Facebook to Let You Search Old Posts and Status Updates

Built on top of its Graph Search, Facebook has rolled out an update to its search capabilities that will allow users to search their posts, or the posts that were shared by their friends.

“You’ve told us the most important thing is being able to find posts you’ve seen before, and now you can”, said a blog post by Facebook.

Facebook is considering this update very crucial, as till now users were only served the current feed and there was no way of finding old posts unless you keep scrolling down for ever.

With this update, Facebook also announced that Facebook Graph Search is now available for iOS devices. Not to mention, when fully rolled out, searching old posts would be possible for both iOS and desktop users.

Facebook is in process of rolling out this update for iPhone and desktop users, who will be notified about the update when it is made available for their accounts.

How to Search Old Facebook Posts:

As mentioned above, once rolled out for everyone, Facebook users will be able to search their old posts, posts that their friend had shared with them, or almost anything they once saw in their news feeds.

Here’s how you can search such posts:

  • Type inputting keywords in Search bar: Keywords can be a word that you remember from that post. Such as “Mudassar 3G” will show posts that will have both the keywords in the post.
  • You can enter first name in the search keywords, that will narrow down the search to those specific accounts only.
  • Facebook results won’t be displayed in chronological order, so you can keep scrolling until you get your desired post.

Note: Facebook Graph Search with above mentioned feature isn’t available for everyone now. When available for you, an alert just below the search box letting will be displayed to let you know that you can now search for posts as well.

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    I use to search using this tool of facebook on OperaMini few years back, Even the posts shared by anyone on facebook of same keyword was filtered, But now only limited #Tagged keywords could be searched, Hopefully the feature described in above post has the same functionality.