Kaymu to Help Entrepreneurs in Setting Up E-commerce Stores

Kaymu.pk has just announced the launch of its Kaymu Entrepreneurship initiative that will help students and entrepreneurs to establish and operate a successful ecommerce store.

Interested candidates can go to the ‘Kaymu Entrepreneurship’ Facebook page to apply for the program. Candidates will be selected through an interview process. Once selected, a dedicated Kaymu team will be providing tutorials, workshops, and mentoring sessions to help young entrepreneurs on the operations, benefits, and even challenges of starting an online business.

Kaymu told ProPakistani that along with revenues that these entrepreneurs will generate through online-sales, Kaymu will also support the participants with a recurring fund of up to Rs. 20,000 per month.

Kaymu said that it has partnered with local universities, learning institutions, and multiple high profile forums to educate and encourage youth on the benefits of starting their own e-commerce businesses. As part of this drive, Kaymu’s team visited the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) in Karachi, where they interacted with students and informed them about the Kaymu Entrepreneurship Initiative.

Commenting on Kaymu’s Entrepreneurship initiative, Country Manager for Kaymu Pakistan Mr Adam Dawood said, “Ecommerce is here to stay but vast majority of Pakistan’s small retailers and traders are still only selling offline. In order to address this issue, we have launched the Kaymu Entrepreneur Program, which is aimed at growing Pakistan’s ecommerce sector by providing young entrepreneurs a platform to run successful ecommerce stores.”

E-commerce is still a new concept in Pakistan, and motivating youth to take an active role in developing online businesses is necessary for the growth of the country’s e-commerce sector.

If you are looking to setup an ecommerce store of yours, then go ahead and contact Kaymu through this email id: entrepreneur at kaymu.pk.

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  • kaymu is doing great job to boost ecommerce industry in pakistan Its very useful for the traditional sellers,shop keepers and manufacturers in Pakistan, now they can easily open their online shop on kaymu. Apart from that there is another platform http://www.buyon.pk/ . Buyon is educating the traditional sellers in Pakistan they also done the important role to provoke traditional sellers to sell products online . Good to see that Ecommerce industry is booming in Pakistan In my opinion kaymu and similar other website like symbios, vmart and homeshopping could be next amazon of Pakistan

  • good initiative. an electronic storefront will help promote trade and give rise to small enterprising businesses, eventually helping the Pakistani economy.

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