We’re Suspending Operations For Two Days to Mourn Peshawar Incident

Earlier today, Taliban gunmen attacked an army run public school in Peshawer, killing dozens of children and taking others hostage. The event is still unfolding and it is growing only more horrifying by the instant.

The cowardice of the act along with the target have collectively shocked our nation to its core.

When children start dying, everything else just fades into the background. The failure of the intelligence outfits, the government and everyone in authority that allowed an event like this to happen is clear. When governments around the world are making their anti-terrorism laws and allocating funds for the ‘War on Terror’, we hope they take into account the human cost countries like ours have to bear.

This is also a stark reminder that all the petty bullshit our politicians engage in doesn’t matter. Their incompetence at dealing with a situation that has been developing for a very long time is inexcusable. They keep bickering amongst themselves for control of a country which might be broken beyond repair by the time they are done.

To the people who perpetrated this crime against humanity and the ones who support them, you don’t represent Islam and you are worse than animals. NOTHING can be justified to kill children and if you practiced the religion of Mohammad and didn’t only use it as a propaganda tool, you would know that.

It’s a shameful occasion and our hearts go out to the families and children who have been affected by this tragedy.

We know that events like these are beyond our niche but honestly, we are having a hard time compartmentalizing. Keeping in view the terrible events that have transpired, we are suspending operations for the day as we join our brethren in mourning.

We can only pray fore strength for the ones who have lost everything today.


ProPakistani and More Magazine have decided to suspend operations for two days i.e. for today (Wednesday) and tomorrow (Thursday) to mourn Peshawar incident and to show solidarity with the martyrs.

We were informed that Telecom community also called off their operations for two days on this tragic accident. Although they are on duties but their usual business activities are either called off or unofficially dismissed. Ad campaigns from telecom companies have been stopped.

Telenor’s CEO sent a condolence email to all employees and said that that all Telenor offices will observe one minute silence at 11:30 AM, followed by Fateha. Mobilink had activated its blood camps in Peshawar yesterday, while it has also pulled back its AD campaigns.

Other operators will also do Fateha Khawani and thinking to hold solidarity gatherings.

Talal is the Editor in Chief at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]