Sony Releases the Special PS4 to Mark the PS1’s 20th Anniversary

Did you know that the original PlayStation just turned 20? And to celebrate the moment, Sony has made a limited edition version of the latest iteration of the gaming console in the colour scheme of the original console. Only 12,300 units will be made so you better hurry up if you want to grab one.

The new bundle consists of the PS4 console, the controller and the PlayStation Eye, all featuring the same rubbery colour as the PS1, called “Original Grey”. The packaging will also be much more unique. The obsession extends to the cables found on the console.

You’ll be able to pre-order the new console in early December. The entire bundle costs $499. If you don’t know, buying their commonplace variants will set you back by $450, so you are paying some extra money for the exclusivity and the eyecandy.

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Though, this is not the only way to get nostalgic about the PS1, which is now a part of gaming folklore. Sony has also released a theme to emulate the feel of the original PlayStation. The Anniversary theme is free, of course.So there you have it, the 20th anniversary PlayStation. It would’ve been better for sure had Sony instead opted for a green LED rather than the blue one found in a normal PS4 to better match the PS1, but we can forgive them for that. Just remember that these consoles won’t be available here and so you’ll have to pay a bit extra to experience all the nostalgia. Or you can simply insert the PS1 game CD in your PS4 and relive all those glorious memories once more.

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    grey color just dont look that good