We’re Suspending Operations For Two Days to Mourn Peshawar Incident

Earlier today, Taliban gunmen attacked an army run public school in Peshawer, killing dozens of children and taking others hostage. The event is still unfolding and it is growing only more horrifying by the instant.

The cowardice of the act along with the target have collectively shocked our nation to its core.

When children start dying, everything else just fades into the background. The failure of the intelligence outfits, the government and everyone in authority that allowed an event like this to happen is clear. When governments around the world are making their anti-terrorism laws and allocating funds for the ‘War on Terror’, we hope they take into account the human cost countries like ours have to bear.

This is also a stark reminder that all the petty bullshit our politicians engage in doesn’t matter. Their incompetence at dealing with a situation that has been developing for a very long time is inexcusable. They keep bickering amongst themselves for control of a country which might be broken beyond repair by the time they are done.

To the people who perpetrated this crime against humanity and the ones who support them, you don’t represent Islam and you are worse than animals. NOTHING can be justified to kill children and if you practiced the religion of Mohammad and didn’t only use it as a propaganda tool, you would know that.

It’s a shameful occasion and our hearts go out to the families and children who have been affected by this tragedy.

We know that events like these are beyond our niche but honestly, we are having a hard time compartmentalizing. Keeping in view the terrible events that have transpired, we are suspending operations for the day as we join our brethren in mourning.

We can only pray fore strength for the ones who have lost everything today.


ProPakistani and More Magazine have decided to suspend operations for two days i.e. for today (Wednesday) and tomorrow (Thursday) to mourn Peshawar incident and to show solidarity with the martyrs.

We were informed that Telecom community also called off their operations for two days on this tragic accident. Although they are on duties but their usual business activities are either called off or unofficially dismissed. Ad campaigns from telecom companies have been stopped.

Telenor’s CEO sent a condolence email to all employees and said that that all Telenor offices will observe one minute silence at 11:30 AM, followed by Fateha. Mobilink had activated its blood camps in Peshawar yesterday, while it has also pulled back its AD campaigns.

Other operators will also do Fateha Khawani and thinking to hold solidarity gatherings.

  • If they (f**kin bastards) get heaven by killing innocent children, hell is much more desirable.

  • daaesh ko abi rok lo wrna ye kuttay yahi karain gy mulk mai. army ko.daaesh ka khatma krna chahiye abi or isi wqt

  • This is blow back from operation Zarb a Arab,The military,The intelligence and The politician should have been prepared for this.But they did not care,they never cared,nor will they ever care,they are shameless,corrupted,incompetent people.May Allah have mercy on this country and on it’s people.

    • Even before Operation Zarb e Azb, such incidents happened constantly. We, Pakistanis, just want to blame a bad thing on something good. That’s what we are, hence we can never be a developed country. Taliban is terrorist, and what they did is wrong. Who cares it was a blowback of whatever. Before Zarb e Azb whatever happened was a blowback of some other thing.. Anyways, corruption is in the core of us Paki’s, and so this all what we’re in, we can’t ever get rid of it. Day by day, it gets worse.

      The day our top leadership is free from corruption, they day these things will end.

  • Extremely saddened by the horrific attack on innocent souls, I can’t understand how one can commit it! :(

  • give me some nukes and I’ll shove it up in their @$$. Fking basterds….kutty bhi achy hoty hain is haram zadon se.

  • Feeling so much pain for the innocent martyrs. Emotions can not be expressed in words. It is undoubtedly the worst incident that has ever happened in the history of Pakistan. May ALLAH give strength to the families to lift their innocent dead children on their shoulders

  • Lanat on everg taliban supporter. May you get same place in hell with taliban/daesh/aqeeda or whatever name they call themselves.

  • I pray that we learn some thing from it…instead of wasting our energy and resources against each other..we must join hands to tackle this…pray for all …

  • Ajj dosri dafa 16 dec. ayi hay pahlay 1971 may jub mulk tota tha aur aik ajj jub 140 ba ghunah bachay talban nay shaheed kya kyokay talban bahi mulk torna chahtey hain

  • I don’t have the words to express my grief, sorrow and anger. I don’t think so that the man who kills a person will be muslim. Islam says, “Whoever kills a person, it is as though he has killed all mankind.”

    Who are TTP? They are only an accepter of attack. I can say they’re not Muslims rather they are agents who work for the USA and other countries to blame Islam as well as to weak our frail country.

    I presume Taliban are only those who are fighting against the USA in Afghanistan due to which the USA’s legs are vibrating while all other forms of Taliban are fake and just a hoax. May Allah give them the highest level in Jannat-ul-Firdous who have been departed in the terrorist attack at ‪#‎ArmyPublicSchool‬ in ‪#‎Peshawar‬. Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un!

    • They might be hoax or agent of USA or is real or whatever but fact is Muslims are following them supporting them joining them. So problem is our own now. Abdul aziz jaise harami mulla hain jo inhe sheed bi nai Kahe sakte tab tak aisa hota rahe ga

    • Bhai lets stop it now. 13 years are enough to learn that there is no conspiracy. We are capable to kill each other in name of religion, cast, creed, and what not. Why would, and should, anyone waste time and money on us?
      And Afghan Taliban are still earning from drugs. Which Islam is this? Lets ignore everything else. Have they ever bothered to just condemn the attacks of PK Talibaan? NEVER. These are all snakes, with the same lineage. They scratch each other’s backs.

