Global Ride Sharing Community Tripda Debuts In Pakistan

Rocket Internet-backed online carpooling platform, Tripda, has launched in Pakistan. Tripda connects people looking for a ride with drivers who have empty car seats, allowing them to share fuel costs. It has expanded to 13 countries around the globe including Malaysia, India, Brazil and the US in 6 months.

Tripda is built on the principles of safety and usability: Passengers and drivers connect through its web and mobile app platforms and mutually filter travel partners taking similar journeys, with passengers paying drivers in cash towards the end of the trip. It encourages community ratings and reviews by travelers who have taken rides together. The platform verifies drivers and passengers in multiple ways and runs checks to ensure their privacy and security. Apart from the intra-city carpooling opportunity, tripda fills an important gap in the long-distance travel market and provides a viable alternative to buses, trains and short flights.

The platform will initially focus on trips originating from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and later expand to other regions. “We’ve been seeing real youth-driven change in Pakistan in recent times. A new generation of progressive Pakistanis is starting to play a more confident role in society, proving that the country can embrace new ideas. We are confident that Tripda will really take off here,” commented Pedro Meduna, Co-Founder and CEO, Emerging Markets.

Prota: “Tripda is exciting because it is part of a broader movement of sharing resources, increasing opportunity and reducing costs. People all over the world can see the benefit of our platform, now our aim is to continue growing. Tripda has been fortunate enough to experience demand for expansion, something that many start-ups struggle to achieve. Although rapid growth has its own challenges, we have seen real momentum behind the Tripda model and this has spurred us on to provide our unique service to new communities around the world.”

  • It will not be successful at least in Karachi. Where people prefer to not tell their route otherwise, car k saath saath banda hamesha k liay chala jata he.

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