Detailed Report on Facebook Security Published by FIA

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has published a detailed report on how users can remain secure on Facebook. The report is published under the Office of The Project Director National Response Center For Cyber Crimes (NR3C) and is a security guide for Facebook users. It includes everything from basic things for beginners to areas which are normally known and used by intermediate or expert users of Facebook.

The report first introduces its readers about secure passwords and possible attacking techniques used by hackers and intruders to get access to Facebook accounts. Concepts like Brute Force attacks, Phishing, keyloggers and sniffing are all explained. FIA has advised users about creating secure, long and combinational passwords to avoid accounts being compromised.

The guide could be invaluable for new users and serve as a checklist to review settings for experienced users

Everything about apps, timelines, blocking, statuses, audience and Facebook pages is also outlined. The report advises Facebook users to enable HTTPS protocol while using Facebook. It also explains that Secure socket layer protocol (SSL) provides strong encryption for public networks and using it is very important for users, specially on insecure networks.

A major portion of Facebook Guide by FIA explains the usage of basic Facebook settings, how users can protect their data and information on the social platform from others and shows how a user can handle Facebook settings to be in complete control of his or her account. The report explains all these steps with images and it’s very well made.

Although everything in the report might already be known to some of you, it can still be used as a guideline or a checklist to review your Facebook account security. You can get the detailed report here.

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