      • Who said they’re earning money from drugs??? From the Dajjal’s media? Perhaps you don’t know, 90% world’s media is under control Jews (Need proof?), what they’re feeding us!! They’re trying to make our approach limited, we don’t research about the news! We believe and trust what we listen to the radio and TV. I’m 100% sure, when Dajjal will come, the all world’s media will follow him!! You have need to use your brain. If a person is born as a Hindu, he says only my religion is true while the rest of religions are fake, when he studies he come to realize what was true..!!! Whosoever kills a person, sells drug is at fault. If you’re saying that they only earn money from drugs, you’re 100% wrong..!!!!!

        • You have no answer to those many questions except rhetoric about drugs. Now, set this capped Hamidi logic aside. Wake up my dear. Do Taliban earn from processor manufacturing? Or do they have stakes in billion dollar space tourism industry? Do they squat pearls and diamonds? Crime is their source of income and drugs is the biggest among them. Man we live among Afghans, so – so many of them, and still accuse me of following dajjal media? You speak as if you have lived among them, just like the retard you follow. He feeds you bs and you believe him, but not ‘dajjal’ media. Mind you, this dajjal is better than the one you are following.

          • Simply, the money is being given to them by funding! If you say how it’s happening, I presume from the rest of the Islamic countries – only the real Taliban. Like the same way when Hazrat Umar R.A and Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A brought their house’s half and complete wealth respectively for the war.

            If you have ever listen any interview of Hamid Gul (who was the Director-General of the Inter-Services Intelligence ISI) about the Taliban you will realize what was the reaction of Taliban before arrival of the USA!! I want to say listen any interview of him! You will realize what is going on!!

            What do you think about the Taliban who had given a defeat to Russia as well as the USA (near to an end) could fight against them and defeat them without any external power? Never! It was/is only God help! I believe that Taliban are only those who fight against the USA only, I repeat only against the USA. When they enter in Pakistan they have nothing to do, they will be no more the Taliban, rather would be called Terrorist (in order to harm Pakistan against the basics of Islam). If they suicide in Pakistan, they’re 100% wrong!!

            While the world want to blame Islam at any cost. They have found a way, Taliban. Every minor and major attacks are accepted by TTP, is it not annoying?. If you have ever read the article of CNN, where it is clearly written that TTP has no relation with Afgan Taliban, they have adopted to their name with no reasons. It’s my point of view! I don’t know what is your religion and cast, what do you think about about it! It’s a Hadith that there will be one group present till the Day of Resurrection who will do Jihad. Perhaps there will be no advantage to talk about this topic anymore! May Allah give us Hadayat!

  • Shameful comments of Lal Masjid Mulla Aziz refusing to condemn Talebans publically during his talk on Waqt TV should be Banned for life from appearing on any Media including throw him out of Lal Masjid where he preaches hatred

    • Ban those, actually, bang those who listen to, or invite, these disgusting mullas. Wasnt this coward burqa clad when he was arrested?

  • this is a repetition of 7 years old incident which happened at Jamia Hafsa Islamabad.
    All these are not human beings who do such acts of terrorism….

    • And we say foreign elements are responsible for the mess we are in. We have sympathizers of terrorists right HERE among us.
      Do YOU know that the so called Jamia was built on a grabbed land? Do YOU know that they declared allegiance to ISIS? Do YOU know their previous Khalifa was Mulla’ Omer?

  • jaisy hi incident hota hy media starts preparing the mindset. immediately labeled attack by TTP, reaction of Army operation etc. However, truth might be something else. Nobody talks about other possibilities. I am not saying this to take side, just expanding my thoughts


  • We need to fight with more strength during time of crisis and tragedy. Especially, tech groups need to build and launch applications that can help at the time of crisis and tragedy.

    We need groups like you to spread our message about the work we are doing at this time for Peshawar Tragedy.

    • lanat uss kam aqal par bhi ju terrorists k jannat k claim ko darust samjhta hai. Your parents should have aborted you. What a garbage mentality you have.
      Please shut up and gtfo off here. We do not need to hear your delusional logic about Islamic. Learn something from the Qadri you are pretending to be.
      Admin! Yar cant you people stop these putrid skunks from spitting in the face of tragedy? If his parents forgot to use condom, why should we suffer? What right does this retard have to malign and abuse Islamic elements/concepts? We are in this mess exactly because we neither know nor respect our own religion.

  • May Almighty Allah give strength to the families. It is a big loss. Allah Pakistan dushman ko tabaha o barbad karary unka name is dunia sayy mita day,(Ameen)

  • R E S P E C T for ProPakistani.pk for this Initiative. Thank you for making us all feel connected and united. May Allah give patience and courage to the ones who lost their innocent and loving children to bear this unimaginable loss. Please write your city name to show solidarity.

    From Lahore.

  • Kis monh sy Jain gy yeh log Allah k pass ????
    Kya justification dain gy apny is inhuman act ki ???
    They were most insane coward lowest species of life.
    Heart is Bleeding..
    Ya Allah Hisab lena zalimon sy..
    In bachon ko apni jannat main aala maqam dena… Yeh bachy iss qoum ki amanat hain tery pass… Ya Allah hamain muaf ferma de in zalimon sy Nijat de dy..

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