Microsoft To Launch Windows 10 Consumer Preview in January 2015

Microsoft is going to launch the consumer preview of Windows 10 and announce plans about Windows Phone 10 for mobiles and tablets in January 2015, according to a number of reputable sources.

Microsoft is slated to showcase its products at the Consumer Electronics Show, a technology and consumer electronics mega event, which is going to be held in Las Vegas in January 2015. The Redmond giant is expected to release the Windows 10 Consumer Preview at a special event after CES 2015 concludes. An exact date and time has not yet been determined.

The special event is also expected to be the place where Microsoft announce their plans for Windows Phone 10 for smartphones, tablets and possibly, Xbox One dashboard updates. According to reports, Microsoft has rolled out a special Windows 10 Phone build to its partners for final testing and we could actually see the launch of the new OS in January alongside Windows 10 Consumer Preview.

While information on its mobile counterpart is scarce, we know that Windows 10 is going to feature plenty of useful additions like cross platform support, a new touch interface called Continuum, our beloved Start Button and Menu and various performance enhancements. A recently leaked Windows 10 build also hinted that the company is planning to introduce contextual menus, aesthetic visual effects and pronounced interface changes.

After Windows 8’s poor showing, users are hoping something better from the company and by the look of things, the company might have listened carefully this time. You can read a detailed overview on new features in Windows 10 here.

  • Good luck Microsoft. It would be great if they offer Windows at affordable prices in Pakistan. I will surely purchase it if their prices are something like these; New Purchase: 5000RS. Update from Windows 8 to 10: 1500RS.

    • Article is full copy pasta. Author most likely has no idea what he’s talking about. At one place he mentions Windows Phone 10 and Windows 10 Phone in another. It’s just Windows 10. For desktop, tablets as well phones.

  • well, already using its Win 10 technical version, full of bugs and problems, hope they will fix those problems in consumer preview

    • Duh it’s called technical preview for a reason. You aren’t supposed to use it as your main OS.

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