Skype Translator Preview Is Now Live

It has been a while since Skype got upbeat and vocal about its real ­time translation software. Finally, the wait is now over as users get access to the translation tool. All those lucky folks who were approved for testing the preview upon sign up will now be able to get their hands on it.

Skype Translator software reduces boundaries between people living miles apart , speaking completely different languages. Chalk it up to the software’s ability to translate spoken as well as written languages. The program offers support for a wide range of languages from English to Spanish. There is support for more than 40 other languages, in case you were curious.

Skype Translator can translate spoken and written languages in real time, with support for over 40 languages 

Do bear in mind that the early preview is limited to Windows 8.1 users (both, desktop and mobile). Schools in Mexico and United States have played a key part in beta testing the software. It incorporates advanced machine learning to conduct its duties as perfectly as possible. It’s probably best to understand this technology by comparing the tool to an African Grey parrot; it gets better and smarter at translating a word as time wears on.

Judging by the tests so far, it’s gotta be said that Skype Translator has shown a lot of promise. It only uses a very basic translation model in the classroom tests conducted so far. However, the real challenge is going to be its performance in real­ life situations which can often be very complex with different accents and other nuances of the language. Let us see if this turns out to be the best bit of technology or crumbles under the hype it gathered.

  • Rehmat Ali

    Urdu Translation Included?

    • Xahid

      maybe, they will add after 10 years.

    • Messi

      Nope! It is only available in two languages! One of the languages you know how to speak and write that is English our official language :P Urdu might be added if we stick to it long enough and hard enough :P

    • Hassan

      Definitely not included at the moment but there is always a chance of that being a possibility in the future. I bet if that were to be the case, Hindi would be introduced first; just my gut feeling. :)

    • no