. anyways i think it was expected from this corrupt govt to define a 3g and 4g standard so low. And how do you expect cellular companies will provide good services?.the spectrum offered to them is not enough to offer good speeds. sinking economy , poor law and order , energy generation at its worst why you think these foreign cellular companies would be serving well our public?

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