Tune.Tv Aiming to Lead the Online TV Market

Online digital advertising is growing rapidly in Pakistan and now demands serious attention. TV viewership is shifting from Cable and Satellite to watching TV content over Internet and according to estimates, the global TV content ad spend on the web will take over the conventional TV ad business soon.

Tune.TV is Pakistan’s first and only Video on Demand streaming service that is legal, premium and free to the viewers. The service hosts high quality entertainment content from Pakistan’s TV channels under a license. Tune.tv viewers enjoy their favorite content in HD and their technology automatically adjusts the streaming quality based on the user’s connection. No buffering, no suffering.

Tune.Tv is the fastest growing video website of Pakistan. It pushed its way to top 1000 on Alexa within weeks of of its soft launch and continues to grow rapidly. It is already serving the most long format video play backs and 75% of the traffic it gets is from Pakistan.

The service delivers an authentic TV experience and their technology allows to serve pre-, mid- and post rolls seamlessly and efficiently. When it comes to ads, Tune.TV have opted for quality over quantity. There are a very limited number of display ad boxes and minimal in stream video advertising.  No annoying Pop-Ups, no tricky malwares or virus threats, just high quality entertainment. The team at Tune.Tv can also produce custom built creatives and sponsorships that drive higher engagement and results.

Tune.Tv is the first Pakistani website to offer state of the art HTML5 video player based on the latest technology. Allowing viewers to share the link directly from the player increases the possibility of content going viral. It aims to be Pakistan’s most effective video advertising service. They hope to achieve this goal by providing premium video content to viewers when, where and how they want it. And by creating a service that viewers, content owners and advertisers will love equally.

  • They’re gaining momentum because Youtube is blocked. I presume Tune and other companies have been giving black money to PTA to keep Youtube block to run their business. I’m happy that you’re making progress, but if Youtube opens then the real competition will begin.

    • It is not PTA man, it is political govt which does not want youtube open in pakistan. If they could they would be happy to take down all other social media sites like fb , twitter and more.

      Social media and video sites are the ones which don’t let their daily life stunts hidden.

  • mast hai re baba… bas 3g grow kar jaye to behtar hoga jab usb dongles har mobile network provide kare wo bhi ache packages k sath

  • Nice website but the domain name itself is nicer. They are lucky that they got such a valuable and short domain name.

  • I rarely comment but this post deserve it and I agree with the author of this post that this service is truly amazing. Keep it up.

  • Buffering even on 2MB internet for 1 minute video………..kuch masla hai bhai.
    But hope they will improve it.

  • Tune.pk has built their entire userbase and traffic on YouTube being banned in Pakistan. They have developed such extensions that show YouTube videos inside their own website by embedding them in some way. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Tune.pk, but it seems like after the govt., they have the most to gain with YouTube ban.
    PS: the videos actually uploaded on their website take forever to buffer, even on a ridiculously good internet service. What’s up with that?

  • The state-of-the-art video player is actually open source VideoJs player. The actual video locations on server are exposed otherwise loved the interface ..

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