Google Introduces A New and Improved reCAPTCHA

How many times has the annoying Captcha present on most of the websites out there frustrated us? We’ve lost count frankly.

Well, the good news is that this Captcha-annoyance isn’t going to last for a very long time if Google has its way. The search engine giant unveiled a new and improved authentication method called “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA”. The new method is incredibly simple. Google simply asks users whether they are robots or not and and a check box is provided alongside the question.


Google has rolled out a new API which is aimed towards simplifying this whole reCAPTCHA experience. This API doesn’t compromise on the security at all; it merely simplifies the process for visitors through which they can easily and securely give verification for not being a robot. This entire process doesn’t require you to solve Captcha and this is exactly what we had all been hoping for.

The new API is also focusing on improving overall security. A recent study found out that today’s Artificial Intelligence technology has the ability to solve even the most difficult variant of distorted text at 99.8% accuracy. This means that Captcha was no longer a secured option for websites and this distorted text was providing no defense against spam on its own.

Another interesting thing is that the API is completely mobile friendly and offers a platform to try out different challenges rather than just click on the checkbox. For instance, you might come across a set of images and will be asked to pick the ones which best match with the given clue.

In order to put this right, an Advanced Risk Analysis backend was developed for reCAPTCHA and this one has the ability to actively consider a user’s entire engagement with the CAPTCHA and based on this, it can easily determine whether the user is a human or not. So ultimately, this hasn’t just made the entire process convenient for customers, but also taken care of advanced security.

Snapchat, WordPress and Humble Bundle are some of the few early adopters and this is what Google has to say about them: “ In the last week, more than 60% of WordPress’ traffic and more than 80% of Humble Bundle’s traffic on reCAPTCHA encountered the No CAPTCHA experience—users got to these sites faster. “

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