LG Introduces New ‘Energy Efficient’ Appliances Range to Pakistan

LG Electronics unveiled its new range of ‘Energy Efficient’ appliances at a grand launch event. The new line includes Inverter Air Conditioner, Battery TV and the Ever Cool refrigerator. The products are made specifically for the Pakistani consumer and aim to provide energy savings and convenience.

On this occasion, Mr. K.H.Kim, General Manager LG Electronics Pakistan said, “Pakistan market has become highly energy efficient and is always looking for products that optimize their energy usage.  We believe in understanding the needs of our consumers and providing them with products that better fit their lifestyles. Thus, by using an array of cutting-edge technologies, we have developed products that maximize performance, provide energy efficiency and user convenience.”

The Inverter Air Conditioner is an product which has a low voltage startup and a high voltage protection. Another product is the Mosquito Away Air Conditioner with Ultrasonic Repellant Technology. The key feature of this AC is an effective, non-toxic way of repelling mosquitoes designed to protect consumers from mosquitoes.

Similarly, the new LG Battery TV is a device with a long-lasting battery that ensures TV viewing is not interrupted in case of power outages. It comes with an in-built surge protector for long lasting battery life enabling consumers to enjoy a full 90 minute football match. Additionally it carries a Time Machine ready function which allows user to record live transmission with the help of (USB/HDD device).

A new Ever Cool refrigerator is also launched with its state-of-the-art Triple cooling system that keeps the Cool air for up to 4 hrs (Fridge Compartment) & 10 hrs (Freezer Compartment) in case of a power cut.  Moreover, it has an inverter compressor that responds to variable load conditions by  adjusting cooling power according to inside and outside temperature, making it  36 percent more energy efficient than the conventional technology.  It also obtains fresh zone technology, which has a moist balance crisper and a humidity controller that keeps vegetables fresh 20 percent longer.

In the last few years, LG Electronics have introduced a variety of innovative products in Pakistan including World’s first Curved OLED TV & 4K UHD TV, and has received a very good response from the consumers. This has not only encouraged the company to launch products that deliver an excellent user experience but also tailor-made the products to suit the Pakistani market’s needs.

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